Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe: Spring Additions

If you're new to the capsule wardrobe you might want to watch this video 

and then this one

and then this one

Now that you're all caught up I wanted to share a few new pieces I've added to my Spring capsule wardrobe. A full video will be up next week but I wanted to share some of the new items in the mean time so you can snag them before they sell out!

I've been shopping a lot online lately, one thing I love is coming home to packages in the mail! I literally enjoy this more than heading to a store and purchasing things in person. I'm not sure what it is but it's so exhilarating! Okay, enough with my dramatics lets get on to the good stuff, the clothing!

For a capsule wardrobe you need to find pieces that fit into your wardrobe that you can mix and match easily. This usually means solid colors or easy patterns to work with. Tobi has been my go to for solid colors lately. I got a couple different dresses and rompers to spice up my spring wardrobe, now if only this damn weather in Michigan would corporate so I could actually wear them! You'll probably notice that olive or army green is a go to color for me lately, along with black and gray, I basically don't wear anything else.

Here are some recent pieces I've picked up to add to my Spring Capsule wardrobe (video coming this week showing you everything I'm wearing this spring.)

Since I stick to neutral colors when I want to add a pop or color or fun pattern I try and make sure I can work it into as many outfits as possible. Having a shirtcardigan or patterned dress that you can wear only once or twice because they are so loud is pointless. I'm the kinda girl that wants to be able to re-wear items over and over and not have people take much notice!

With the weather getting much warmer in the months to come I'm hoping I can squeeze my butt into a new cocktail dress, or maybe even a body suit with some shorts for a night out with Jer. I mean, that is asking a lot but hell I'm about to be 30, I need to rock this body!

Just a reminder, new customers of Tobi get 50% off their first order! Yeah FIFTY FREAKING PERCENT off your entire shopping cart for your first order! Check back later this week for a complete video of my closet! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 16, 2016

To the parents the night before you have your first baby


Today one of my best friends from college is bringing her son into this world! She's jumped through numerous hurdles and surgeries to get to this point, one she's dreamed about. Every time I talk to her she's so positive and strong after these long and tiring years, I'm so incredibly proud and happy for her!

Last night I went to send Meg a text since I knew he'd be here today, something funny about how today would go but I had to pause mid thumb type. Tracen was crying because he was soooooo bored and Skylor was pulling on my hand yelling let me show youuuuu which really means, come with me to the fridge so I can tell you what I want to eat...again. I was frustrated because I just wanted a minute to send her a message but I couldn't because they needed me.

A couple hours passed and I was sitting down in my favorite part of the couch (the corner!) waiting for Jerek to come join me so we could stay up far too late and watch The Game of Thrones. I started to type out things like "get some rest, tomorrow is going to be amazing but exhausting!" and then I stopped. She didn't need to hear that. The past couple years of surgeries have been exhausting. The hours and days spent in doctor offices have been exhausting. The countless shots, medications and procedures have been exhausting. This, this was the exciting part! Being exhausted because you were up all night with a baby is nothing compared to how tired she's been in the past. She didn't need to hear me telling her things like that, so I deleted the text and started over.

Your lives have already changed forever as you've been growing this little guy for months now! Tomorrow everything is just set into play; things get more real and even more fun! You're going to be exhausted, you'll cry over literally nothing and everything at the same time! But if I can give you any advice it would be to smile every day you wake up. 

There will be really hard days, days you don't think you'll get through. And days where you don't want to put him to bed because he's just so much fun! Days where you want to kick Jason out of house and days where YOU just want to leave and sneak away from it all. But mostly there will be days of laughter and smiles, barfing and poop explosions! 

There will be days of firsts and lasts. Days you feel fat and days you think no one understands what you're feeling. Remember, you can always ask for help, whether it's someone close that can physically help or someone far away that is needed as a sounding board! Always ask for help, never feel bad about doing so. If you want Jason to do something, TELL HIM, he's no mind reader. I love you guys so incredibly much. I can't wait for you to feel the emotions we've been feeling over these last 5 years, they are incredible! It beats any other feeling in the entire world!

Our conversation went on as we talked about how we both were so excited and I couldn't wait to meet him this summer. After we said bye I thought about how long and hard the day was. The boys were exhausting; they literally were a whiny hot mess ALL.DAY.LONG. I was happy to finally sit on the couch and watch a show I wanted to watch and snuggle up with Jer. To not have to get anyone but myself a damn drink, that's the stuff you sometimes day dream about!

But as I've said before the days, months and years go by fast. Tracen starts kindergarten soon and Sky will be three in a few months. Life before them was fun and amazing but no one told me the night before I gave birth how truly wonderful it all would be. So remember to be kind in what you say to the expecting. They know they will be tired, they know it will be hard and they also know how exciting this journey will be!

Congrats Megan and Jason, this ride is a fun one <3 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The First Month of Marriage

|Taking pictures after the wedding-photographer- Monroe Fox Photography |

Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy 1 month of wedded bliss! 

While I update you with what has been going on this last month I'm adding in photos from my camera from our trip. What is a blog post without photos right? (not a real blog post I say!)

I'm here to tell you nothing has changed. Not even my last name. I haven't even changed my name on Facebook, never mind going to the secretary of state and starting that whole headache!

|Swimming with Dolphins Cove|

This last month has been busy! We started demo-ing our back family room and Jerek is currently driving around with a ton of bricks in the back of his truck that need to go to the dump (no really it weighs probably a ton!) We got flooring quotes and started talking about paint colors, fireplace layouts and new furniture. Trying to keep kids and a dog out of that space is tiring.
| Groomsmen lookin like babes|
|Skylor puked this up about 30 minutes later on the bus|
|Now Jade Resort|

I started taking more lash extension clients, working on videos for myself and for others and getting ready for wedding season as my schedule is booking up with shoots! I snuck away for a girls weekend in Traverse City a couple weekends ago for a bachlorette party. Tracen started soccer and we have been running around like crazy people trying to get home from work on time, get everyone changed, fed and off to practices and games; it's been exhausting but I'm excited for warm weather soccer!
| My ride or dies- Allie, Valentijn, Elyse & Blake|
|The boat Jerek lost his wedding ring on...two days after the wedding|

I paid off two credit cards, have managed not to use them, and am working on the other two! Slowly but surely, right! I've amped up my t-shirt production time in my Etsy shop and have been having orders come in left and right. I also started designing a couple new ones to add to the summer lineup.
| Allie & Valentijn| 

I have a surprise trip booked out of the state for a belated birthday and wedding gift for Jerek at the beginning of June and it's taking everything in me to not tell him where we're going and what we're doing; I'm not very good at holding in surprises! We got rid of cable and are saving almost $130/month by just having internet and Netflix, I'm excited to see that savings start! We also started watching a new show; Game of Thrones and I'm loving it surprisingly!
|Jerek tearing up during the best man speech|
|My babe of babes|

Over all this last month has been a little hectic post wedding! As we try to figure out this next house project we're doing, how to manage our schedules with the kids and to remember to make time for each other. We are still the same parents, I still yell when no one listens to me. I still wear my retainers and sweats to bed. I don't shower any more than I did before and I don't try to impress Jerek with any 'wife like super powers' you gain after saying I do!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Potty Training


(Tracen a little over 2 sat for hours "trying")
Last week I dropped off forms for Skylor to transfer to a new pre-school that is a block from our home starting in September. One of the rules in bold was must be potty trained. I signed off saying he either was or will be.

They say every child is different and boys are always harder than girls in this department so I've never really worried about it. However I have to get this kid potty trained by September or I'll be driving in two totally different areas for drop offs. 

With Tracen I tried potty training him when I was at home on maternity leave; he was two and a half at the time. At our daycare if your child is 3 and potty trained it's like $5 a day less. It didn't really work out though. He sat on the potty a handful of times when I asked him if he wanted to but that was about it. He never got those feelings or showed any signs that he was interested he just wanted the damn M&M's I waved at him every time he "tried."

6 months later he was close to three and a half and hated taking baths, brushing his teeth or changing his diaper. Basically he was our own Pig-Pen from the Peanuts. I on the other hand didn't want to look like a bad mother. So in all efforts to get him pee on the pot, scrub his butt cheeks and brush his teeth I told him if he didn't do these things he'd get sugar bugs from not brushing, bootay bugs from wearing diapers and bugs in his ears for not bathing.

He would get this look of sheer terror on his face when I'd yell HURRY HURRY WE HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR DIAPER OR THE BOOTAY BUGS WILL START BITING YOU! When I would change his diaper I would pinch his butt the tiniest amount and he'd freak out and say ahhhh huwwy, da bugs gettin me!

Now some of you are probably thinking what a terrible mom I am for scarring my kid into going on the toilet but he was almost three and a half and he was being so lazy about stopping from playing to go pee. He just needed some encouragement or the kid would still be in diapers to this day, I can promise you that! Tracen basically potty trained himself in a week. It just clicked one day. He didn't want the bugs getting him and he felt the urge to pee so he went to the bathroom. I remember one night at the dinner table him running to the bathroom and me yelling after him SIT DOWN! You're not done eating!!! I got up and went to find him, low and behold he was sitting on the pot and said I had to poop or da bugs gonna get me! 

It took him much longer to stop having accidents in the bed or {OUR bed} but he powered through it and he's almost five and a half years old and not wearing diapers (a real fear I had for a while!) You sometimes hear of people potty training their 18 month old and think keep it to yourself lady, no one cares if your daughter is barely walking and pissin on the pot. I'm sure we've all done it, been jealous someone else's child has done it before there's, I know I have, it's natural.
(Tracen [at our old house] trying to potty)
So with Skylor I'm not too worried. He see's us go and asks us if we're pooping every time we enter the bathroom. Hell, I can't even walk into the bathroom without a full parade of people, and animals, following me. He usually goes in the corner, squats and poops and then waddles up to you and says i poop mommy! (always me, never Jer it seems like.)

So with the ever impending transfer school date approaching I'm off to have him pick out his own potty (he won't sit on the kids seat for the toilet yet) and really work with him in the summer. IE: pee outside when you feel it coming! And yes, I'm going to try the old bug in your diaper trick! I just need the kid to pee on the pot while at school, we can tackle the night time thing later on!

Remember when you see people posting on Facebook, shouting to the moon about their 8 month old walking, their 12 month old being potty trained or their 2 year old being fluent in 5 languages they are not yours and you shouldn't compare. Each kid learns things at their own pace and some take more time than others.

If you have any potty training tricks that have helped you leave them below, I'd love to hear! If I don't get this little human potty trained soon maybe I'll just be forced to stay at home with him...but that wouldn't be such a bad thing now would it ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easy No Heat Hair Style

April is almost over and as the old saying goes, April showers brings May flowers. Or if you were here a week ago we were welcomed home from Mexico with snow showers...in April. sigh. The weather shaped up soon after and it's in full on spring mode here in Michigan! I am always looking for ways to style my hair on rainy days instead of my standard messy bun and I figured perhaps you are too!

As a mother of two time is of the essence so I need things to be quick and easy. This hairstyle is just that! This look is what I call my tuck and go! It's easy to do, doesn't take much practice and girls with all lengths of hair are able to do this look.



Tools/Supplies: Brush | Back combing brush | Headband | Root spray | Bobby pins | Hair spray


Steps 1-4: (1) Start off by brushing your hair out, getting rid of any knots. (2) Take 1-2 inch sections on the top of your head.  Spray sections with the L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray (3) Back comb your hair. Do this to the entire top half of your hair, this will give you lots of volume. (4) Lighting comb everything down to prepare for the headband


Steps 5-8: (5) Take your headband and gently place on top of your head. Do NOT pull your hair out, you need to leave it as is for the tucking part. (6) Take small sections and start tucking 
them into the back of the headband. (7) Take bobby pins and secure hair into headband (if needed.) (8) Spray with hairspray to finish off the look!


I love this style because it's a perfect look for running errands with my kids or a night our with my husband without letting a little rain get in the way! You can try this with second day hair or always curl the bangs that are left out for a different vibe as well!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

After the wedding


It's been awhile since we last spoke, sorry bout that! As you may have seen from the last post, IE: 20 days ago, I was off to get murried! Yes, I spelt that wrong so you would hopefully pronounce it like I do when Jerek and I talk.


Back to the point.

I mentioned before leaving the best way to see any photos or videos would be on Snapchat or on Instagram ( both are @eastwillowgrove) so if you joined me in the adventures there you would have seen all the fun and amazing cocktails we were drinking, the beautiful sunsets, Skylor being sassy and the selfie that Jerek asked to take at the alter in his vows. In case you're wondering, that's why I married him. I mean HE ASKED ME TO TAKE A SELFIE AT THE ALTER PEOPLE!!!! This man is a dream boat I tell ya! (If you haven't seen it go take a peak. There's a photobomber in the background) :)

Things around here and my Youtube channel have been quieter than I'd like over the last year. I've had dreams, ideas and plans for both outlets but planning a destination wedding, raising kids, working full-time and trying to maintain a house have been exhausting. Never mind the fact trying to fit in date nights, snuggles with the kids and time at the gym took up so much of my brain that some of these ideas and plans were put on hold. 

That is until now. Now my brain is about 40% freed up! No really, it is. I swear half my brain was consumed with wedding things most days. I was constantly looking up bridal gifts, researching flight options, shopping for shorts, ties and shirts. There were fake flowers to buy for crowns and boutonnieres, shoes to find in secret bins at Marshalls, makeup looks to Pin and tears to cry over all of it.

Wedding planning wasn't this ideal fun planning sesh for me, it was work and it took up a lot of my time, time I wanted to be spending filming or photographing my family. It was time spent on lunch breaks where I'd ask Elyse what appetizer she thought people would rather eat. I sent pictures of shoes to my mom while I sat on a bench in DSW alone thinking is this really important, does this really even matter?

All the stress and planning was worth it though. I never understood when people said that because wedding planning wasn't this thing I looked forward to like 99% of the women in this world. I never really dreamt what my wedding would look like but if I ever did, it was 99% better than I ever thought it would have been!

I will share more wedding photos once my wonderful and talented photographer Jenny, of Monroe Fox Photography, sends them my way. But you can't tell from the sneak peaks though, they are breath taking! [You can see all of Jennys work on her Facebook page or website ]


I can't wait to share all the details, planning and stories that lead up to the big day but for now I'll leave you with a hi, hello, I'm back, with SO much planned, so stay tuned!!! Love you guys!

Friday, April 1, 2016

THE Wedding in Mexico

The time has come, the time is now! We are leaving in the morning to Mexico! 

I have shared so much of our lives with you all and I wish that everyone could be in Mexico sharing this special moment with our family but alas, I am no millionaire! If you're a stalker like me (no shame in my social media stalker game!) I love following peoples stories so I'm giving you the opportunity to continue to follow ours while we are in Mexico! I'm sure I will be posting numerous amounts of droll worthy photos with captions that are ever so enticing on Instagram so make sure you follow along there. You can also look up the hashtag #lampinenlovestory to see anyone that is with us posts as well as follow my Snapchat for shenanigans at (username: eastwillowgrove) 

Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words, the advice and the outpouring love for me and the boys. Stay tuned for massive photo and videos upon our arrival home and yes if you're wondering, I'm filming and editing my wedding and entire trip myself! With the help of tripods, timers and a few people to push start and stop, it will be done!