seven month update

WEIGHT: 18lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 27.5 inches

SLEEPING: I'm hopping that once you finally bust a tooth through those tiny little pink gums of yours you might sleep longer than 3/4 hours a night. Sky basically wakes up crying and needing A. snuggles or B. a paci/feeding to go back to sleep every 3-4 hours. Although I put him in his crib around 8/830pm every night, he's in our bed by 11/1130pm, I'm really not complaining though because I love him in our bed! I've said this before but I can really get through the day on a good 4-5 hours of sleep so it doesn't bother me as much as it does Jer as he really needs quality sleep to get through his.

EATING: Well, you would think he's a 10 year old boy because he eats everything in sight! I started combining two things together in the bullet now. Example: pears & spinach, squash & peas, beans and peas. I just recently bought zucchini, beets and beans to start making more of a hearty meal ice cube for you. I also am starting to mash things up by hand and not puree them anymore, he needs to get use to gumming things...besides my fingers.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: Tracen is the only one than can get Sky to really belly laugh! It's THE best thing to watch, it makes my heart happy. He's also actually enjoying tummy time now which makes me happy because he use to scream after about 30 seconds.

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: Your explosive ass. No really. We have thrown away so much clothing lately or had to cut it off again! A week ago he blew his pants out F-I-V-E times and required a bath after every time that day. It was all the way in his arm pits and in his ears one time!

FIRSTS: Playing in your Johny Jumper, eating a few puffs, sitting up on your own.

LIFE CURRENTLY : A lot has happen since your six month update! I mentioned how we weren't sure if we were going to start looking for houses again or plan a family vacation. Well, we decided to start looking for a house and since then we found one, put an offer in and was accepted! We had the inspection last Saturday and it went really well! I think we will be closing at the end of March and moving in April some time, {HAPPY DANCE!!!!} There is still a shit ton of snow on the ground and it doesn't seem to be leaving us anytime soon, not cool Michigan, not cool. Tracen decided he likes swimming now so that is a huge plus! I'm not looking forward to packing up our almost 4 years of life in the house into boxes but I am ready to have almost double the amount of room in our life for space to run around and my walk in closet back!!!! Work has been busy and Jer got a great raise and bonus at work. Now if only we could start working out more thing at a time I suppose!

Make Time for YOU

It's Friday night and we've eaten our pizza and drank our beer. Another successful Pizza Party Friday has commenced and were done watching Max and Ruby for the night, it's time for books and snuggles. I finally got Tracen down at 1030pm and I sneak out of his room; exhausted. Work was exhausting. This week was exhausting. I've bathed these kids more times than I can count from the massive shit explosions that covered Sky's legs, back and arm pits. I've washed Tracen's entire bed from top to bottom twice from chucks of puke that range in color. My own room is a complete mess with piles of laundry I couldn't tell you what was clean or not. I feel like no matter how many times I wash those damn bottles they are always sitting in the sink, soaking, waiting to be washed again. I look around at the toys all over the living room floor, the couch cushions are scattered around and I trip on dog toy. I start to make myself some vanilla chamomile tea and am ready to crawl into bed and call it a day. I've been up since 530am and tomorrow we have the house inspection, and a million other things to do.

I walked in the bathroom to brush my teeth and catch a look at my eyebrows. They are a mess. I've been meaning to take care of them. I've been busy.
I look down at my feet and then at my hands and realize I haven't had nail polish on them in a while and that's rare for me. I've been busy.
I gave up the tanning booth a few years ago and I miss my skin from last summer. The memories of the warm sunshine, the glow my skin had and the freckles on my cheeks that come out after being in the sun for an hour. I usually self tan in the winter, but I've been busy.

Day after day, week after week, year after year. Life gets going and it's hard to just stop from the daily grind. We sometimes lose site of what is important to us. Jerek and the boys are my absolute life, they are what makes my world go round. I enjoy my job and the people I work with and even what I do. For that I am truly blessed. But all too often we get down and start noticing things we DON'T like about our lives, our bodies or our jobs. Sometimes it's the time of year, the place you live or the people you are surround by that do this.
Since having kids I've really had to make a point to find time for myself to make sure that I'm happy. Not just for me, but for my family, because an unhappy mommy is an unhappy family. That is why I decided to not go to bed at 1030pm last night. I'm sure I could have used the extra few hours of sleep before Skylor woke up needing me but I had a rough week taking care of sick kids while I didn't feel good myself. Work was tiring and I probably smelt like a combination of diarrhea, puke, and engine oil all week. But now itt was time for me, time to relax, unwind and get back to the basic's.

It's the small things in life that can really ground you, make you appreciate what you have and think less about what you don't.

Spotify has been my recent obsession lately. I turn on one of my favorite playlist, "381 Miles". It's the perfect mix of songs for the night and nothing I'm sick of hearing. I jump in the shower and I'm instantaneously in a better place. I'm calm and allowing myself to actually enjoy the shower unlike my usual 530am ones. I have time for a hair mask while I shave my legs,  two things I haven't had time to do in a while (sorry Jer!) After a 20 minute shower I get out and start with a fake tan, an instant body and mood lifter. I use my St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse followed up by lotion and the color of my skin looks like it's July within minutes after application. This is hands down my favorite fake tan and smells amazing!

I move to my toes and handle those puppies and then on to my hands I go. I've gotten my nails done so many times that I only go to the nail salon for a pedicure. I can do a manicure at home better then any salon and for a lot cheaper! Investing in the right tools and base/top coats are key. Last but not least I do my brows. Now, I'm ready for bed.

It's about midnight and I'm already feeling better about myself and what we have going on these next few days. I feel like I can be a better girlfriend and mother because I took the necessary time to de-stress and get my mind right. As mothers, we stress about everything. It's nights like these, times when you really don't want to do anything but go to sleep, that you need to muster up the energy and do something you enjoy without kids yelling or Peppa the Pig snorting the in the background. You need to make time, MAKE TIME FOR YOU.

Empties #1 Products I Have Used Up

I've been saving up products as I use them up for one reason and one reason alone. To blog about it, duh. Some products I've finished because I told myself I wasn't opening another mascara until this one was gone and others are because I use them on a daily basis.

Lets recap on what ones I would/do repurchase and what products can stay in the recycling bin:

Big & Sexy Hair Spray- This is a holy grail product and is worth every penny. I repurchase this ALL the time.
Big & Sexy Tease Spray- This baby cost $15 at Ulta for a whole 4oz. That's a lot of dough for a small amount but I will be repurchasing this as well. It is the ultimate in hold when teasing and even great for the boys hair.
Pravana Leave In Treatment- My Hairdresser got me hooked on this after we started to go blonde and I repurchase this about every couple months, it's amazing!
Euphoria Purfume- I got a roller ball of this to keep in my purse and ended using it on a daily basis. I don't like buying large perfumes because I like to rotate too often but I'll be repurchasing this in the future.
Covergirl Lashperfection Mascara- I got this because of Youtube and wasn't really impressed to be honest. I won't be repurchasing it as it wasn't something special.
Blow Dry Conditioner - This was a impulse by at Target one day and I hated finishing it up. It weighted my hair down and did nothing for me. I usually like Garnier products but I won't be buying this one again.
Tanning Lotion- This was actually my third tube of this. I love mixing this in with my daily moisturizer. It leaves the most amazing glow without streaking and no orange tint.
Purity Cleanser- I got a sample size of 3oz at Ulta because I wasn't sure if I'd like it and I'm not about to pay $23 for 8oz if I didn't like it. I loved the way this left my skin, so smooth and pure I will be buying the 8oz now.
Primer- I got this in a box set a long time ago and recently started using this up because I had 5 other primers I needed to use. I didn't see a difference with my foundation like I do with other primers, there was no wow factor to it. This will not be a repurchase.
Face Lotion- This stuff is expensive for a drugstore facial lotion! But this is also my third bottle in the last year. I have very sensitive skin and this works great and does not leave a weird residue.
Facial Scrub- This stuff is the jam! If I have a breakout coming up or it is already in full effect this scrub cleans my face impeccably! This is my third tube I've finished off in the past two years. I don't use it every day as it's too harsh for a daily scrub but twice a week will do.

Most of the products mentioned I've actually enjoyed using up while the few that I haven't I was glad to be done with!

5 on Friday: Things I Don't Have Time For

Happy Valentines Day! 

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here is really what I've been thinking about. Things I don't have time for! I know it's Valentines day and all but last night I was stressed out after work, between looking at houses and taking care of these maniac children I had a bad mom moment.

I had every intention to print off these cute valentines I found on Pinterest this past
week to have Trace color them for his class and guess what.
I forgot. I almost forgot Valentines all together. Thankfully,
Jer's mom is super Grammy and reminded me, PHEW!

So we did what 95% of the other moms and dads do and Jer ran into Walgreens,
got a box of Cars Valentines [with tattoos, duh!] and we took them home.
I was having Trace sign them with just a 'T' and then I got
stressed out because he was drawing all over them. 
I know, I know, he's 3, but my OCD brain just wouldn't turn off!

It got me thinking that I really don't have time for some things. So if you want to come over,
work for free, we will pay you in fresh baked goods. Fair trade off right? right.

1. PEEING: In my January Goals post I talked about drinking more water.  I've kept this goal rather well but I've noticed I have to pee every 45 minutes. That just doesn't work with my schedule. Catheter anyone?

2. LAUNDRY: I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother is on this same wave length. NEVER.CAUGHT.UP.
3. DOG SHIT: Lets face it. It's winter. That stuff freezes. You will not catch me out there with a baggie in my backyard picking up kaka when I could be doing other laundry.

4.SLEEPING: When you sleep, you then don't have time to pee, do laundry or pick up dog shit. Never mind the fact I have a 6 month old that likes to party every three hours and there is no room for me in bed.

5. THE HOMELAND FINALE: Guy's I don't even want to really talk about this. I am FINALLY caught up from about 5 weeks ago and can I just say that ending was GARBAGE! I wish I didn't even watch it. Hashtag disappointment.

Talk Dirty To Me

This past week I spent too many hours at work, too many minutes explaining to Tracen why he shouldn't throw things at the TV and too many seconds complaining about the weather. No but seriously, this weather is the pits. WHERE ARE YOU SPRING!!!

Going alone with the last post about Youtube, I compiled this past weeks antics together and laughed  while editing. I can't get enough of these boys. Life is memorable and at times I'm 110% a functioning zombie but that's what I signed up for right? right.

Makeup Hoarding

On any given day you can catch me watching Youtube videos. In fact, I watch them more than I watch cable TV that we pay for.  I watch them when I am getting ready in the morning, on lunch at work or before bed when I'm forced to watch scary movies by Jerek and can't fall asleep till 3am. [that was last Saturday, not cool]

My subscriptions range from comedy to daily vlogs, to beauty to fitness and everything in between. Recently I've been watching a lot of makeup haul and storage videos because I hate the way I have mine stored. When we took away our walk in closet i.e: Skylor's room now, we had to make do with our master bedroom and buy dressers and put away my makeup table for now. I get ready between the bathroom and the dresser in our bedroom which has extremely bad lighting. My makeup storage has suffered because of this as well, thanks Sky. {kidding}

For 2014 I started off with some goals for January and continued into February. With one of my goals being to donate/declutter with focus on the basement. I've done extremely good with the basement and started to get real crazy Saturday and go through my makeup. I've hoarded a lot of crap, to put it bluntly.  I use to buy a lot of make up just because it was on sale and cheap. As I've gotten older I've realized spending a little more on make up and hair care is something I think is worthwhile. 

What I Got Rid Of:

As you can see, 90% of the products I'm getting rid of are mostly Ulta brand. Now it's not to say I don't like this brand any more but I use to buy things up when they would have their BOGO on makeup. All of the products pictures I ended up throwing away. I didn't feel comfortable donating these when they were all used no matter how good of a job I did sanitizing.

I'm sure there will be more makeup clean outs and questioning myself as to why the hell I bought something but that's the beauty of hoarding makeup! Plus the makeup industry survives off us!

My hairdresser hates me.

So really, I hope my hairdresser does NOT hate me because we've been friends since I was six. But I am pretty sure she's been frustrated with me from time to time!
If you live locally in the Metro Detroit Area and need someone to save your hair, this girl is it. If she can put up with me and my antics, she can do anything! You can find her at the chic salon of H2O2 in downtown Birmingham, where the mood is inviting and the lighting is perfect.
I may be bias but she does amazing work. 

So here's the history of my hur.

I was born bald. I mean like bald bald. I then grew a few hairs and they were real blonde.  As I grew up they turned to this really mousey, dirty mop-water brown. Not cute.

Flash forward to high school and everyone was using Sun-In. Yeah, I was one of those girls with orange hair because apparently that shit doesn't work on us brunettes very well! So I started dying my hair around the time I was 16. At first it started with high lights, nothing too crazy and then when I went away to college and couldn't afford to keep up with the high lights I started dying my hair myself.

The box dye slowly started getting darker and darker and before I knew it I was picking up the color Jet Black. This all started because I had people tell me I looked like Megan Fox. I really never saw it but I guess it was because of the light blue eyes and dark hair.

By about sophomore year in college I was dying my roots every 4-5 weeks because I couldn't stand the regrowth or fading. I was always trying to keep a tan to make sure I didn't look like I belonged in the Adams family with such dark hair.

I graduated college and a year later became pregnant with Tracen. Shortly after having him I went to get my hair colored and dropped a bomb on my hairdresser. "I think I'd like to go blonde" I said.  It's safe to assume that these were the hormones talking but I was never questioned so we started the bleach washes as we wanted the least amount of damage to occur. I think we did 3 in one sitting and it pretty much didn't do anything. For a few months straight we did these bleach washes and low level stripping to get the YEARS of build up off. I also had this unrealistic idea that I wanted to have blonde hair for my girlfriends wedding I was going to be in, in California, In August.  So I basically gave her about 6 months to make this happen with over 6 YEARS of box dye to get out. She should have told me she just couldn't do it with out making me go bald and I probably would have stopped asking. Or maybe not, who knows. We started to really strip my hair and then tone it. In May I got my job now and started with a dark red hair color. (I interviewed with black hair so they kind of confused when I started!)
I slowly had what I tried telling myself was strawberry blonde hair, and then finally blonde. I  made her make me blonde and regretted it.  I don't even have pictures of this color because it was so short lived.  Here's the thing though, my hair was F-R-I-E-D. I tried pretending it was okay but I knew I had rushed everything. I was being impatient and it wasn't Jamie's fault, it was mine. So after seeing the wedding pictures and hating what I looked like I did what any normal person would do. I bought a box of dye and proceeded to hide from Jamie and not make appointments to come see her.  I was just so embarrassed that I had rushed her along this process. One day I got a text that went something along the lines of:

J: So that picture of you and Tracen on Facebook is long have you had that box dye on your head?
Me: caught me. I honestly don't know what to say...don't hate me??
J: I thought so. When you are ready come and see me let me know.  I'm not mad but don't ask me to go blonde again missy!

I later went back and got my hair cut and had her dye it with proper hair coloring. Thankfully she allowed me back in the salon and still wanted to be my friend.

Can you guess what happen a few months before I got pregnant with Skylor? I sent her a picture of Rachel Zoe and said, "I think over this next year I want to get to this, can we make it happen?"

Her response was something like, "Chelsea, you are out of your f****** mind again aren't you? Fine... but you KNOW it won't happen right away...what am I going to do with you dude!?" Or maybe she cursed me out, I can't really remember.

Over the past year I let her do her thing, I trusted her fully. We have done everything slow and I've walked out of the salon happy with every stage. Between being pregnant and how I've taken care of my hair, it's been the thickest and longest it's ever been and I owe EVERYTHING to Jamie. I get compliments at work all the time on the color, cut and how beautiful it looks. I get asked if I'm wearing my extensions because it looks that good! I'm thankful that she has stuck by my side even though I may have strayed a time or two.

February Goals

I'd really like to say that January just flew by but this month was a mega bitch and seemed to drag on forever. In Michigan we got over 50+ inches of snow and the commute to work was at times 2 hours to go 18 miles. I know, I know, people in Atlanta were leaving cars on the side of the road, shit someone even gave birth on the 285 or something like that. But seriously January was so annoying. Between calling into work that I was going to be late because of the snow and fighting with Tracen about shitting in his underwear I'm exhausted.

Lets recap January goals:
1. No more buying Starbucks (I CHEATED A FEW TIMES)
2. No more buying dumb shit at work (COMPLETE!)
3. Quick gym membership & work out at home at least 3 days a week (Quit gym membership but only do about 2 days a week, so far!)
4. Drink more water (COMPLETE! On average I've been drinking 70+ ounces a day)

All in all, I did pretty well with January's goals, minus the working out but that takes time. Lets move onto February goals shall we!

1. No booze Monday-Thursday: and I thought working out was going to be hard! I like me some wine after a long day at work or when Tracen is neurotic and acts like a teenager all day long. The thing I enjoy most is sitting on the couch, watching a show under a blanket with Jer and drinking a glass...or two. Hopefully I don't try making up for lost time on the weekends!

2. Donate/Declutter the basement: I've been working on this hoarding pile of ours for some time now. We have regular garbage pickers at the end of our driveway every Friday morning. Last weekend I worked at a Mom2Mom sale and made $160 and donated whatever was left to charity. I came home with 5 empty storage bins and a wad of cash. It was REAL nice! We've gotten rid of a lot but I have plans to get rid of more so I know this goal won't be hard to do!

3. Potty Train Tracen: Now we've been working on this for a while too and he's gotten really good about wearing underwear and going pee in the toilet. However, he doesn't seem to mind walking around with a huge load in his superman briefs! So I'm going to REALLLYYY try to get this kid to shit in the potty, or tell him he can go outside when Ducati does, too extreme? 

4. Pay off credit cards, FOR GOOD: We just did our taxes yesterday, (I know, we don't wait right? We like to get our money as soon as we can!) and I know this won't be hard paying them off, but it's the FOR GOOD part I'm nervous about. I plan on taking them out of my wallet and putting them in the safe, that way I'm not tempted to swipe. We do have one credit card that we will still be using because we get travel points for  every time we use. We basically charge stuff to it, then make a payment from our debit card right away. This allows us to earn lots of points for flights, hotels or any travel expenses.

Just because January is over doesn't mean I will start buying dumb shit at work, or Starbucks everyday again. I'm still going to keep these goals in my brain and work on them. Most importantly I'm hoping I can have a weight loss/body toning update at the end of this month, but I can't promise anything because I love chips and dip, and cookies, and candy and alot.

Skylor's Birth Story

It's only been six months since Skylor was born so I'm giving myself a big old pat on the back for getting this all down seeing as it took me two plus years to get Tracen's together.

Grab a coffee, some tissues and we will begin!

{If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen these}

|MONDAY| July 15th: I had my 35 week check up and I was measuring right on schedule. I was 2cm dilated and starting to thin out. I just wanted to make it past 36 weeks this time. I just wanted to hold my baby after he was born and not have him rushed to the NICU. I was scared at this appointment, really scared. I didn't do anything all week but go to work and lay on the couch when I got home from work.

|FRIDAY| July 19, I was 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I called Jerek and we both left work around 1pm and met at the hospital. I was having contractions and I thought this might be it. I wasn't even 36 weeks yet, this was not happening. I ended up being extremely dehydrated and took almost 3 bags of fluids within 15 minutes. I was now dilated to 4cm and almost fully thinned out. Apparently no matter how much water I was drinking that walking up and down stairs in an automotive plant in the dead heat of July wasn't helping my case. The rest of the week I had a tumbler with me at all times and drank water while I peed, while I changed diapers, while I slept. Kidding.

|MONDAY| July 22, I had my 36 week appointment and they weren't sending me to labor and delivery. I made it, I got here, this is what I wanted! I was 4cm dilated and he was nice and low, any day now she said.

|FRIDAY| July 26th, I was 36 weeks and 4 days. We went to the hospital again after work as I had lots of pressure and could have sworn he was about to fall out of my cooka. It was my grandmas birthday so I was excited to see if he would share a birthday with her. I was sent home again as I was still at 4cm and not in fully active labor. I was annoyed, hot, sweaty and my hips were KILLING ME. The last time I was at the hospital I didn't want to have him, a week later I was pissed at them for not making this happen.  We came home and ordered pizza, relaxed and I bounced on my yoga ball ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

|SATURDAY| July 27th, I was 36 weeks 5 days. We went for walks down the block, bounced on yoga ball, slept, played as a family of 3 and just plain hung out. I was having contractions about every 5 minutes but then they would stop when I would lay down or baby got comfortable. I refused to go to the hospital and get sent home again so we waited. We went to our nephews 3rd birthday party and the boys played outside while I ate and bitched about how uncomfortable I was to anyone that would listen. I'm sure people were probably sick of me by then and just wanted me to have this baby.

|SUNDAY| July 28th, I was 36 weeks 6 days. It was Sunday family day and we headed out to one of our favorite places about a half hour away, duck pond as Tracen calls it. Downtown Rochester has a great park and we went and feed the ducks, let Tracen play on the playground and brought a picnic. That day we happen to run into our friends Amanda and Robbie and their 2 little girls. I was walking to the bathrooms to pee and that's when it really hit me, I was having to stop every few steps and focus on my breathing. I went to the bathroom and waddled back to the boys. Jer could tell I was in pain but we just watched Trace play and chatted away. We weren't out very long before I just wanted to go home and be in my own surroundings where I was comfortable and able to moan without people staring.

We made it back home and Trace took a nap while I bounced and concentrated on breathing. For the next few hours I did just that. Bounce, breathe, write down contraction time, repeat. We left to head to Jereks parents for Sunday night dinner around 5pm but brought our hospital bags just in case. We were ready this time. I didn't really eat dinner to be honest, a few bites but that was it. I couldn't even tell you what we made but if Amy was cooking, I'm sure it was delicious! At 8pm the contractions were about every 3 to 5 minutes apart and pretty intense. Jerek's mom said she thought we should go to the hospital so we did. The hardest part wasn't waddling to the car through a contraction, it was leaving Tracen.  Even though he was as happy as could be I was scared and sad for him. I was scared because I didn't want him to think we were leaving him and I was sad because I wasn't sure what he would think the next time he saw me, saw all of us. I was scared to be a mother of two even though this is all we wanted.

The drive wasn't too bad and we knew where to go since we had been twice in the past 10 days. I got checked and I was 5 1/2 cm dilated and 100% effaced. I was being admitted and having a baby. Jer called my mom, his mom and his sister. I had all three of them in the room when I had Tracen and I wanted all of them with me when we had Sky. Amy and I have an amazing relationship and she's the sister I never had, we also were going to ask her and her husband to be the God parents of both boys so it was a very special time. I was checked into my room and everything was so calming, so peaceful and dare I say perfect.  It was no secret that I wished so badly for this labor and delivery to be 100% different than Tracens. (If you want to know why, read Tracen's Birth Story). I know they say your first baby is the hardest because you don't know what you are doing but it wasn't that. I wanted it to be 100% different because I didn't want to relive the days and nights in the NICU.

After I got in my gown on and they checked on me and the baby, I was at a 6 and progressing nicely. I knew I wanted an epidural again and within 15 minutes the doctor was there and I was numb and more comfortable and relaxed. Jereks mom, my mom, Amy and Jer were surrounding me. We were whispering and laughing and reminiscing about Tracen's birth waiting for the doctor to get here from home as she was sleeping. I'm not sure if it was because we were at a different hospital this time or because it was almost midnight and all was quite, but the mood was so magical and so uplifting. My doctor came in around 1130pm and said hi. She said she would be back in an hour and would check me then. She left and we continued to chat and relax. I felt a little pressure but nothing painful. She came back and it was 1230am on July 29th. She said I was fully dilated and ready to push and his head was literally about to fall out! I laughed and said okay I'm ready! Amy and Jerek grabbed a leg and I pushed. The doctor told me to stop or he was going to fly out so I stopped and jokingly told her to tell me when I should go again because I couldn't really feel when the contractions was coming. 

Now is good.

I smiled, bared down and that was it. Two pushes, some smiles and laughter and just like that, we were a family of F O U R.

At 12:59am on July 29, 2013.  My chunky, beautiful baby boy was laying on my chest.  He was healthy and you could tell right away. His breathing wasn't like Tracens was and I felt a sense of relief. I kissed him, I smelt him, I looked at his fingers and counted his toes. His finger nails looked JUST like Jerek's dad, it was so cute. He was SO chunky! He had a little bit of dark hair, his lips were so plump and beautiful. He  looked at me and I whispered in his ear, you are perfect, and I meant every word of it.

The doctor smiled and said I did great. We announced his name and talked while the nurse cleaned him up and he wasn't taken away from me, he was right in my eye sight. We made bets as to how big he was, my mom had the highest and said 8lbs. The nurse laughed and said 8lb 6 ounces. Excuse me! How on earth did I just do that! I was pretty proud of myself, I'm not going to lie. Just think, he was 3 weeks early too, imagine how much bigger he could have been! All bundled up he was handed back to me. I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. We took pictures and smiled and everyone went home while I showered and got ready to nurse and relax our new little babe. The next day and a half were great. I was up and walking, the food was great, no really it was! We were released on the 31st and went to pick up Tracen and begin life as a family of four.

I truly believe that God knew what I had gone through with Tracen's birth, that he thought I deserved an easier labor and delivery the second time around, so I thank you big man! That birth makes me want to have 10 more babies because it was that amazing! Aside from labor being so easy I have to say my favorite part was how wonderful the hospital was, how our room was just full of laughter, smiles and a beautiful calming feeling that came over me late that night. Everyone always asks if we want to try for a girl but all I want to do right now is be with my boys. These are my boys, my life, they complete me in a way I never thought I could be completed.