Nine Month Update

WEIGHT: 19 lbs (30%)

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 29.25 inches (85%)
(Didn't gain much weight but grew almost 2 inches in a month!!!)

SLEEPING: Jerek is convinced he will never sleep through the night, like he was convinced with Tracen. But hey, 15 months came around and Tracen finally started sleeping through the night! It really doesn't bother me because getting up once and soothing him back to sleep in our bed is nothing compared to what it took to get Tracen back to sleep! I honestly would bed share until the boys start popping morning woods and not knowing what to do with them..TMI? Sorry guys! But for real, I don't know what is more enjoyable than waking up to these guys in the morning! Hello cutiebears! {minus I never have any space} Side note; doesn't Sky look like the old man from Up below?!

EATING: I'm still making purees but I'm really only giving him these in the morning with his oatmeal. I've been doing some research and asking the ladies at the daycare about what to feed this chubby little human because he's always hungry. Looking in Tracen's baby book would be far too difficult seeing as it's in a box somewhere in the basement that has yet to be unpacked, so! So far I've given him really small pieces of veggie straws, grilled cheese, noodles, bread and bananas. He's doing great at picking things up with his pincher fingers grab and really enjoying "real person food" as I call it.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: Sky laughs and claps and says 'dadada' to everything. He wants so badly to run when Tracen runs because he moves his legs so fast when he watches his brother it makes me so excited to see them grow up together! We switched out his carry car seat to the permanent one that stays in my car so we have to remember to always have a sling with us because carrying that kid is backbreaking! I love the snuggles I get when I wear him though. He holds me and I melt! I will probably wear that kid until he says 'mom I'm too big for this.' Hopefully thats not for a while!

[my tub isn't dirty, it's just Crayola bath crayons that SUCK and don't come off as easy as they say!}

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: The balance of life right now. Moving with small children is hard. There is no sugar coating it. We are beyond lucky to have family close that watched the boys while the other family members helped move us because we couldn't have done it without everyone! The part that is hard is that we are both full-time working parents with both of our jobs important to us and we're both are busy right now. After being up at 530/6am, working till 4/430, coming home, making dinner and doing the nightly routine, it's hard to set time aside to work on remodeling things in the house. At the same time when you want to work on the house you really just want to roll on the floor and play with blocks and snort like Peppa Pig until bedtime...just me? Alrighty then. We're doing the best we can right now but the days are tough and both boys need us so the balance is hard.

FIRSTS: Sky has slept through the night TWICE now! Que the music and happy dance...JUST KIDDING because when ONE baby sleeps through the night and there are TWO in your house it seems like one is just never enough {that doesn't even make sense to me, I'm not sure why I wrote that}. Anywho, I wrote these down because I have no brain and would forget otherwise mmmkkk! The night of April 11, honestly, no idea why he did as he went to bed at his normal time. I however was up every 2 hours checking on him or in Tracens room rubbing his back because he wasn't feeling good. Then Friday {4/25} and I'm convinced it's because he was up till 10pm while we furniture shopped at Art Van till 930pm. Regardless, Tracen then crawled into our bed because he peed his, lovely. More firsts are TEETH! he has his bottom two and then is top right, and the one next to it. So yes, he looks super weird as he doesn't have his top front two, just the top right one and the one on the side of it. No clue how that worked out but the other top two are about to pop through those tiny red gums any day now, poor guy. The kid is holding his bottle and not even needing me for that anymore! Sometimes I like it because I can give him a bottle and I can unload the dishwasher or peephole he holds it! But other times it makes me sad when I try and feed, he pushes me away!

As I've already said it but it's busy. It's hectic. It's a cluster feck really. Between trying to convince Tracen it's a good idea that he takes his massive man dumps in the toilet and not in his diaper because I'm sick of wiping his ass spread eagle we are doing other things like remodeling a entire house, working full-time, trying to work out/get in shape all while trying to grow these little humans the best way we can. The new house is amazing with so much more room Tracen get ride his bike from room to room if he wants. And he does because I really don't feel like saying no and putting up a fight. Gotta pick your battles here folks! Sky is growing and learning so much it makes me smile ear to ear with a good feeling that I'm doing it right, whatever right may be. Life is good, I really can't complain. Oh wait, where is summer again? That's right, that is me not complaining about this dumb Michigan weather that will just not go away!

Detroit Zoo Vlog

Going to work is overrated, so I took three Tuesday's off in a row. #sorrynotsorryboss I did this not because I like coming back to an inbox of 100+ messages after only being out for 24 hours but because it was a much better option than sticking the boys in daycare while our aunt was gone for a few weeks.

These past few weeks of only working four days have been northing short of amazing. I mean who doesn't like sitting around in your pi's, bra-less and sipping on coffee while you know everyone else is at the morning meeting wishing it was 4pm. I can't say that Tracen wasn't a jerk from time to time but over all he was a good little chap.

My girlfriend Sarah or better known as Snydypants, came over and we packed up the boys and headed to the zoo. We have a family pass and the weather showed sunny so I figured lets get movin! Que winds, clouds and coldness and that's what welcomed us as we walked through the gates. I told Tracen we would go unless it was raining so I had to keep my promise, otherwise Jer would call me out for lying to them for being a baby in the wind {wah wah wah}

I ended up vlogging that day so come to watch!

Currently Craving| Dresses, jumpsuits and rompers oh my!

1. Pre baby boobs Chelsea wants this romper but it would be great for breast feeding mommas too!
2. High waist band & neck make this floral romper perfect transition into spring & summer
3. I'm loving all things navy lately. This jumpsuit is perfect with its high waistband & pockets.
4. Again with my love for navy, this shift dress is perfect for hot days that are coming our way.
5. On the hunt for a perfect black maxi, look no further! Also in other colors, I'm buying them all!
6. A floral romper is a must in your closet but this back makes it sweet and sexy at the same time.

Coupon codes are my favorite so I wanted to share a few with you to feed your shopping addiction like myself!

{TOBI}  If you haven't signed up or ordered from Tobi before, do so today! You will get a coupon code sent to you as a thank you  PLUS right now on their home page they are advertising 50% off your first order by using the coupon code EASYBREEZY50 at checkout.

{Forever 21} Another favorite place I love shopping at (in store) is Forever 21. I've never ordered offline because I am always just popping in when I don't need to be! I recently signed up to receive emails from them, {which you also get a 10% off coupon code just for signing up} but I just saw an email that Forever 21 is having an anniversary sale, score! From today, 4/22-4/24 get 21% off a single item by using coupon code 30ANNI at checkout.

I know most people hate signing up for things as their email gets spammed but I've made folders in my Gmail so all my shopping/sale emails go in that folder and it doesn't clog up my general/important emails. Plus I find myself saving MORE money online ordering than I am in stores recently!

Pinterest Fail or Nail| Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

This past week has been a crazy one with moving, and far too many people in this household getting pink eye [did I mention mine came, went and came back. Awesomeeee.] that I knew if we grabbed takeout every night no one would judge us right? Well, I must have hit my head while packing because I prepared not one but THREE Pinterest meals this past week! Pat myself on the back and give me a gold star, who the hell do I think I am these days?!

Today we will talk about the first meal I prepared on Monday and this was Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls, sounds fancy right! Here is what I pinned that I later figured out it lead me nowhere so I did some digging and found the original recipe/blog post here, she has a ton of other amazing recipes on here as well! My pictures are not nearly as enticing as hers but I was also wearing a small child and cooking in a kitchen that is about as put together as a hoarders kitchen might look [okay not that bad!]

This post will not be giving you directions on how to make this meal as I legit just [didn't read directions] followed the direct post I have linked above. So for all the ingredients, measurements and directions, please follow the link above.

Lets take a look...

+Was this a hard meal to prepare?
-Directions were easy to follow in the post [when I read them].

+Were the ingredients odd/hard to find?
-No, I had everything but the steak which I bought ahead of time.

+Did your meal turn out how you thought it would?
-Yes, it was amazing and just what I thought it would be. Jer even enjoyed it, which was my main goal!

+Make sure to read directions [duh} and use TOOTHPICKS and not assume large kabob squires would do as they didn't hold together when they fell apart. I then cried and Jerek made fun of me for acting like Tracen. [hater!]

+Use the same vegetables in the post [IE: read said post before starting the cooking]. I used cucumber instead of zucchini and the structure is just not the same. It was mush in a nutshell.

+I would make these again in a heart beat. I would try out different glazes, fillings and perhaps even a different meat, the possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned for next weeks Pinterest Fail or Nail, it's one of my best ones yet!

Things That Make Me Happy| Moving Addition

Guys, it's April 12th. That's like almost half way through April and I keep typing March in work emails. This is probably because I honestly have no brain left in me. Most of you know that we recently packed up almost 4 years of shit our life and nicely asked our wonderful family to move said shit to our new house! {Insert Vickey from RHWOC 'wahoo' yell}. When we moved into our rental I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't really do much but bitch at people for putting boxes in the wrong rooms or trying to organize my kitchen (this is a big no no!) So this time around Jerek was REAL happy I could 'participate' in a more positive way. I still bitched but I was able to carry boxes while I bitched, huge difference! I also thought this was a good idea...


Moving on from my 27 year old, mother of 2 stupidity I've gotten overly excited about a few things all to do with us moving. Don't worry, you will be bombarded by before and after posts, DIY's, and a moving vlog I'm currently editing. Jer is getting annoyed that before we do anything I ask, 'but did you take a picture first?' His response is usually 'you're ridiculous...but give me your camera'. That man loves me, I promise!

So without two more paragraphs or rambling I give you
1| NEW TUB-A-WEAR!!!! Who's with me on this one?! I swear we have a bajillion different lids and bottoms and none of that shit goes together. So, I tossed ALL of it and bought a new pack from Ikea. 17 pieces for $4.79 #winning (here are the ones I got, I might even grab another pack, cause I'm a rebel like that!)

2| With that being said: IKEA!!!! This store just makes my heart beat fast. I won't lie, some of the stuff is crap, cheap and breaks. But it was most likely cheap in price as well. I've found some awesome pieces that have lasted through out the years. Plus it's easy to redecorate a space without spending a fatty load. On Thursday I left work and took THE longest way to get there because 96 is closed (that's a whole other topic for discussion!) I went there on a mission to get only the items I needed for my dressing room, and a few odds and ends {like the tubawear.] Please note I lifted ALL of this on and off the cart into my car BY MYSELF! It may look like nothing but it was hundreds of pounds combined!Cause I'm a boss like that...

3| Garbage pickers. I wish I could show you pictures of these people but they come when we aren't looking. Or, in our case, as we are walking to and from our house loading the garbage treasures out on our curb for them to rummage through. Since we've been de-hoarding and tossing stuff to move the garbage pickers have been loving our house, and now Friday night both houses were gold mines. One day I'll get a picture, or I'll also ask them how much they really make off this shit!

4| Sleeping Toddlers, in this case, sleeping while grocery shopping toddlers! It is no surprise to anyone that have children they understand why I either go grocery shopping alone, or all 4 of us go to divide and conquer. Tracen is a complete mess 80% of the time. We have to bribe him to be good in the beginning of the store otherwise the lobsters will break free from their 'cage' and eat you (harsh, I know). About 5 isles in we have to bribe the kid to be good and not take off running and he gets to see the fish. Then while we wait in line to check out we bribe him if he's good he can ride Sandy, the famous horse at Meijer for any non Michigan readers. Monday he was a rare form while I was at home with him. We got kicked out of daycare for having pink eye (more on that later!) and he was running around the house like a wild monkey, driving me NUTS as well. I thought maybe getting out of the house would help since he was refusing a nap. Flash forward to him eating a whole container of blueberries, half a pound of salami from the deli counter and he was passed out before we even got to the fish! 
5| Our house! Seriously, I can't get enough of this place! We have double the room, two living spaces, a finished basement, two car attached garage, natural fireplace and the list goes on of things that make this a perfect house for us. As always though, a house is just a house until you make it a home. I can't wait to show you all the before and after updates, the DIY's, the Pinterest fails or nails and the fireplace that will be decorated for every holiday. It may have taken longer than we hoped for but it all panned out and I could not be happier.