Ten Month Update

WEIGHT: 20 lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 29.5 inches

SLEEPING: There have been a few more nights here and there that he's slept through the night but that is really a hit or miss. Usually I still have the big one climbing in bed with us on nights he sleeps through!

EATING: Some things he's eaten or at least tried this past month
{noodles, small pieces of grilled cheese, toast w/jelly, quinoa, rice, plain shredded chicken & green beans.} All of these are pretty new to him as I was sticking to mostly fruit and veggies in the purees. He hasn't been liking the noodles and drops them right after he picks them up. I'm not sure if it's the texture or what?

FAVORITE MOMENTS: I honestly just love when I'm wearing him and he just stares at me or when I walk into a room and he hears my voice and turns towards me. He's playing with Tracen and his toys more & more. Tracen always thinks Sky is trying to hug him, but really he's trying to snatch a toy from his little paws. Tracen is on real good behavior lately and is being THE sweetest with Sky! For the past few weeks he's had me read big brother books at bedtime and always comments how he is the best big brother to Sky! I hope Sky knows how much he truly is loved by Tracen!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: He's been extremely fussy lately and nothing is soothing him but sticking his entire hand in his mouth and chomping on it.We've been giving him teething tablets, Tylonol, teether rings, my hand and nothing seems to work! Poor kid, I honestly can't say I've ever had a tooth ache so I can't even imagine what it must feel like! Look at those thaaangggsss!!!

FIRSTS: Last month he had the bottom two and the middle right and the one next to it {I have no clue what they are really called!} Anyways, he got the middle left and the one next to that. So that means 4 up top and two on the bottom. I think the other two on the bottom are getting ready to break through due to his crabbiness. He is getting really mad that he can't crawl so he rolls..everywhere! Jer went up north for 2 nights a few weekends ago so it was my first time being alone with just the boys and we all missed daddy so much! I'm leaving for two nights today with my mom to a bed and breakfast and I won't lie, I'm scared the boys are going to be a handful for Jer! Thankfully his sister and basically second mom will be here having a slumber party and hopefully keeping Tracens mind off the fact that I'm not around!

I say this every month but it's been crazy and this month has been no exception! We finished the half bath makeover, remodeled the dining room, and started the remodel on the kitchen cabinets. We spent hours on the back patio with pillows, blankets, toys and new lighting. We had a great Mother's Day spent with the boys, my mom and Jerek's mom & sister. We've had loads of ice cream, stayed up late nights and had a really great Memorial Day Weekend. I started a new 12 week workout program which is making me real crabby and pleasant to be around but I can feel the burn so I know it's working {more to come on that at a later time.} It's crazy to think that I need to start thinking about preparing for another first birthday but I probably should soon! I love these boys so hard sometimes I just stare and smile!

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Half Bath Makeover

Before we bought this house Jerek would tell me he's bored every weekend. He wanted projects to do, things to paint and wood to cut. So when we bought this house all I could see was "projects!" The reason we loved this house so much was because the bones were so solid we knew that it would be 90% designing and home improvement projects that we would enjoy doing. Our roof is a few years old (a complete tear down). The furnace, air conditioning unit and water heater are all under 5 years as well. The windows  and appliances are not the originals but they aren't brand new. In other words, they're fine!

Before we moved in we spent a week coming here with both kids and we sanded, painted, and redid the entire upstairs bedrooms, hallway and staircase. I'm not done decorating those rooms yet so you will have to wait for those pictures & posts to come! Just picture this though, heavy semi-gloss paint on every single room of the house, all light switch covers, door knobs and vents were a different color/design. Ugly chandeliers hung in almost every room and hallway and there were blinds, shades and curtains on every window, it was...interesting!

The half bath was something that was not necessarily on our NEED list. We were use to sharing and getting ready in one bathroom so having two would be something new for us. The half bath is off of our back family room and right next to the garage and measures about 3ft by 6ft. As soon as we found out we got the house I knew what I wanted to do with most of the rooms but the half bath was something I already had planned out. The sink that was in there was so big that even I had to walk in side ways just to get in and pee.

Call me crazy but I already had a sink picked out. It was the smallest sink I'd ever seen and I always wondered what people used it for. I had seen it at Ikea a hand full of times but never in a room setting. Let me introduce to you the LILLĂ…NGEN. It is the smallest sink I've ever seen and the highlight of our bathroom!

Things we changed:
-Removed medicine cabinet & patched up
-Removed old sink
-Installed new floor
-Installed new sink
-Installed new shelves
-Painted mirror in Radiant Red
-Painted walls in Essential Gray

When you have two full-time working parents and two small kids it's really freaking hard to find time to do remodels! While this may take the normal person a day, maybe a weekend this took us a good solid week! Tracen wanted to help with EVERYTHING and when we told him 'sorry dude, it's just for daddies' he threw a big fit! {OH HOW I LOVE TODDLER MELTDOWNS!} While some people would wait until their kids are down to bed we didn't want to wait because that's when we get to spend one on one time together. So to get this done we would come home from work and I would get dinner ready and keep the kids out of Jer's hair while he worked on the bathroom. We had a baby gate up so Tracen could watch from a far but not stick his hands in the paint {he still was pissed about that.} Each day it was a different thing, painting, flooring, installing, etc. When it was all finished it was amazing! I still get nervous when I walk in that I'm going to check my hip bones on the sink but magically I don't!

Jerek doesn't like the idea or look of seeing the plumping so when we were at Ikea, we bought the following to cover it up:
-Lillangen sink base
-Lillangen Frame
-Lillangen cabinet {black-brown}
-Ensen faucet
When we gut the back family room we will be ripping out the carpet and installing hard wood floors but we aren't set on a color yet. So when we decided to do the bathroom and hallway flooring we went with something that will match a dark or light hard wood in the future. The color isn't showing of that great as there is no natural lighting but it has gray tones in it. It is a laminate floor but looks like hard wood unless you touch and feel it. We got two boxes and it covered the whole bathroom and small hallway outside by the garage!
We both knew that we wanted to keep the mirror and just paint it because it was in good shape. I wanted a pop of color somewhere and I knew this would be great. I've been seeing a lot of reds and yellows as pops of colors so I went with the red route. It turned out great and I'm not sure what I love more, the sink or the mirror! The only thing I have left to do is to find a few pictures and to put a candle on the shelves and were done!

We didn't want to spend a ton of money on this room because after all it's just a half bath. And I wanted it to be neutral as we probably won't redo it for many years to come. We used this gray in two other rooms of the house and had a can left over so it all started there. Jerek had the idea of using the chandelier that I've had since college {I'm wondering he was sick of having it in our bedroom!} We knew we wanted and needed this sink so that was where 90% of the money went. My girlfriend had given us a Target gift card as a house warming gift so I used that for the two shelves. The trash can and tin on the back of the porcelain thrown we already had from the last house. We had the idea that we wanted to do this under $400.

PAINT (walls)-$0
PAINT (mirror)- $4.99
FLOORING- $27.66 (2)=$55.32

TOTAL: $301.31

We did this under our budget and it feels great! The left over paint and gift card for the shelves were big money savers but our decision on not do real hard wood floors was a huge cost savings as well. Something I've learned in the past few months is it reuse and repurpose! I have always been big on reusing but I've never realized how amazing things can be with a little spray paint!

If you have any questions on where we got something or how we did it please feel free to ask. I can't wait to show you the rest of the house as we go. We just finished the dining room in a few days {thanks to Jerek's dad!} and are now working on the kitchen cabinets which is a big sandy hot mess! Is it weird I want to send the old owners in Florida a card at Christmas with pictures of how much better our house looks now? Cause I do...

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Influenster Unboxing| Go Vox Box

If you follow me on Instagram (which duh you should) you would have seen I came home on Monday to my first Influenster box. Please note that the green "grass" on our porch is a result of buying a home that a couple of 70 year olds have lived in for 30+ years {apparently this once was 'in'?} We are remodeling 90% of the house and this green grass is by no means a priority of ours to remove. So it stays, for now. {what was the point of me even explaining all that to you anyways?}
Moving on.

If you aren’t familiar with Influenster you should be if you live are casually on social media and like free stuff. Basically it’s an online community of people, who like to share & review on products. It all depends on your 'Status on what you can get picked to receive products to review. Someone must have thought I was worth it when I submitted the survey.  Once you get picked you get notified when the box will arrive.  Or if you're like me they send the tracking information AFTER you get your box. Whatever works really. You then use the products and share your opinions, the good, the bad & the ugly.

Now let's do this. Here is what the #GoVoxBox contained:

*PROFOOT Triad Orthotic-These are 3/4 length inserts so they won't crowd your toes. I just got new running shoes so I'm so excited to try these out. 
*PROFOOT Pedi-Rock- Going with the foot theme, this pedi rock is AMAZING! After I get a professional pedicure I like to keep my feet looking purdy until the next one. This one molds to your feet when wet and really gets every part of your foot.
*AQUA SPA RELAX BODY CREME- Lately my new obsession is taking a nice long shower at night after the boys have gone to bed. I usually do a face mask and fake tan as well. This lotion decently has a spa like smell as it's a blend of lavender and chamomile so it gives off a great relaxing feel late at night.
*PLAYTEX SPORT- More tampons never hurt a girl!
*BLUE DIAMOND FLAVORD ALMONDS- These are currently gone as I write this. I literally ate these while taking pictures. They were a little too blueberry for my liking but still a nice snack!
*NEXT UP SHAKER & DRINK MIX- These two items are what I was most excited about! As I've mentioned on here and on Instagram I've started a 12 week tone up and clean eating program. I have been on the fence about a few different meal replacement drinks to try so these came at the perfect time! I got three flavors to try {Fresh Berries, Swiss Chocolate & French Vanilla}. They also came with a $5 off coupon for the Vitamin Shoppe so I'm sure I will be stopping in there to purchase more!
I've seen reviews on past boxes and I always see a few products that I like but never a whole box. This box is quite the opposite as everything fits my current lifestyle! 

Disclosure: I received this box complimentary from Influenster. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Life on a Budget: Groceries

Wait a minute, how is it Friday already? I swear I was just tweeting how it was Monday and I was extra annoyed but non the less...

March 28th we closed on our first home and I swear I've been on the hunt on how to cut costs from all corners. Lately I've been researching the easiest, and most affordable way to do cloth diapering for Sky. Yes, He is 9 1/2 months old and we have been using disposables but Tracen is {unfortunately} still in diapers and I'm about to loose my shit soon with all this diaper buying I've been doing! I've found some good, easy cloth diapering options that I can buy for about $110 for 20 diaper covers (the outer shell part) and about 60 inserts. What is the only problem you ask, proposing this option to Jerek. {dun dun dun} That in itself is a whole other story! My daycare that we use two days a week does do cloth diapering (some don't so this is a bonus!) and for $110 and a little more weekly laundry why WOULDN'T we do it! I spend this amount in a about 2 months for both kids currently.  I really wish we would have just started from the beginning but we can't go back in time can we. I'll keep you updated on this situation as I'm sure it's the highlight of your week reading about if I can convince him or not. The only thing in my favor is that he is a crazy finance/numbers man {does it for a living} and is always trying to save, spend less or pay off debt in some shape or form so I have high hopes for my proposition!

Moving on! Saving money is something we all like to do and when I find something that has worked for me I spread the news like wildfire! I have been known to post coupon hauls on my Instagram letting you know when diapers, shampoo or make-up are mega cheap at CVS. Scoring a good deal is something I LIVE for! When someone comments on a piece of clothing, my stock pile or how am I getting my insurance so cheap I can't wait to explain it to them and share the juicy details.

Take yesterday for example, I go to Meijer to buy basically EVERYTHING because we are bare to the bones for food.When I come home from grocery shopping and try to show Jer my haul and explain all the great deals I find I swear he stares at me like a deer in the headlights! So I decided what better way to share the excitement then with the ones that actually care {your welcome Jer!} This is going to be a little series called Life on a Budget and each post will have a different topic. From home insurance, couponing, mom to mom-ing to groceries, discount codes to shopping, it will be here.

Some weeks I barely have time to throw a grocery list together and some days I can color coordinate my list. This week was more in the color coordinating relm. I had time to make a list, go online to check for coupons and semi- meal plan. I am starting to do an intense 12 week work out plan and start really eating clean so I knew 90% of what I needed for the next two weeks. When I walked in I notice they were having the $10 for 10 deal. Normally this is for a lot of processed foods and I never get that great of a deal but yesterday I rocked it.

Now every body has their own budget for groceries based on their family size and income, but I "try" to keep ours to $150 for two weeks of food. This has grown since Tracen and Skylor eat and don't just drink their calories. Skylor is eating very minimal food right now so he doesn't really cost a lot but Jerek and Tracen eat ridiculous amounts! If I've learned anything from living with boys it is, meal planning is key. When we don't have meals planned we don't buy the right food and we end up making stops every night at the grocery store or eating out. I'm sure you're wondering how I can feed a family of 4 (3.5 really) for two weeks on $150. I'm not saying we don't buy food while at work, out running errands or on the weekends because we do but you need to have a target to aim for.

Coupon Mom
A Full Cup

These three websites are what I use for groceries as well as beauty, hair and cleaning products when looking for coupon/deal match ups. Let me explain.

1. MPERKS: this is strictly a Meijer based program. These are coupons that Meijer puts out for items in the store (some Meijer brand as well.) You can use these on top of coupons from the Sunday paper (manufacture coupons). You can virtually clip these to your account and then enter them upon checking out. There is also a app for your phone to do on the go. I usually go through and clip anything I know we use and then print off a list of the ones I clipped and bring in the store with me for reference (or you can look at your phone while shopping.) At checkout you type in your phone number (account number) and your 4 digit passcode and the coupons come off as the cashier is ringing you up.

2. COUPON MOM: this website shows a deal at the store and any manufacture or store coupons/deals that go with that product and do the matching up for you as well as what the final price will be and how much you saved! For a working mom of two this is a life saver. {Below is a snapshot of the current CVS list}

3. A FULL CUP: this website is very interactive as it has discussion boards for people to post their trips and what coupons they used. When I have more time on my hands (ha!) I like to look at this website and get ideas of maybe some deal I might have missed out on or didn't think about when looking at a circular.

Now I know there are a lot of other websites, forums and message boards that people may look at and I'd love to hear about anything you swear by! I have gotten it down to a system as to what I buy at Sams Club vs what I buy at Meijer based on size, price and quantity. As my family grows and their bellies eat me out of the house I refuse to have to buy crap food because it's cheap. When you plan things out and take the time to look at deals it is worth every penny you save.

I know many friends and family members have said they don't have time to cut coupons or read through websites but I'm here to tell you that you do! I work full-time, have two kids, write a blog, run an Etsy store, and still mange to clean, do laundry, see friends, watch TV, spend time with Jer and the boys and sleep {sometimes}! If saving money and feeding your family is important to you then taking 30 minutes before bed to look at Facebook some coupon websites & meal planning should be worth it!

Fun Fact: I haven't bought shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brushes, hair products, body wash, deodorant, baby shampoo or baby lotion in about 3 years because I clipped coupons, looked at deals and stock piled for 5 months when pregnant with Tracen! It can be done people!

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Motherhood isn't hard

Lately I've been complaining about how Tracen is not potty trained and is regressing from using the toilet at all. In fact he will piss his pants before he sits his tiny white butt cheeks on that thrown. I've wiped his ass more times than I want to remember and the volume of shit he's leaving in his diaper lately are getting bigger by the day. I'm sick of cleaning man craps and wiping the crevices of his balls while he has a full on conversation with me, legs high up in the air. I'd change Skylor's explosive ass ANY day over

With Tracen getting older I'm really trying to teach him right from wrong and it came to my attention the other day that he can lie. He wanted to watch a show and I asked if he was done with his dinner, which he stared at me for a minute and said "uh..yup", smiled and ran to the living room. False kid, you didn't, I can see your plate from here!  I thought this didn't happen until you were 13 and your mom wanted to call the parents where you said you were staying the night but you knew they wouldn't be there and then you're caught in a lie and can't leave the house for the weekend...Anyways, I was talking to Jer the other day how I never want to let the boys walk home from school, to ride their bikes to friends who don't live next door to us and to have them stay in every Friday night with us and watch movies and have Pizza Party Friday for the rest of their lives. Basically make sure they want to hang out with us all.the.time.

Being a parent is seriously the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. The responsibility weighs so heavy on your shoulders that I get sheer anxiety thinking about the future. I see small kids walking home from school on my drive home and think to myself, where are their parents. Then I think back to my childhood and I use to walk home at that age, WITH my six year old brother. WHAT WAS MY MOM THINKING!!! I think back and wonder if she had the same anxiety or if things were just different then. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to microchip my children. I'M NOT KIDDING. I get peer panic attacks when I see the amber alerts, the CNN reports of shootings and the Facebook status updates of kids overdosing. I'm scared as hell to have these boys grow up! I realize I might sound mental.

With today being Mother's day I feel a little bitter about the topic. I'm a mom to two little {human} boys and one little fur ball {that's on my nerves lately} so you would think I'd be excited but I'm not. It's just a normal day to me. Sure I'm looking forward to getting pedicures with my mom but really I don't need a day for the boys to tell me that they love and appreciate me because honestly I feel this daily and I'm really lucky for that. For me Mother's day makes me think about all the other people in our life that make motherhood easier on me. Being a parent is not a one man circus show, even as a single parent it's not. We constantly rely on others such as daycare providers, family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, school teachers and even other children. Without these people helping raise our children what would we do. Being a parent is a privilege that many take for granted.

To me there should not be a day that defines me as a mother or Jerek as a father, it's not about who gave birth to these children, the gender or the age, it's about who helps raise them who should be celebrated each and every day. So to all my friends, family and weirdo's in our life...thanks, my head might have fallen off if it wasn't for you. So here it is, an ode to my people, my "mothers'.

Happy Mother's Day to the ones that help raise my children, the ones that make my life better, easier and more enjoyable. To the one that birthed me, grounded me for months on end to teach me right from wrong and didn't give up on me through those hard middle school years. To the one that made me a mother, sticks by me in my craziness and enjoys my weirdness, that takes on the parenting 50% because that's what teammates do.  To the one that gave me Jerek, that raised him right, that loves my boys just as much as she loves her own children. To the ones that watch our boys while we work to provide for them, who watch them when we need a night out, when we looked at 150+ houses, to the ones that have children for them to play with, to the ones that stop by and say hi and understand that although were busy we still value their friendships, to the ones that listen to my stories at work, regardless if they have kids or not, to the ones that give advice when asked for and the ones that provide advice even when I'm unwilling to take it. To the ones that nurture, love and embrace these boys like they are their own. Thank you.

You see motherhood isn't that hard...because I have all of you.

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Lies I tell my kids

Everyday we are faced with hard questions that we are forced to answer. And every day Tracen gets smarter and smarter and I have to think of a new lie idea to tell him. Take for instance the 7-11 or "supee store" that we live across from. It's inevidable to be in the car with him coming from any location and NOT have him see it and say "mumma, I want a surpee pease pease pease, triple pease {he got that from Peppa in case you're wondering.} I then look down at the clock, realize its 9am and I'm on my way to get Starbucks and there is no way in hell my kid is drinking a slurpee this early, I don't have the patience to deal with the crazed slurpee Tracen right now.

So I do what any normal mother would do. I lie. When he was around 2 and would scream and point out the window and shake his head up and down I would say "oh sorry honey, it's closed, maybe tomorrow they will be open and we can go." I then follow up with, "but when we get home you can have some ju-ju (juice)." This worked up until a few months ago as he's almost 3 1/2. Now I have a 9 month old in the car with me as well and it's not just Tracen and I jumping out of the car hand in hand skipping across the pavement to go get slurps before dinner when daddy is going to mean mug me when I walk in the door with them {dads a party pooper}. Now its, I have to grab my debit card, get Sky out, and have Tracen hold my hand. Then walk in, get Tracens slurpee for him while holding a small child that keeps trying to grab the slurpee as well as keep my eye on Tracen that he's A. not trying to open candy and eat it and B. not running around the store, he's been known to do both! I then somehow need to carry the baby, the slurpee, have Tracen hold my hand, buckle both kids in and go home. As you can see this shit doesn't fly very often because I have a major meltdown when I grit my teeth and say..."okkkaayyyyyyyy....sureeeee....I guessssss we can..."

So now when he asks and I say sorry it's closed I usually get, "but mumma, all those oder cars are der, I weally think it's open?" The juice option doesn't always work now. So I do the next best thing I can think of, the old "we gotta wait till daddy gets home, he might be sad if he doesn't get to have one too."

Guys, I realize this is probably not a good thing to do but my sanity is at risk here! I honestly don't know how some parents do it! I have a mental breakdown that Tracen is going to get snatched out of the shopping cart in the Target parking lot while I'm putting things into my truck! I go bonkers when he comes to the car to help me get groceries out of the trunk and takes running down the street and I have to chase after him while Sky is strapped in his seat straight chill in the car.

You see I don't really consider these bad lies, more like white lies that my mother told me were okay to tell while growing up, if it didn't hurt someone of course. Sure I may stretch the true to my three year old. I may drive by the park and tell him it's closed, the parks sleeping or this one is only for big kids, kids that are taller than mommy, but it's all for a good cause, right?

I realize one day I'm going to have to just straight up tell him "Sorry dude, were not getting a damn slurpee right now because you didn't eat anything I packed in your lunch, your progress report wasn't great and you hit your brother so no, you don't get one kid." But those days are not here yet and I'm really trying to pick and choose my battles lately. You see, I need a breather, I need a reset, I need some time to not think about making bottles, dinner or spreadsheets. Not doing laundry, not picking up the same toys night after night and not making up reasons as to why Tracen needs to get out of bed so we can be to daycare on time. I need a vacation! But for now, I will attempt to stop lying about the hours of the slurpee store (hell it's 24 hours!) and start gearing up for meltdowns when I calmly say "the slurpee store is open but we aren't going to get one right now *closes eyes and plugs ears*

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May Goals

I bet you're wondering where my April goals were, weren't you? They went in the shitter along with January's, February's and March's. I'd love to tell you that I ate healthy, didn't buy coffee at work, worked out, didn't eat sweets, de-cluttered and ran miles upon miles but that would be a blatant lie! Not only did I buy coffee more than I should have, I ate a ton of sweets {Hello, tons of Easter candy in my house!},  still have boxes that are not unpacked and barely ran to my car and back while raining let alone ran around the block. I know, I know, I suck. But want me to tell you what sucks more, moving. With children. Young children. And working, working sucks. And moving while having young children and working 40+ hours a week. Oh and painting, remodeling, unpacking, laundry, lots of laundry, rain, cold weather and pink eye. Pink eye blows major balls. It sucks when your kids get it, it sucks when you get it and it sucks when you have it for WEEKS. Mind you it's been almost 3 weeks and my eyes are still not gleaming white. {awesome.} 

The pictures you are about to see might scare you, they might make you want to stop reading and go wash your hands, they might even slightly make you feel sorry for me. If none of these things happen it's because you have in fact gotten pink eye before. Me on the other hand, I was pretty much a baby because I had never experienced this awful fart in my eyeball pain and annoyance until now. So cue the sad music and start commenting on how you feel so bad for me and hope it gets better. 

Go ahead, scroll down, I'll wait.

Okay, now for your viewing pleasure.

For two solid weeks I managed to keep my hands clean enough and not have it spread till the right eye. Then week three hit and I woke up an eye crusted shut closed mess! But for real #whofartedinmyeye

Back to what you're really hear to read about.

Lets recap March Goals {if we must}:
1.  New Food/Meal Ideas for Tracen-NEGATIVE. I basically just made him try 3 bites (because he's 3) of anything in hopes he would actually like something. FAIL.
2. Run- Like I stated above. I ran to my car to avoid getting rained on. So that's that.
3. Smoothie/Juice-Nope. Nada. None. Unless having a frozen margarita counts. It's blended with fruit right?
4. NO SWEETS!!!- I plead the 5th.

Lets take a look at what I'm going to attempt to accomplish this month shall we!
1. Etsy- I have some really exciting things coming to my store which also I'm rebranding {I think}. I told myself I would re-open May 1st but I'm not sure that's going to happen seeing as thats today. I temporary closed the shop for the past month to month a half while we packed moved and did some renovations. I didn't want to worry about filling orders and trying to find all my things in the chaos. So I'm shooting for May 15th. Fingers crossed

2. Run- I'm attempting this again because I have to. No, I need to! The marathon is in October and I've gotta get my ass in gear! Plus bathing suit season is right around the corner and I don't think I've worn one of those in quite some time.

3. Anxiety- I need to find different ways to deal with everything going on. Working and being a mom is hard. Like breakdown hard. I've been loosing my temper with Tracen a lot lately and it's really bothering me. I know this will basically always be a goal as I'm sure it will never just go away but I'm taking this month to really dive into things and figure what works for me and for us.

So this month is only a 3 goal setting month. Trying to lessen the blow from last month! I'm swamped to my ears forever doing laundry, remodeling, unpacking, and being a mom that I need to take it easy. Plus if I fail I'm only failing 3 goals and not more. Tracen is now going mental and not wanting to go to bed so seeing as it's almost 10pm and he's still wide awake I guess I'll leave you with the pink eye photos to stare at and comment how bad you feel bad for me.

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