January Goals

It's about that time of the year where people start getting depressed because their cheeks don't look that great in that ass hugging dress they wanted to wear for NYE.  So we start making obscene resolutions up for the new year; things like, go to the gym 8 days a week for 13 months in a row. No eating carbs, sugar, fruits, vegetables or anything that smells, taste or even looks good.  So back in November I told myself I was going to make a few goals, (because resolutions just seems like a scary word to begin with), and stick to them for a whole month. Here is what they were:

1. No more buying Starbucks (I know, I about pooped my pants when I wrote it out on paper but I actually kept to it!...and then December came and I caved mega hard!)
2. No more buying dumb shit at work
3. Quick gym membership & work out at home at least 3 days a week
4. Drink more water

To some these 4 things may slap you in the face and be like well duh, that's what I do on a daily basis, but to me it was hard shit!  Now that it is New Year's Eve I'm not going to make any yearly resolutions because I've been down that road before and I don't keep them, plain and simple!  I am going to make monthly goals in hopes that these will be more manageable!

Here are my goals going into January:

1. Get Etsy store inventory up to date & figure out new packaging
2. Get a workout plan together & actually stick to it
3. Figure out new budget plan for 2014-IE: pay off credit cards (bastards!)
4. Organize pictures on external hard drive

I have a feeling this month will be really busy but I'm going to try my hardest to make sure I don't half ass these.  I did make one more goal for myself, (I guess you can count it as one) one that I need to always work on and that is to slow down with these boys, to yell less, to not be as psycho about the cleaning/laundry that needs to be done and to just live!  So many days I spend trying to fit in work, errands, grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, dinner, playing and baths I forget why I enjoy being a mom so much!  I don't really need to get it all done in one day if we're being honest here! There are days where I swear I yell or tell Tracen 'no' to the DUMEST things, things that if I heard another mother tell their kid no to I would talk smack about them to Jerek and he would nod and pretend he is listening to what I'm saying. So I will have one resolution I suppose, and that will be to live more, worry less. The laundry will get done...one day and just because Tracen knocked over your morning coffee all over the rug because you left it in a bad spot doesn't mean you should get mad at him for it, it's your own damn fault really. (Also, I love improper run on sentences incase you were wondering.)

Thank you 2013 for an AMAZING year, I'm excited and looking forward to the next 365 days!

five month update.

WEIGHT: 17lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 27 inches

SLEEPING: what's that?? No, really, I honestly don't know how I function as I get on average 5 hours of sleep a night.  We do have a really good "put to bed" schedule and that is; oatmeal around 7-730pm and a 5oz bottle around 830-9pm. This then fills him up till about 1am (if I'm lucky!) We then are up every three hours eating and shitting are brains out. I honestly don't understand why on earth he is pooping at EVERY diaper changing?!

EATING: we are doing oatmeal twice a day, usually in the morning and then again around 7-730pm.  I'm starting to re-read my blogs and pinterest pins to begin the process of making Sky's food. I made all of Tracens food and it was super easy! I do have some of the organic baby pouches on hand for when we are on the go. He then takes down 5 ounce bottles through out the day. Have I mentioned that this kid eats more than Tracen ever ate?!

FAVORITE MOMENTS: words can't really describe it so here ya go! Aren't they the CUTEST!!!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: this sickness that won't leave your tiny little body! The doctor says as long as you don't have a temperature and are eating that you are okay but DAMN, you are so miserable I feel horrible!

FIRSTS: this month marked the first time I've ever had to cut a onesie off a kid because they shit so far up their back I thought if I tried pulling it over their head they would have it all over their dome and I just couldn't handle that. Nope, just couldn't! So RIP dark gray baby Gap onesie, we hardly wore ye. This month also marked the first time we threw away pillows because there was shit covering those as well. I'm still on the hunt for a decent diaper for this kids ass explosions!

LIFE CURRENTLY : crazy hectic! We just celebrated Tracens 3rd birthday with a few family and friends over at the house.  This was followed by Jerek and I getting this crazy bug that consisted of us basically sharing the shitter barfing the night befores dinner out. We then were so nice to give it to about 15-20 other family members including the boys. That bug was no joke but thankfully it only lasted about 24 hours! However, I'm pretty sure I didn't gain any weight from the holiday's because I couldn't keep anything down! (winning!) Tomorrow is New Years Eve and as excited as I was for 2013 I'm even more excited for 2014, I feel good vibes acommin guys!

four month update.

WEIGHT: 15.2lbs


SLEEPING: Teething has begun and the 6 straight hours of sleep you WERE getting has vanished. We are now looking at MAYBE 3 straight hours before you wake up screaming bloody murder to eat but then not really eating back to screaming, whining and then falling back to sleep.

EATING: Giving you 6 ounce bottles and you gulp down 5 of them real fast and then linger around with the last ounce or so. I just started a little oatmeal cereal and he's liking it. Given around 7pm before your last bottle in hopes of filling your stomach bottomless pit up!

FAVORITE MOMENTS: Sky is laughing way in his belly at Tracen when he dances around like a crazy man makes my heart melt. He is the happiest baby in the morning, so no matter how tired I am from the night before, that gummy grin makes my morning/day!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: teething is a bitch. I forgot about it entirely. Poor kid has been chewing and sucking his hand like theres sugar on it. Plus he's got some cough/congestion going on that I'm trying to magically cure myself. (So far the mucus and boogers are winning.)

FIRSTS: rolled over from back to front while we were getting ready in the morning this past week. I put him on his belly, walked to the bedroom to get something, came back and he was on his back smiling! Jerek was standing right there ironing and missed the whole thing as well. ugh!

LIFE CURRENTLY :I've been so busy staying at work late and then rushing home to the boys to eat, play, put the kids to bed and then work on Etsy orders that I've barely managed to crawl into bed before 11pm. This makes for a long night and even longer next day. These next few weekends are full of work Christmas party, our brother-in-laws graduation, Tracens 3rd birthday and then Christmas and NYE this year will soon be just memories!