Everyday Makeup Routine

Welcome to 2015; you made it!

Just about everyone that I know in real life and in blogland are having babies in July. NO really, I know at least 20 people that are due in July, shits cray! It makes me wonder, what the hell was going on in October/November time frame that got everyone a little frisky. Anyway!

With that being said, as you know {or maybe you're new and don't} I am a mother of two so I only have so much time for me every day. One thing that makes me feel human is putting on makeup in the morning. Sure, there are many, MANY days I rock a bare freckled face {mostly seen on my vlogs} but for my Monday through Friday work routine I enjoy getting ready in the morning because I feel like a semi put together human being when I get to work. 

Finding a makeup routine that works for you is important, with or without the children card coming into play. Here is a little peak at what my everyday makeup looks like. It's pretty basic and easy to do, in fact it takes me under 10 minutes to achieve this easy yet pulled together fresh face. I concentrate on concealing dark circles, playing up my eyes with mascara and finishing it off with a nude lip.

Here is a quick video for all of you that need to see the play by play and some photos for the ones that just like a visual.


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    1. Thanks Emily :)) Now if only I had your hair!!! <3

  2. You are gonna be crying the blues that you're broke in April & May. BABY SHOWERS!!!!!!!

  3. You have such stunning eyes! Also I love your makeup!