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Summer Bucket List


School is officially over and somehow I got the same feeling I use to when I was little when Trace finished up!

Maybe that's because there isn't this rush for drop off and pick ups and we're back to only going to 1 location, 2 days a week! I never realized how exhausting kindergarten would be, but we'll save that for later post.

Almost 31


Like most people, I'm busy. In fact I don't know anyone that will honestly say "I'm not really that busy" If you know someone that would say that, send them way, I'd looove to talk to them and find out why they are so boring.


This year will be my 7th Mothers day celebrating with my little humans. While this day is always special I feel lucky to be their slave driver mom every day. Something I love doing is giving other people gifts! Whether its a small surprise for the kids that they've had their eyes on or a speaker Jerek's wants but doesn't need, I love to surprise people with gifts!

I've already gotten the Mom's in my life something special and it might just be on this page! Here are a few ideas for all types of mama's out there, in case you are in need of something for any women in your life!

NECKLACE by JenniferRex Jewelry: Get 5% off using code 'chelsea' at check out

SHIRT by me! East + Willow: Get 10% off using code mama2017 at check out

No matter what you do, make sure you tell the moms and women in your life how much you care and appreciate them. While gifts are nice to receive the company of others is the ultimate gift, so spend time with the ones you care about the most!


Hello hello hello! Its been a few weeks since we got home and while this weather has turned my frown upside down, I'd be lying if I wasn't wishing we were back in Paris laying in a park sipping on some cocktails while the kids ran around along with hundreds of other Parisians. Instead today I'm sitting at my desk in corporate America trying to see if I can buy tickets somewhere without Jerek going bonkers on me about finances. Oui!