Eleven Month Update

WEIGHT: heavy {scale-less this month}

HEIGHT/LENGTH: tall {didn't measure this month}

SLEEPING: Dare I say it without ruining this glorious thing! Sky is sleeping 12 hours about 90% of the time! I mean seriously where did this come from?! I'm not even mad because it took Tracen until he was 15 months old to sleep through the night! I'm thinking it's because he's eating MASSIVE amounts of food and crawling like he's on a mission. All these activities must be wearing him out!
{Twins? How cute would they be if this was for real!!!}

EATING: E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! And I mean it too! We are doing it totally different with him and just giving him what we are eating {in smaller portions and pieces obvi}. With Tracen we made him a different meal than us. {Do not ask me WHY because to this day I have absolutely NO idea but it's kicked us in the ass now.} He loves meat, ground turkey, pork loin, steak, chicken {again, something Tracen won't touch}.Sky eats any flavor of yogurt, all fruits and veggies, rice, noodles and his favorite, veggie fries. Bottles are getting less and less and making me think I'm forgetting something when really he just don't want them anymore.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: You are so much happier now that you are mobil! Crawling to the toy box, to the kitchen or to the couch and being able to interact with us has brought such job in your smile and laughter it makes me so excited for you. You're playing with Tracen even more because you can get to where ever he is now. This also has me stressing because I need to baby proof the kitchen cabinets {if we ever get them restrained & put back on!}

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: Although I'm happy he's crawling, I'm sad because he wants to be held so much less. Also, his poor little knees are getting so red from the carpet.

FIRSTS: This month SOOOOO much has changed! I think this has been the month that he's changed the most in fact! He's crawling and fast at it! Pulling himself up to the couch and toy box{the crib was just lowered as well}. He's eaten a ton of new food and started drinking a few ounces a day of water, which he loves {Tracen hated}. I already mentioned the sleeping through the night almost all the time now! The sadest thing is that he's loosing his baby chuck, his rolls & the baby smell. {tears}

As I already said it, this month he's grown the most! From crawling, pulling himself up and standing to sheer belly laughter and smiles he's been so happy to be around! The teeth this month hasn't been nearly as bad & I think he's finally feeling full after meals! Tracen has become potty trained over night and Skylor started crazy crawling in the same week! I designed Skylors first birthday invites all on my own this year and will be sending those out this week {GAH! That is so soon!} We've bought and put together a new swing set and a new pool. Our backyard is officially ready for summer! I currently am on a mini-summer vacation from work and am of until July 7th {jealous?} so this next week will be filled with friends, family & hopefully a few BBQ's! Stay tuned for the 12 month update, I'm sure it will be a real tear jerker!

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Freshly Picked Moccasins Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

Every mom has something that they lust for, something that they want for their little one but are on the fence about spending their hard earned cash on. I've been following Freshly Picked for a while now & these moccasins make my heart happy. Ever since I saw Kourtney Kardashian's son wearing them I've had some serious talks with myself on what color I should get.  I've also debated on how I could explain to Jerek that they are worth the $60 or, if I should just order them and hide them in Skylors closet and do the old "these old things? We've had these foreeeevverrr!!!" {sometimes it works, most times it doesn't!}

Lucky for me I was reading my girlfriend Chelsea's {nice name huh} blog and saw she was hosting a giveaway for a pair! I never win anything but figured #YOLO {yup, said it} and entered and kept on reading. I was sitting at work a few weeks ago and got an email and tweet saying "Congrats, you won!" GET THE EFF OUT!!!!! I was SO excited! Not only do I never win things, I never win GOOD things! As much as I wanted to go balls to the wall crazy and get the neon green ones, I had the practical Chelsea on my shoulder {I don't really like her} and decided to get the butterscotch ones instead. They arrived in three days time which is fast in my book!

Skylor has been able to rip socks off his feet since day 1. I have a huge bin full of shoes from Tracen that I've loved and saved for Skylor to wear but nothing like FP mocs. Shoes have been out of the question because I can't keep them on his feet! He's starting to crawl and pull himself up so I know I need to start putting some soft sole shoes on his feet sooner than later. When I ordered my FP mocs, I used the sizing chart that is provided on the website {GENIUS!} Sky is almost in a size 2 according to the chart but I wanted these to be a little big and have him grow into them. I went ahead and ordered a 3 and hoped that I could at least snag some cute pictures of him wearing them before he ripped them off! I was amazed at how great they stayed on his feet even being a size bigger than what he is currently in! They are snug without being tight on his little chunky legs! I'm excited for his feet to grow a little bit more so they fit perfectly.

There are a few things I enjoy coming home to after a long day of work. That being the three blondes that are my boys and the other is shiny boxes from the postman. Last week I got home before all of the boys and found a box waiting there for me. Lonely, sad and just longing to be opened. I was waiting on a few different items but this was the most exciting! Another pair of mocs!

This time I had told that annoying practical Chelsea to buzz off and ordered the color aruba. The color is more vibrant and gorgeous in person than on the website and the website was what lured me in at first! This color can be for girls or boys {regardless of what anyone tells you!}

There are plenty of other moccasins out there that are less expensive but the quality shows right through the price. Susan at Freshly Picked has an amazing story, a phenomenal work ethic and a sensational outlook. So here is where the fun opportunity I was given or rather YOU all were given! Freshly Picked has given me a pair of mocs to giveaway to one of you lucky mama's, aunts, grandma's or brothers sisters girlfriend that has a little mini that would love to rock these puppies! Any color, any size!

The rules are simple and you have more than one opportunity to win! Happy Giveaway Monday!

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The Secret to Raising a Toddler

That's mine.
But I don't like eggs.
One more show mummy.
Pick me up.
Put me down.
I said peaseeeee.
I thursty.
You silly old birdddd.
You sad mummy?
Don't be sad.
I gonna hit you.
No I lub you da most mummy.
Top it daddy.
I want mummy.
Go away.
You beautiful.
Kyler that's MINEEE.
But I'm not tired.
You go to bed mummy, not me.
But I won't do it again.
Dis is how I shake my bootay.
Kyler is awake.
Kyler won't top crying.
You mean mummy.
Juice pease.
Rub my back.
One more book.
Just one more show.
Uh mummy, did you forget my juice?
I lub you mummy.

Ah yes, the other language that I speak fluently. Toddler.

When Tracen was 2, I wasn't sure why people said the terrible two's were hard.
MY two year old slept through the night, said please, thank you and played well with others.
Until Sky came.
The game changed when he was two and a half  and we brought home a new baby.

Newborns and toddlers are two totally different breeds.

Tracen started acting out, hitting, getting out of bed every night and not listening to either of us.
It's taken time for us to really figure him.
When he freaks out and says 'I gonna hit you!'
I can usually pinpoint why.
I've read books, blogs and listened to other peoples advise.
I've put him in his room for a time out to think about things {alone}.
I've put him in his room for a time out to think about things and sat there with him.
I've yelled at him {unfortunately who hasn't}.
I've gotten down on my knees{on his level} and calmly asked what is wrong & why is he mad.
None of these have worked for a long period of time.
Until I became the toddler whisperer. It's true, ask Jerek!

{Insert huge meltdown, with screaming, trying to hit me, & tears, lots and lots of tears.}

SECRET: I get face to face with him and look him in his eyes and tell him we need to calm down and to take 3 deep breaths (because he's three). His attention is then solely on me, my eyeballs and the fact that I just told him to do something that he knows how to do. The way he takes those three deep breathes is the funniest thing I've ever seen! His body is so stressed out still, he's usually still crying & trying to look at me while trying to breath all at once! This turns into a whimper & then squeals while exhaling {I can't fully explain this, one day I'll get it on camera!}. He starts to laugh after the first breath and smiles, even through the tears. I tell him two more and I take the next breath with him and exhale. 'Last one, lets make it really really big buddy!' and we do it together.


Guess what just happen? Not only did he totally forget why he was popping a blood vessel for no reason, but him and I did it together. This is the most important thing I've learned. When he has a meltdown, I have a mommy meltdown, I can't help it. I freak out, {sometimes yell} and it gets nothing accomplished. We are not perfect people but if we can figure out what works perfectly for us, we are then better, more effective parents. I know that this tactic may not work next week or next month, but it works for now, and that is what is important and it's taken time to figure it out!

Some days I wonder 'can a girl get a redo, this kid is nutssss!'
and some days I never want to put him to bed!
But every day I wonder, where has the time has gone.
How is already 8pm, how is it already June, how is he already three.

Influenster Review | Vow Vox Box

If I got a dollar for every time someone asked me 'soooooo, when are you guys going to get married?!' I would probably be a millionaire. Not.Even.Kidding.

People people people! Can't you just look at me and think that ,maybe I resemble Angelina or Kourtney Kardasian {minus a few million dollars, a bunch of nannies, second homes and the insane marketing deals they get.} Okay, not really.
{Yes, another feet on gross old people green porch carpet picture, SCORE!}
The other day I was listening to Mojo in the Morning and they were asking people if they would rather get a engagement ring or a house with their significant other. SO many women were calling in saying they got the ring but now wish they would have gotten a house together! So basically what I'm trying to say is I'M COOL! I'm actually AHEAD of the game. I have the desirable life according to some women in the metro Detroit area. This got me thinking, maybe I'll just do Tracen's high school grad party/our wedding all together {kidding mom & grandma!} But in all seriousness, my life is amazing just the way it is! One day when we get married, I'll have both boys {maybe more!} do this cause you know I'm planning their outfits already in my head for this photo opt!

So with all that being said, I'm betting you're wondering, how did you get picked to get/review the Vow Vox Box when it is for brides, bridesmaids, etc. Well let me tell you.

I have no idea.
I must have answered the questions how they wanted?
Or they know something I don't??
Or because everything I got in the box is basically for a mom?

Whatever the reason was, COOL! So without any longer of an intro, 
here is my 'Vow Vox Box' from Influenster.

With my last review, I gave you more of a first impression as I unboxed the items but hadn't used them beforehand. 
This time around I wanted to use the products for about a week and then get back to you with what I thought of them. So with that being said, here are my thoughts, concerns, likes, dislikes and randomness all wrapped into one. ENJOY!


1. Pure Silk Raspberry Mist Shave Cream: With very sensitive skin I usually use a manly shave cream that works wonders.  I shy away from the women's cream's because I'm scared the scent will irritate my legs. This shave scream has worked better than I thought and the scent has not bothered me at all. In fact I think my legs stay smoother longer than with my holy grail shave cream.
2. Tide To Go Pen: I didn't need to test this out because I use these regularly! With two little messy boys and myself being a slob kabob I have a few of these so adding one more to our household was great! This is currently in my car for when I spill coffee down me and am already half way to work {it happens more than you think!}
3. Eco Tools Facial Sponge: At first I was hesitant on how this would work because it felt and looked like a pumice stone you would use on your feet! It was that hard! Once I got in the shower and got it went, it INSTANTLY became soft and started foaming with a little scrubbing. It gelt great on my skin and I got out of the shower with that squeaky clean feeling we all long to have from a facial scrub. This was a hidden gem I never knew existed! {says to replace every 2-3 months.}
4. Sally Hanson Salon Formula Nail Polish: If you've seen my DIY Nail Polish Rack you will have seen I have a lot of blue/shades of blue. I don't have any this light, nor do I have any of this salon formula so this was right up my ally! {Currently on my nails; 6 days in and going strong!}
5. Olay Tone Perfecting Moisturizer: I can't lie about this, but when I first think of Olay I think of old women slash my mom {sorry mom, but i'm 90% sure you use/used this growing up.} I have dry skin no matter the time of year and am always on the hunt for a great moisturizer. I've tried a ton of different brands and price points and the one I'm using right now is just meh. I was shocked at how moisturizing this was but not oily in the least bit! Olay is not a brand I would probably ever gravitate towards so I'm glad this was in the box! I will solely be using this and ditching my current mediocre moisturizer. 

Over all I was very impressed with this box! I thought it might not apply to me but every product is something I will use! I will be curious to see what the next box is and if I qualify! 

Disclosure: I received this box complimentary from Influenster. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Fathers Day Love

Jerek oh Jerek where do I begin!
Did you know this is your first fathers day as a daddy bear of two, nutso, I know!
In case you are wondering why your Fathers Day card isn't filled with the usual mushy gushy stuff,
it's because I wrote it here. For all to see. {Sorry...kinda?}

When it's time to write things in cards I always have one of two problems. I either have too much to say and not enough room, or too much room with what feels like, not enough to say.
I figured I could type things out so I can delete & spell check 
so we both aren't embarrassed by spelling kills.

So here we are,
just me thinking about how amazing you are, crying at the computer screen
looking at videos, photos and old notes you've written me {as you know
I still have them!}

I've been in love with you since 7th grade when we first met.
We've grown up together for the last 15 years {holy shit we're OLD!!!}
To think that it all started over me bringing you
 Little Caesars cheese bread at work.
I'm sure you caught on to my antics though,
I did invite myself over to your house rather often. 
I loved sitting at the dinner table talking about what I wanted
to do with myself after high school with your dad.
Did you ever think those conversations would have
lead to this amazing life we have together!

Friends, family & co-workers tell me that I'm a great mother and I agree with them{duh}
I think I'm doing a pretty good job at this thing so far!
But a huge reason why I contribute to being such a good mom
is because of

I don't think you hear it enough 
but you're a damn good father.
Not a morning goes by that I don't thank God for you.
We both know that you keep me level headed {and that's a hard task to do!}
You make putting a swing set together sexy.
You change diapers, cook dinner & tell me how crazy I am
with a smile on your face.
You don't complain about much!
You eat my dinners, 
no matter how burnt, under cooked or bland they are.
When I'm excited you get excited with me.
You love the boys with your whole being.
You're present for everything, no matter how tired you may be.
You make Tracen laugh & Skylor smile.
You are just as weird {if not weirder}
than me!
My love and admiration for you
grows by the day.
You are more than
just the "father"
or the leg holder.
You are
a role model
a lover
a consoler
a friend
a partner.

We were just talking about where the last 5 years have gone
so I made a little reminder where we've spent them.

We love you daddy!!!

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What's in my bag?| Summer Edition

Ever see a girl have a really cute bag and your first thought is I wonder where she got that? Of course, we all do. But ever see a girl have a really cute bag and think I wonder what she has in that thing? Call me weird but I KNOW there are plenty of others that think this as well. Why you ask? Well because there are thousands upon thousands of Youtube videos and blog posts detailing what are in these beautiful bags.

If you lucky enough to work with me and see me, you'll notice I swapped out my normal winter black bag for a new summer bag. It's smaller than my normal winter carryall but this is because I'd like to think I carry less shit with me in these months. But for when I am not at work and lugging around two kids, I have my diaper bag which I just throw my wallet & camera into.

I have been on the hunt for a great off-white bag ever since I saw Cara Lorens post here and this one here . I really shouldn't do white or off-white as I'm clumsy as eff and I have 2 small boys that poop, puke and rub their green buggers on everything. I got real ballsy and said YOLO (I'm annoying, I know) and picked up this bad boy from good old Target. When I saw these, they reminded me of the Michael Kors Mini Hamilton. And when I say reminded me I mean because they are a cross body and mini in size; not because they look alike what so ever! I also had a 20% off accessories coupon so you know your girl had to get on it-

| Cosmetic bag-Target Dollar Spot |
| Beauty Products- Ulta |
| Phone Case -Target |
Camera-{not pictured/using currently}Amazon|

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DIY|| Nail Polish Rack

I've been told that I have a few too many nail polishes. I've been asked why do I have so many, what's the point. I've been asked how the hell can you do your nails so good. Well I'm here to show and tell you how it's all possible!

{Yes, that's a sketched photo of Mary Kate & Ashley! Shout out to my Anne who drew it for me!!!}

After posting my half bath makeover I realized a ton of people liked that post so I figured I'd show you something that's really important to have in every household; a nail polish rack  DUHHH!

So believe it or not, I've actually gotten rid of a lot before we moved and while unpacking. I have no shame in my game, I love me some nail varnish! Compared to some girls I watch on Youtube or follow on Instagram, this aint shit! {IE: Carly Cristman or MissJenFabulous}

Here's the lowdown:

Where are your shelves from?  These are actually bamboo kitchen utensil holders from Bed Bath & Beyond. (size 6x12)

How many nail polish does it fit? Depending on the size of the bottles it holds about 11 per shelf.

How much did it cost? $8.99-20%=$7.19 x 5=$35.95 + $3.99 (paint)=$39.94.

Why not acrylic holders? I'm anal about order so if i get more {which I will} I will only have to buy another shelf . If I had an acrylic shelf and got a few more bottles, I'd have to buy another acrylic holder and it would only be 2% full. This would then force me to buy 50 more polishes and drive me nuts! Plus I love DIY stuff!

How did you do it? First, go through your polishes and ditch the ones that don't make the cut. Figure out how many shelves you will need, remember about 11 per shelf. Gather up all your 20% off coupons for each item at BBB! Buy as many as you need and bring those suckers home. Spray paint the shelves the color of your choice, I didn't even use a whole can for all 5. Then have your assistant {insert Jerek} drill them to the wall, and use a level! Next color coordinate your little heart out! Step back, smile, and stare in amazement! 

**SIDENOTE: 3mm heavy duty sticky tape will NOT work! You MUST drill/nail to the wall. I may or may not have tried this and had the shelves fall & loose a few soldiers nail polishes in the process! {Yes, I cried, okay!}

So there you have it! I pretty much have a full service nail salon at my house. I've gotten so good at painting my nails over the years that I get a manicure MAYBE 3 times a year {just to freshen up my cuticles.} I will have a whole other post on the best base & top coat, ridge fillers, nail hardeners & dry drops! I do store my other nail items {file, clippers, buffer, remover, etc} in another container out of sight because it's not nearly as pretty!

So who wants to come over for a sleepover & a manicure {oh, and I don't do feet ya sickos!} As for pictures/post of the rest of my dressing room that this rack is located in, that will be up soon!

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Currently Craving| Mama & Boy Neutrals

|1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6|

Can you tell I like neutrals lately? I'm not sure what it is but everyone always asks me do I wish either of the boys was a girl so I could have a mini me. The answer is always NO?! Not only do I love having boys {I wrote a whole post on it here} but I can always dress them up to match me{or daddy} if I want to! Tracen has been wearing floods lately {kid grows like a weed} and his shorts are either too small or too big that we have to roll them. So alas, I'm online shopping looking for some cute summer stuff  for the boys as well as my self because when in rome...right??

It's Friday and we bought a huge swing set/jungle gym/wear-the-kids-the-eff-out thing last weekend and have yet to put it together, so that is what our weekend looks like! It's Friday and we all know what that means..."PIZZA PARTY FRIDAY PIZZA PARTY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY" {cue Tracen singing & me dancing while Jer rolls his eyes asking 'does that ever get old?'...the asnwer is NEVER Jerek, NEVER!!!

TGIF friends!

Weekend Getaway| Cropping Daze

As I stated a few days ago, on Friday I left work, ditched the boys and headed north with my mom to a little place called Cropping Daze.My mom had gotten me a weekend getaway for Christmas and this was the weekend!

My mom has been coming to Cropping Daze at least once a year, sometimes more with her girlfriend (who we also went with this past weekend.) The bed and breakfast can sleep 12 people comfortably with two full bathrooms, two living spaces, a large dinning area and a remodeled garage turned scrap book room! The scrap book room is open 24 hours so you can pull some all nighters if your little heart desires! It's also fully stocked with soda, H2O, snacks and lots of other goodies {SCORE!}

Lets get to the food shall we! My pictures do it no justice as I can't even articulate the taste Holly's food left in my mouth! When I say Jerek is a good cook I mean it. When I tell you that my dad is a chef and it's hard to beat his cooking, I mean it. But I can't even begin to explain how every meal got better and better! With the menu changing every 6 months you are bound to try something new and exciting the next time you come back, because there WILL be a next time, promise!!!

The food schedule looks like this:

FRIDAY| 5pm Apps- 7pm Dinner/dessert- 11pm Late night snack
{Parmesan encrusted Chicken, pasta, seasoned asparagus w/homemade crisp & Michigan salad}

SATURDAY| 8am Breakfast-12pm Lunch-5pm Apps-7pm Dinner/dessert-11pm Late night snack
{buttermilk pancakes, sweet sausage, home fries & fresh fruit}

{Maurice salad w/homemade dressing}

{Porkloin w/merlot sauce, sweet potato bake & fresh streamed veggies}

SUNDAY| 8am Breakfast

{Homemade rasberry coffee cake, 1/2 Scottish egg, 1/2 egg bake & greek yogurt w/fruit & nutella}

I can promise you, you will not leave any meal hungry {I didn't even post snack pictures!}, in fact you will feel slightly bad because there is no possible way you can finish any of the meals {Okay, maybe the cream puff!} Don't worry though, Holly's chickens eat very well if you get my drift!

Holly & her staff also put out a cook book every year of the delicious food that they whip up.  Which my mom included in my Christmas gift as well! This year they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary so the menu we had just happen to be the favorites from the last 10 years {lucky us!}

Aside from the food and scrapbooking there is also a wonderful masseuse that comes to the house to offer massages, which I just had to get!  I vlogged a little bit while I was up there which you can watch {here}. I know as a mom I need some time to myself and this place ensured that I had just that! There was no wake up call for meals, they simply waited until you were ready and served it hot for you. There was no bedtime/lights out you could do as you please and there were no bed sharing as everyone had a nice cozy place to sleep! I had an amazing time and got 17 pages done for two different scrap books. If I'm away from the boys over night, I need to make sure it's worth my time and it was totally worth it! Although I missed them I had a great time and was a much needed mind, body and soul reset. I will be going back next yearAlthough the next getaway I take, I want it to be with Mr. Jerek {we are long over due for a date night out!}

For more information on anything I didn't cover, you can check out the website here or if you have any questions, ask away! Thanks to my dear old mamabear for the great Christmas gift, you really are a peach.

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June Goals

{He's such a babe}

It's June 2nd and this month I KNOW where the last 31 days have gone, unlike the last few months! May was filled with baby showers, Mother's day, a long 5 day Memorial day vacation and recently a weekend where I left Jerek at home with the boys (look for a Vlog on Wednesday!)

With May coming to end it's time to put my ass in check and see if I accomplished anything, like that's even a question!

||For everyone wondering, my pink eye went away! 
I had people contacting me telling me I looked like a hot POS, 
or in nicer words, miserable, and to get back to the doc! 
You'll be glad to know all is well on the eyeball home front!||

1| Get Etsy store back up and running by May 15th- FAIL. I have it MOSTLY ready to relaunch but have been too busy with the house, work and family stuff to reopen. I don't like doing things half ass so I don't want this to be that either.
2| Run- I have ran a hand full of time but I've been concentrating my time on my new 12 week workout schedule. If you are interested in purchasing it yourself here is what I'm following. It's been AMAZING and I can actually feel & see it working unlike other workout plans I've done in the past. I'm also changing the way I eat {mostly Monday-Fridays, weekends are just SO. HARD!}
3| Anxiety- while away this past weekend I had time to relax and reflect and I think this past month I've gotten much better with figuring out what works for Tracen and I when he goes ballistic batshit cray cray! I'm sure the tactic that I'm using now won't work next month but the fact is I'M WINNING! His and my anxiety have been 75% better and it's showing! He's been listening SOOO much better and in turn I am able to read him better and understand him, as best as I can!
1| Transfer Blog | Jerek bought my domain space for me for Mother's day {he's seriously a babe, no more blogpost.com for me!} and I have yet to have time to transfer everything! I think I'm also nervous I might F something up! I have 30 days to get this done, I'm sure that can happen right....riiiii.....
2|Nighttime routine| We use to get everything ready the night before for us and the boys so the mornings weren't so bad. What the hell happened?! I need to get things back in line because I'm going mental every morning and not getting to work on time. Talk about stressful!
3|Organize Photos| After this weekend I realized I need to organize my photos. My external hard drive is a hot mess and I'm loosing my mind trying to look for things in there! I can't scrapbook or blog efficiently when things are scattered everywhere and it's driving me nuts.
4|Skylor's birthday| Call me crazy but I need to start planning his birthday party! I know it's TWO months away but I'm sure it will slip my mind if I don't get it done/partially done soon! We have 4 birthdays in July plus my niece is due to arrive in July so there will basically be NO time to plan then!

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