10 Must Have E.L.F. Products

Eyes Lips Face and I go way back. I'm talking about so far back that when I discovered them they were buying 2 inch ad space in the back of Teen Vouge and that was the only time I saw them advertised. Ever.

Fast forward about 11 years and they are in numerous magazines, Youtube tutorials, drugstores and vanity's everywhere! I've been an ELF fan from the beginning in fact they were the first makeup brush I'd ever purchased {aside from my mother giving me Mary Kay hand me downs.} I had zero idea how much makeup brushes could really cost and the dollar a brush sign lured me in then and it still does now!

While the quality has improved immensely Eyes Lips Face has come out with different product lines from skincare to a studio brush line, to nail polish and mineral makeup. E.L.F has really stepped up their game in these past years.

If you walked into my dressing room you'd see my vanity right when you walk in. The products I use range from drugstore to high end makeup, expensive face masks to basic moisturizers and professional makeup brushes to Target brand ones. I look for good quality pieces that work for me, my skin and my style and sometimes this means a $3 brush does the trick. E.L.F graces my vanity in a ton of different areas and today I'm sharing with you my top 10 E.L.F. products. If you're looking to try anything from ELF, these should be your next purchases.

||  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10   ||

I've tried a ton of other ELF products through out the years but these are my ten new and old favorites that I just can't get enough of! Recently I picked up the contouring brush (#3) and I can't stop using it!  In my opinion it is a dupe for the NARS Kabuki Ita brush. Minus the $55 price tag of course. 

From girls just starting out and experimenting with makeup to the college kid on a budget and even the busy working mom, there's something for everyone. Most importantly they are affordable while sustaining great quality that we are all looking for.

Do you love E.L.F products as much as I do? Any products I'm totally missing out on? Let me know!

Dear Restaurant Goers

My mom use to tell me that there was a time period where we just didn't go out to eat. Unless it had a drive through she wasn't keen on attempting it with two kids alone. I remembering thinking 'seriously mom, throw us in the stroller and just GO ya wuss!'

Please take this as a formal apology mom.


{dat sass doe}

Dear causal dinning customers,

Listen up.

I can see you staring at us when we walk in, hoping, and praying that we aren't seated next to you. A highchair and a booster seat, come on now!

The hostess starts walking your way. You look to your left and to your right.

BOOM. Here we are. Sitting a foot away from you. About to rock your world.

Usually it starts off well. We are prepared with snacks, bubbas and the iPad, for when the times get tough.

Tracen will usually sit pretty well, maybe smile and blow a kiss at you if you're lucky.

Give it about 10 minutes and the kids have drank all the dranks and the screws are starting to become unloose. 

The food is taking ageeeeessss to get here, screams the older one. There's no bacon in the damn place and he wants to watch something else besides sports. Why else do restaurants have TV's?

I see your gears going. Wondering why I keep making that uncomfortable eye stare at you. Well that's because we aren't going anywhere. We are eating this damn food no matter how long it takes for it to get here!

Sky keeps signing for more. More. ALWAYS MORE FREAKING FOOD.

The food has finally gotten here and I feverishly start cutting up the boys food. This way they can shove their faces and give us a break to eat, no no, maybe TALK? Wait people do that at dinner?

Not even 10 minutes later and they are done. Food everywhere. Did anything even make it into their mouths? I've barely been able to dress my salad let alone have a few bites when it starts.

The iPad comes out and we try to place it in between both boys so they can watch Peppa while we eat. You know, to share, because that's what parents should be teaching their kids you think in that little pea head of yours.

Who are we kidding though? Skylor snatches the iPad, trace screams BUT HE'S NOT SHARING! Sky takes the iPad and chucks it on the floor, laughing, knowing exactly what he just did. While we both curse and attempt to snag it from the ground Sky attempts a Houdini high chair escape.

Peering over the booth your eyes meet with my 20 month old.  His face is crusted with crackers, milk and cheese and he smiles a big toothy grin at you. I see the interaction and smile, how cute is that I think! I'm sure you had other thoughts about my germy little monster. Nevertheless, I thought it was rather sweet. At least he didn't throw the iPad at YOU!

The waitress trips over Sky's shoe that he refuses to wear. But we got her attention and the bill, good job little one, good job.

We tip the usual 20%, sometimes more if you bring my kid bacon {shout out to the Applebee's waitress, my kid loves you!}and we're on our way. But not without a bribe. I lure them in with a "prize" at home if they can get in the car with no tears. It works. We're out.

As we leave I see you flash a fake smile. We'll be back I think to myself, and hopefully sitting right next to you!

We finally get in the car, "well that was fun!" we both say while laughing. Usually followed by a "it won't last forever, ya know. One day we will be begging them to have dinner with us!"

Listen up fellow dinners sans kids. That meal out where my kids are acting like fucking maniacs and you wonder why I can't control them, I get it. I get why you may be staring at us, I use to do the same things. But the looks don't bother me as much as you may think. In fact, I'm probably attempting to Vlog the whole thing because this is my life and these are the memories I don't want to ever forget. I have two little boys right now and we're trying to teach them how you should act out in public. But the only way to do so is to lead by example. You don't teach a kid to play soccer by making them watch the world cup at home, you get them on the field so they can learn.

Sure there are some meals out where I contemplate my sanity and wonder why we even attempted this..again! But for the most part, I enjoy seeing their faces light up. They get excited to color, to interact with other people and to order for themselves. Although Jerek and I barely get to speak to each other during these times we don't have to cook or clean, so it's basically a win in our books!

So the next time we walk in and I hit you with my over packed diaper bag of shit that won't keep my kids still, keep on starring, your looks don't bother me. My boys have a 50/50 chance of being angels at this meal and you took the gamble on coming out to eat, not me.

Easter Basket Ideas for the Little Ones

The other day I asked Tracen what his favorite holiday, knowing he would say Easter. Most kids would say their birthday or the standard Christmas but not my kid. Ever since he could walk the kid has been obsessed with Easter egg hunts, he loves them! I mean straight up LOVES them! He has even asked to have them for his birthday and I totally blew it this past year. No worries though, his 5th birthday will be soley centered around one, I've already started brain storming ideas!

As all holidays we really try and stick to a budget, Easter is no exception, even if Tracen is a die hard fan! Like buying for Christmas stockings I love finding a few cute things to put in the boys' Easter baskets. Skylor was only 7 months last year so this year should be more fun filing his!

If I've learned anything over these last 18 months its you get the same amount of things and try and do the same thing for both kids, otherwise Tracen basically looses his shit! Lately he's been running into the family room screaming and sitting in the corner saying 'nobody loves me enough to give me "_______" (insert dramatic item). Trace is so so sweet and always wants to share with Sky but on the chance he is having an off day it's a full on mess! If Skylor has a orange bowl with grapes and HE wanted that orange bowl and not the purple one, I WILL hear about it. It's usually in the form of screaming and throwing the bowl full of grapes on the floor while he runs and pouts in the corner sobbing 'no one wuvs me enough to give me de orange bowllllll' hysteria I tell ya! 

This year I'm going to be putting together a little scavenger hunt for them to find their baskets in the morning with clues. My mom did this for us a few years{maybe more, sorry mom I forget!} but I know I loved it so hopefully the boys will to! Of course I'll also have some of their favorite candy filled in the little plastic eggs that we have far too many of but I do love a good Easter basket shopping!

Have some other Easter basket ideas, let me in them!


Online Grocery Shopping with Door to Door Organics

Ahh can you smell it, the birds are chirping and the snow is melting and there's fresh food on your doorstep.

wait, what?

Yup, fresh, organic food ON your doorstep when you arrive home from work after a busy busy day!

If you watch my vlogs from time to time you'll notice we are at the grocery store a lot. Every weekend to be exact. The boys eat everything we have in house within days and it's exhausting! As a mom of two I make my grocery list in the order of the isle. Produce first, frozen second and so on, you can say I have the store memorized by heart. I know exactly how many minutes we have before Skylor looses his shit and wants to walk or Tracen screams "let me out of here!" at the top of his lungs. I usually don't grocery shop alone in efforts to avoid everything I just mentioned.

This is when Door to Door Organics comes in. I've heard about DTDO for some time now but always assumed it was outrageously expensive and with three hungry boys to feed I figured it was out of the question. Recently I decided to take a look and to my surprise it was very affordable, convenient and had a ton of different options. I could grocery shop in my pajamas on my computer!

DTDO is not just a fresh produce box it's an online grocer that offers a variety of organic, natural and best of all LOCAL products! They help the consumers, you and I, make easy and healthy food choices all while supporting the communities that we all live in.

Here's how it works, you choose either a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of organic produce. You then choose the delivery day and the size of box you would like. You can also decide if you want the box full of fruits, veggies or a mix of both. I personally have gone with the Itty Bitty box since I wasn't sure how fast the food would be eaten.

Every week I log on to the website to see what my box will contain, it's like a sneak peak at Christmas I tell ya! After reviewing all the items you will receive you can then sub out up to five items. This week I knew I didn't need the radish or onion coming my way so I grabbed the avocados and bananas for the boys and I. These are two staple items I know we go through a ton of! My biggest mistake this week was forgetting to add the other items I wanted to my cart before Thursday at noon. DTDO has this great function where you can alter your cart up to a day before it's due to deliver! Next week's box I will be sure to add on fresh organic meat that we can grill, in honor of spring don'tcha know so stay tuned for that post!

All of the produce is USDA certified organic and sourced locally whenever possible. With the summer months coming up I can't wait to see what our box will entail! Some of the other awesome features DTDO offers is leaving a cooler out and telling the carrier to place your box in it (very helpful in the summer months!) They also allow you to change your box size or frequency from weekly to bi-weekly if you aren't finishing everything or perhaps you live with three very hungry boys and need MORE food! Another great feature is the option to skip a box if you are gone on vacation and reschedule for when you come back, score!

Produce aside, DTDO is a full on organic grocery store that offers everything you need to keep your fridge and cupboards full! From steak, chicken, seafood and tofu to eggs, almond milk, coffee, chocolate and noodles! They even have frozen organic burritos, hello lunch at work! DTDO is all about recycling so be sure to leave your old box and packaging materials out on delivery day and they will reuse or recycle in the best possible way.
I'm sure you're nodding your head and you're like yes, yes, YES, sign me up! Then today is your lucky day! Enter to win a $50 gift card to Door to Door Organics by using the Rafflecopter below. A small side note though, please check to see if DTDO delivers in your area. You can do this by entering in your zip code in the search box here. However, if you are reading this and not in the area but have a friend or family member that is, still enter. If you win you could always give a gift of fresh food on someone else's doorstep! I know personally I would love to come home to that as a gift! In the mean time be sure to follow DTDO on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for future giveaways, coupon codes and unbelievable recipes! If you just can't wait for this giveaway and want to order now {I don't blame you!} you can use the code ' MIBLOGGER' to receive $10 off your first order.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And remember, shop local!

Weekend Recap

We're alive!

And, I didn't catch the lets 'barf and crap every 30 minutes' like a few other people living in our house did. Knock on wood, but I'm rarely sick. And even when I am I usually still go to work {remember when I had pink eye..twice!}

If you want to see the cutest kids ever, watch the video. I swear Tracen watches me snuggle him and then tries to act like me and snuggle Skylor! Whatever it is, its pretty damn cute!

This weekend we really tried to tackle the kitchen since all last week Jer was sick and wasn't able to really touch a thing. We finished the tile, grout work and painting the walls. Yet the biggest accomplishment we did was the curtains, in my opinion! We ended up buying curtains from Ikea but I cut and hemmed them for the two windows in our kitchen and kitchen nook (I don't know what to call this spot, its the eat in kitchen part but we aren't using it as that...make sense?) That's right, I finally busted out my sewing machine my mom got me for Christmas THREE years ago and did work on that thing! 

When I was younger I use to go to the Salvation army and find cool shirts, pants, anything I could sew up and make my own, I hated dressing like the others. Once I pulled the machine out, got her all set up, everything came back to me and it felt great! I had to run to Joanne's to get thread which then forced me to walk the isles of fabric and flooded my mind with all these projects I wanted to start. Jerek will need to put a leash on my creative brain soon because I'm all over the place with things I want to do but I have big plans people!

Aside from working on the kitchen we did a huge Sam's club haul and we started watching bingeing on House of Cards on Netflix. We're loving it so far but with this time change we may have stayed up way too late last night because we are paying for it today!

Lastly the most important thing from this weekend is that the weather is slowly starting to turn! A large chunk of the snow has started to melt and the temps reached into the 40's, watch out California friends, we're all kinds of excited over here! I can't tell you how bad I'm longing for Tracen to ask, beg or plead that we go for a bike ride to the park, every.single.night. 

I'm looking forward to Friday as I took the day off to get my hair done. Yes, you read that right. I just had my work anniversary Thursday and my vacation days restarted so I have 5 weeks to use up and I'm starting by taking Friday off to get my hair done! My hairdresser is back from maternity leave and it will be 15 weeks since I've gotten this weave rocked! Jerek isn't always a fan of me spending my Saturday mornings getting my hair done so I figured this would work out great for all parties involved! I don't have to be at work, the boys are in daycare, Jerek doesn't have to miss me and I get to spend my sweet time with Jamie and get my blonde on! Heya! 

If you're curious as to how my roots are looking 14 weeks post dye job, feast your eyes on this! I honestly don't think they look bad but I'm convinced it's a mixture of my fabulous hairdresser and the products I use!

Dear weather, stay put {or get warmer}...or else!

March Goals

February is such a slump I tell ya. Everyone I know is so over the snow, the winter and the wearing a bajillion layers, myself included. I knew I might be setting myself up for failure for even making February goals but alas, I did and here is a recap!

1. Make German Flash Cards: DONE! I know I said I wanted to make these myself but I also always like to bite off more than I can chew. I turned to my girl Google and guess what I found...a GOLDMINE!!! I found some great websites with TONS of German flashcards and worksheets and goodies all in it! Here, here and here if you are interested as well! I'm so excited to get Tracen going on these I can't even tell you! I'm hoping Sky picks things up since he copies EVERYTHING Tracen does! I'm now on the hunt for some German cartoons so they will start hearing it more and more! They learn so much from Dora and Kai Lan already I know some German shows will be great!
2. Find a class for the kids to join: I started looking into this and then I got distracted and stopped. I really want to get Tracen signed up for soccer but I might have missed the cutoff, I'll have to check back into it.
3. Do taxes: DONE! In fact we Jerek did them on Feb 2 and we got all our money back by Feb 16th I believe! We've paid off some bills, are using a teeny tiny portion for the kitchen refresh {stay tuned!} and chucked about 90% of it in the wedding savings account.

March will be a fun one and hopefully a productive one! I'm going to attempt 4 goals this month so here we go!

1. Plan Jerek's birthday- I love Jerek's birthday more than my own for the simple fact that I love surprising him and doing things that he wouldn't normally do. We have big plans for his 30th next year so I know this year won't be as wild but I'm trying to iron out a few details and hopefully it will all work out, fingers crossed!

2. Step up my gym game- I didn't want to put a "loose 10 lbs" as the title because I've always said it's NEVER about the number and more how I look and feel and that is still true. But with these last two months being busy and effing freezing, sticking to my three days of gym schedule sometimes has been two or even just one. I want to step it up. If I don't make it to the gym than I MUST do a 30 minute kettle ball class on Youtube in the basement, or I MUST do lunges while watching a 30 minute Kai Lan episode that makes me want to pluck my eyeballs out. Or shoot, I HAVE P90x and Jillian Michaels DVD's, I could always do that! Never the less, step my game up and hopefully by doing so I'll start seeing the results that I want. Also, I just bought a new bathing suit top that makes the girls look killer! I want to get my tummy and butt in shape so then I can wear said bathing suit.

3. Finish kitchen refresh- This means the paint, tile, cabinets, curtains, everything. I want everything done by March 31st. That puts a lot of pressure on Jer really but we've he's been doing really good and I know as long as we keep the momentum going we can do it!

4. Clean the upstairs carpets- Jerek's aunt gave us a carpet cleaning machine before they moved so we really have zero excuse but if you asked me I could tell you at LEAST 10. I really want to do a big spring cleaning but I figured lets start with the thing I want to do the least, so that's where the carpet cleaning came in!

Here's to hoping all four things happen before St Patties day ;)