Kitchen Remodel on a Budget



It's been a while since this kitchen remodel actually happened but as you can tell recently I've been a little busy. Actually that's not true because "busy is another word for 'Arsehole', 'Arsehole' is another word for a guy you're dating. You deserve a fucking phone call." {He's Just Not That Into You reference anyone??} Anywho, the real reason I haven't been able to write this is because I needed decent lighting for photographs and a time to deep clean the kitchen. I mean no one wants to see a remodel with plastic Ikea cups all over the damn place do they or doooo they!


Let's start with the cabinets. I told Jerek when we moved in they would be stained, no questions. They were this ugly light oak and I hated everything about it. I had been pinning painted cabinet's for months so I figured I knew what to do. Like most things I pin I don't read 99% of them so you can bet when it came to staining the cabinets I didn't read any of this shit and told Jerek we were going to sand the cabinets and stain them a beautiful rich dark espresso. Easy right.



Long story short, the base of the cabinets were real wood but the doors were this weird fake wood laminate type thing. So when Jerek, his dad and I all took off work thinking we would bang the cabinets out in an 8-hour period we were sadly mistaken. There were some words said, some 'I told you so's' mentioned and we nixed the stain and went to Sherwin Williams and bought paint.

Yep. I was wrong, Jerek was right.


Once we painted the cabinets I turned back to Pinterest, smart right. What they don't tell you about not actually reading pins on Pinterest, is that once you paint the cabinets you need to cover them with a clear coat. Well, we never did, so if anything spilled on the cabinets and you tried wiping it off the paper towel particles would stick to the cabinet. They were looking super janky and Jerek kindly reminded me every time that it was my fault we ruined the perfectly good cabinets. Whatever dude.

Flash forward a few months and we were planning out what to do with our tax money refund. Jerek being the finance freak that he is priced things down to the penny and basically said we could 'refresh' the kitchen for about $450 and save everything else towards the wedding.



With that, we headed to the man store, {what Tracen refers to as Lowes} and we purchased tile, paint and hardware. Jer started demo-ing the horrible, tiled backsplash behind the oven which was plastered to the wall, seriously WHO does that? He ended up gutting and replacing the entire dry-wall because it was ruined from the old tile. Once that was finished we painted the walls, Svelte Sage by Sherwin Williams and I love it. It's this taupe green warm color and it makes the kitchen feel so much more inviting when you walk in.

Moving onto the cabinets, we finished what we started and put a clear gloss over them which made cleaning them 110% easier! Next time I will read the entire pin, I swear.




After the cabinets and walls were painted Jer got working on the tile. My heart beats for subway tile. Okay that sounds really lame but I love subway tile. All colors, all sizes, I want it everywhere. For the kitchen backsplash, we went with a smaller size since they came in 12x12 sheets and these were much easier to apply than the single large ones. I know this because I watched Jerek do it, not because I was the one that actually did anything in this kitchen. My duties were making sure no kids stuck their little grimy hands in paint, grout or tile adhesive. At first we bought white grout for the tiles but after talking to our brother in law and watching some Youtube videos, we decided that gray would be a much better option. I can't explain to you how happy I am with this choice too! It makes cleaning the tile easier and the over-all look is so much better!
[No, I couldn't be bothered to put the dishes away before I took pictures}

After the tiling was done we fought about hardware on the cabinets for a long time and finally went with these ones. We did small knobs for all the doors and long handles for the few drawers that we had. I found curtains on sale at Ikea that were super, mega long so I cut, sewed and hemmed them to make curtains for both sets of windows, savvy right. 

I love how everything turned out! I still hate all the old white appliances, but beggars can't be choosers right now, we have a wedding to pay for. Jerek and I both agree and we will probably gut the entire kitchen within the next 5 years,  maybe sooner if I'm on my period one day and decide I hate the place, but for now I absolutely love it. The bar stools are from At Home, the lighting is from Lowes and the random dishes are from college, yea we really need to register for the wedding!

You're probably wondering if we really did this for $450 and I started to keep receipts to see what we actually spent but Jerek would always end up running to the store to grab things here and there and I lost track of it to be honest. If I had to guess I'm thinking it was under $600 and no more than that. We probably spent an extra $100-150 on extra supplies and random trips which isn't too bad!

When people think of kitchen remodels they think of mucho money but it doesn't have to be. You can redo or what we like to call a 'refresh' for a reasonable about of money. Remodels or refresh's can also we done WITH children in the house you just have to get creative. There's no way you'd catch me demoing the kitchen or re-drywalling something in the house, I'm much happier at the park playing with the boys while Jerek has some peace and quiet and can get some work done. Also, baby gates save lives people! We had two up at all times and basically told the kids they could have ice cream if they let daddy get work done, hey it works! Naptime and nighttime are two of the times where we got the most work done. Yes, we stayed up really late some nights working on the kitchen {or other projects} but that's because we choose to spend the daytime with the boys instead of stressed out trying to get work done. Maybe we're tired at work the next day but it's worth it when we wake up and walk into the kitchen in the morning for coffee, I promise.

Happy remodeling people! 

Wedding Invitations: Wedding Talk

Hi friends!

I just wanted to start off by giving a big thanks and a huge virtual hug from me to you about my post on Friday. Truth be told, I wasn't sure how it was going to go over. I sat with Jerek Friday night before we started watching Sons of Anarchy {lets cry how were almost done with season 7} and he was beyond encouraging. I never really tell Jer what my posts will be about or when they will be published so he pretty much reads them the same time all of you are. When I explained I was worried what people would think he asked why, that he thought I wrote it perfectly. My biggest fear wasn't sharing my story it was the thoughts of what would go through the readers mind. Would they curse me out because they have been trying for years to have kids and I should be thankful for the two I have. Would they be compassionate and caring, perhaps they too went through a similar event. Or would they roll their eyes thinking I was screaming for attention. Those were my fears when publishing that post. Needless to say he made me feel at ease that he didn't receive it as that and no one else should either. Later after messages, texts and comments came pouring in I knew that he was right. So many people seemed happy that it was shared because they had their own struggles they were dealing with. And so many were just thankful and nice about me sharing that piece of my life that it made my heart really happy.

So thank you.

Now onto the topic at large here! Wedding invites! Tonight I'm we will be spending the night stamping and preparing these invites to be shipped out in the morning, while watching Sons of course! Call me crazy but I'm showing you them before anyone has received them, cause that makes sense?

When wedding planning started I had to email people about the Mexico plans. It wasn't my choice really, I just didn't have time to order invites, wait for them to come in and THEN send them out. We only had 30 days to hold the block of rooms and time was of the essence! So I probably violated every damn wedding rule in the form of invites and I sent out an email to a mass group. WHATEVER! 

After that was handled I knew I would be ordering my invites from Minted. I have two friends that are graphic designers and make AMAZING invites but I also knew that since the Michigan portion wasn't a traditional wedding that invites from Minted would be fine for me. {Check out Jessica & Kathleen's work if in the market for any type of Invites; graduation, wedding, baby shower, you name it!}you won't be disappointed!

At first Minted seemed like a lot to handle, I didn't know where to begin. So I just started in the wedding section, like any normal bride would right? I started favoring ones I liked, compiled about 12 of them and sent them to Jerek. I told him to pick his top three and let me know. I was hoping I loved at least one of the ones he did. Well I didn't. He actually choose ones that after I sent them I started not liking, go figure. So I did what any normal girl would do and I showed his sister, and we both agreed to order the ones I liked. I did this because in Jerek's email back to me he said, and I quote;

"Those are my top three but honestly I am not going to be picky about it....."

Taken word for word from his email  I figured if he wasn't going to be picky about it, I'll just do the picking for him. He's been really involved in all the wedding planning so before you tell me I'm being a brat, I'm not, mmmkkk!

When the invites arrived Jer was surprised but not surprised I didn't pick one of his three. I think he said something like 'why did you even ask me then, what was the point!' I probably gave him a beer and said something like 'well you said you didn't really care, that you weren't Amy and I picked for you!' and inserted a cheesy grin.

Here are the ones we ordered. One of the pre-made color schemes was already our wedding colors and I love how they turned out. We're doing a Bohemian Beach vibe so the party at my moms will reflect this with colors and decor as well as the wedding in Mexico. I'm really excited to be planning both parties, a total mood change from the Chelsea wedding planning 4 months ago! What's great about Minted is you can have as basic of invites as you want or as fancy of invites as you want. You can change any design to work with your colors/theme and there are tons of add-on options available too.

The total cost for the invites were $177 for 65 of them, including envelopes! I really just needed 55 but I think I read some where to have 10 more on hand so I went with that. I went with the basic paper they offered and choose the free address labeling. This saved us tons of time, plus we have shotty hand writing! 

I had the option to pay for the printing of our return address but I knew I wanted to purchase an address stamp so I decided against it. So I turned to my trusty small business website, Etsy and started looking around. I found an amazing store called Stampcouture. With almost 14,000 sales and fantastic reviews I stopped my search right there. I worked with the owner, Kristina, on a stamp that will work even after the wedding. Here is the one I choose, it's simple and cute and not theme related so I won't get sick of it after a few months, and arrived in a few days after ordering it, BONUS!

{NOTE: I blurred out our address for obvious reasons!}

Stampcouture has a line of pre-made stamp designs, many are personalized, which are on display in her store. What they are best know for is her custom stamps (user-submitted artwork or her own graphic design). Each stamp is laser-engraved into rubber sheets, trimmed and cushion mounted. She then measures, saws and sands her own wooden blocks and assembles everything together onto the wooden black rubber stamp. She's been on Etsy for 5 years now and is in the process of opening her own website! 

As you can tell a TON of hard work goes into these stamps and Kristina does an awesome job. She is offering any EWG readers 20% off their orders using the code 'EASTWILLOWGROVE20'. I personally LOVE these Save the Date stamps, making it extremely easy to send out in a postcard format! Feel free to message her on custom designs as well and tag me in any orders you make so I can droll over her designs with you!

Since we weren't having a traditional wedding where there was dinner plate choices or a seating chart I decided to forgo RSVP cards and I signed up with a website called Not only do I not need to pay for RSVP cards I don't need to buy the stamps that go with them! A huge savings in my book. People can log on and rsvp exactly how many and what family members will be going. It's that easy!

Another thing we are saving money on is the maps people seem to think is necessary to print out and send in wedding invites. I'm sorry but if I give you the address and you can't find the place with a GPS then maybe we have a bigger problem here. We have GPS on our phones and in our cars, even Onstar can can give you turn by turn instructions. So if you are reading this and it pisses you off because you don't have a GPS or a smart phone, go on your computer, MapQuest the address and write the directions down. But seriously guys, sending a map is so outdated and cost so much money to print. I personally throw them away the second I get it.

The last thing we did was register. The one thing I actually knew what I was going to do when we got engaged was register on This website lets you register for a wedding and baby shower on hundreds of websites! There is no more going to Macys, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and having to furnish your house between a few stores, no no, you can register at Anthropology, West Elm, and ZGallerie if you want! This people, THIS is how registering SHOULD be done! My girlfriend has done this for her wedding and baby shower and it's amazing! I'm sure all you old married folks are thinking, damn I wish I had done that! I went ahead and made the little registry cards myself (another cost savings!) and stuck them in the envelopes, BOOM!

So this was very long winded but hey, I had a lot to share! I hope you found some helpful tips and tricks if you are wedding planning (or baby shower planning even!) Don't forget to share any ideas in the comments about wedding invites and registering you want to share with fellow readers!

See you back on Friday for a post on our kitchen remodel that we started back in February! 


I've tried writing this post many times. I always end up selecting all and pushing the delete button. Skylor is my dream baby, one that I never had dreams about. I remember having dreams about Tracen, dreams about my first baby, about how fun it would be, how hard it would be, how I would be as a mother and how he would look.

Skylor was a dream I was scared to have. It wasn't that usual how could I love another child the way I love Tracen scared, it was something internally that scared me, something that I wasn't sure if I could go through again.

June 19th 2012 is a day I will always remember. Today I'm choosing to remember it as not a bad day, just a hard day.

A month before all of this I was getting ready for work and just knew, knew something was different. As I drove to work I stopped and grabbed a few pregnancy tests. Unsure if I could wait till I got home that day I took one at work and then one when I got home. Both were positive within seconds. Tracen was 15 months old at the time. I wrapped them up with a note and had Tracen hand them to Jerek when he got home. As I watched him unwrap them I had a pit in my stomach, the size of a bowling ball it felt like. How were we going to afford another in daycare, another in diapers. His eyes got big and he stared at me and then a smile peeked through. I was happy but scared, I could tell he was too, I'm sure we were both thinking the same thing.

I did the math and knew I was 6 weeks pregnant, I'd be due almost exactly on Tracen's birthday. Over the next few weeks I felt strange and uncomfortable but continued to go to work and live our lives. I knew I couldn't get an ultrasound until 8 weeks so I just waited to make the appointment. A few more weeks had passed and I started spotting. I googled what seemed like for hours on end and there were two outcomes, bleeding from implantation or loss. For some reason I didn't worry too much. I'm not sure why but I never called the doctor. Perhaps I was scared she would confirm the thoughts swirling around in my head.

A week later I was with Jerek's mom and sister at their family business and it started, I felt everything happening and my emotions came pouring out. In a split second I was forced to tell them our exciting news with tears of sadness and sorrow streaming down my face. Jerek and I went to the ER where they left me in limbo. I was 10 weeks at the time but only measuring at 6. I was confused then at how that could be. Unsure of what was going on they never said if they heard a heartbeat or not. They wanted me to come back in a week to see if a heartbeat developed. I'm not sure why but I didn't question anything, I just did what they said. I went home and cried unsure of what to do, to not do, to think, to not think. I remember going to church the Sunday before our appointment on Monday and praying, if this is meant to be, please make it happen...but if it isn't I will be okay, we will be okay..and thank you, thank you for Tracen. That was it. That's all that I could really do.

The next day it was confirmed that the baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks but for some reason my body was still holding onto the pregnancy. Why was I putting myself through all this for the last month?! That was something I couldn't understand, it was like my mind, body and soul were trying to hold onto something that wasn't there any longer. The DNC was scheduled for the next day since my body wasn't letting go on it's own. I remember sitting in the pre-op room alone since Jerek wasn't allowed back there. The nurses were talking and laughing about their weekends, about their summer plans while I'm laying behind a curtain crying and alone. I remember thinking how rude and insensitive they were. I know now that I was just being critical of it all and they meant nothing.

I woke up and felt just like I thought I would, empty. The days after got better. We celebrated Father's day, then my birthday, then labor day weekend. The months moved by and Halloween came followed by Thanksgiving and then Tracen's birthday. That day was hard. While excited to celebrate Tracen turning two I couldn't help but think about what could have been. At the same time I didn't want myself getting caught up in the sadness because I was actually pregnant again! I was only a few weeks so I didn't want to share the excitement with people yet.

Scared for our first ultrasound we went in together, hand in hand. We saw and heard a healthy heartbeat at 9 weeks with a due date of August 19 2013. Skylor was born on July 29, 2013, 3 weeks early at a whopping 8 lbs 6 ounces and was healthy as could be.

My heart continually grows and aches and grows some more and while June 19th 2012 is a distant memory without this bad hard experience, I wouldn't be the person I am today, the mother to dream baby Skylor.

I share this story not for sympathy but as a way to cope. Not so much anymore for myself because I'm in a really good place with it now but because when I was going through this I read countless blog posts, articles, and Googled things for days, trying to find answers that really didn't exist. What I found was this happens more than people talk about, sometimes there is genetically something wrong and other times there are no answers to be found. Most of my family and friends are reading this right now and never knew anything about it, it wasn't something I was ready to share. You may be reading this because you too are going through the same heartache and are Googling keywords, fighting back the tears and that's okay too.

The end of Preschool

9 months ago I left Tracen at preschool, we both were crying. Sobbing, I called Jerek stressing out explaining I didn't think he was going to get better never mind me ever getting to work on time or without raccoon eyes from all the tears.

Take a look at the two pictures above. Note the same shorts and where they are hitting below and then above his knee. Where his elbow is above the horizontal layer of bricks a week ago and a few inches under nine months ago. His baby face, his eyes, cheeks, his hair, everything, everything is different, everything changed, is still changing. Life is just moving


Growing up I would talk to anyone that would make eye contact with me. A teacher of mine once told my mom that I would talk to a wall if she sat me next to it. It's true, I probably would. I love being put in new places with new people where many would stress out, I have always loved meeting new people in new settings. Tracen is not like that. He's timid, sensitive and rather shy at first. He likes to go places he knows, be around people he's comfortable with and stick to a regular schedule, change is not his forte.

Our daycare is great, they transition the kids wonderfully and at a healthy speed but Tracen wasn't having it. He was extremely scared of the 'bigger' kids in the new room, they were loud, outgoing and big as he would cry telling me. He also was mildly in love with his current teacher. She was sweet and kind, someone that made him comfortable while he was away from me.

We have the boys in daycare/preschool two days a week and at home with Jerek's aunt the other three. I like the balance, but at times I wonder if it has ever hindered Tracen's ability to conform with change better. This past year of preschool he improved greatly as the year went on and now adores his new teacher and classmates. There are still days where it takes me 30 minutes for drop-off but overall we have a good routine down. And now, now I'm worried about the transition into pre-k in the fall. The worries are never ending and I know it will just take time, just like the pre-school transition did.

So often people get upset that their child with an early winter birthday won't get to start kindergarten when they are almost 5 like the other kids do but for me I'm so happy Trace can't this fall. He wouldn't be ready and I would feel horrible rushing him into something knowing he wasn't prepared for. He will be almost 6 when he starts kindergarten and I'm 110% okay with that. I was always the youngest in my class and I suffered after summer breaks because I never retained anything when school started from the year before.

So for now, I'm going to enjoy the summer with the boys and worry about Pre-K when this fall comes. With kids, every new start shows challenges that you must find new ways to work through, and when all else fails, ugly cry and write blog posts about how your kids are growing up too fast and post some really freaking cute pictures of them.

I married Jerek years ago


I was dead set on the fall of 2015 for the wedding. I wanted to "get it over with" so we could do more house projects, take a vacation and if I haven't said it enough already, MORE BABIES!!! I know. I sound like such a bitch, you don't need to tell me that. I should be beside myself, jumping for joy to be engaged after all the years we've been together right? 'It's the best time of your life!" everyone likes to tell you. But what no one seems to realize is that I married Jerek years ago.

Back in 2010, when we were pregnant with Tracen. I promised to him, to myself and to God that we were forever. Through the good times and the hard times, we were one unit that operated together, that made decisions together, for us, for our family. I didn't need a ring, a piece of paper or a promise made in front of our families to do this.

Nothing has changed and over these past 5 years we've kept our promise to do just that. We have fought over finances, how to handle them, what we should be saving vs. what we should be spending. We argued and disagreed a lot while looking at close to 200 houses WHILE I was pregnant the entire time with Skylor, talk about stress people! I've gone to bed mad because I'm a hormonal raging bitch at times and always have to have the last word {why am I admitting this?} I've probably said shut the fuck up a few too many times {not cool Chelsea, not cool} and I've gone to bed crying and woken up pissed the next day, not feeling like anything was settled.

For almost 12 years Jerek and I have been through a lot together. We know each other almost better than our parents know us. I've actually known the kid since he was 12 years old! I know what teenager Jerek is like and the trouble he got in, I know what young 20's Jerek is like and I know what Jerek as a father is like and how hard he works at his job. I'd like to think I have a pretty good idea of the person he is, the character he portrays and what to expect from him on a daily basis.

When people say 'oh but it's different when you're married', I'd love to tell those people 'well let me know when you have been with them for 12 years and have 2 kids together', THEN we can talk. Unlike the traditional bride I already KNOW how Jerek is to live with. How he NEVER un-bunches his socks after taking them off. I already KNOW what he's like as a father, I don't have to hope that he'll be a good one one day because he's a unbelievable one already.

I realize that not everyone has children with the man that they will marry, nor do those marriages or relationships work out. I'd like to say I'm lucky that mine has but I'm not. Luck is not what our relationship is built on. Every day we wake up next to each other and work hard on our relationship with each other and with our kids. Communication is key to it all. So while April 5th we will be able to stop shelling out money for separate health care plans and I will take the boys last name, I'd like to remind you that I'm not 'marrying' Jerek that day because I married him years ago.

Secret Project Reveal : House of Boys

After months of planning around work and family schedules I finally got everything situated and it's finally here! A goal of mine in May was to go all in on a project I had been working on. So here we go folks!
t shirt etsy store
{Yes, those are knee pads, Tracen REFUSES to take them off}

I've mentioned recently that I love a great tee paired with jeans. Sometimes I can look more put together wearing this type of outfit than I can in a dress. As a mom I have to make a conscious effort to make time for myself because life can get hectic and I know I feel much better when I do. I also need to realize that I usually end up with boogers, milk and food all over me by the end of the day due to the boys so I try to find a mix of comfort and cute. That's why jeans and a tee are a go to for me, but I'm not looking for just any tee, fruit of the loom will just not do.
A while back I was telling Jer how I had all these ideas for T-Shirts, that I wished the cute graphic tee's you see in stores weren't so expensive, so we started talking. He's always been my biggest cheerleader, so when I started talking designs, types of shirts, style and printing he was there right with me telling me I should do it. After months of getting quotes for screen printing myself or with another company,  I went with working with a company but designed everything myself. I'm also the shipping, receiving, marketing, packaging and admin person, you get the drift.
etsy t shirts
{SIDE NOTE: look at the photographer in my glasses, he's SUCH a babe!}
For months you've probably seen me hashtag #houseofboys and this was why! I'm sorry in advance that but I'm not trying to dismiss the families that have boys and girls, I just haven't come up with a creative shirt for them yet! To me there's something unique about having a house full of boys or girls and it takes a strong man/women to raise twins so I started with these, I hope you mama's with both understand. Don't worry though, I have a plan to incorporate you too, I have a notebook full of different ideas, sayings, and styles that will be making it into the store in the future so stay tuned!
To see the other shirts you can shop here at East + Willow and take a look around! If you have any questions, comments or if there is a shirt but you want a different size feel free to email me and we will get a custom order going. Lastly, like I've done in the past, if you live in the Detroit area and would like to save on shipping use coupon code 'METRODETROIT' and we can arrange pick up. Or fly me out to where ever you live I'll personally hand deliver your shirt and we can have a glass of wine together!

I'm excited for these shirts and the other items that will be popping up in the shop!


Wedding Talk: Bridal Party

Jerek proposed last year on 10/10, so that's almost 8 months of engagement with not a peep of wedding party talk. A lot of brides to be ask their wedding party days after the engagement because they've planning this in their head since they were 6. I have been thinking about who I wanted to stand beside me for some time now but I was always weary about the whole thing because of the destination wedding aspect. I didn't want to ask people before they committed to Mexico because then it puts so much pressure on the girls thinking they would have to be there and that's the last thing I want.
maid of honor gifts

||After a lot of thinking I started writing and this is what I gave 6 of my very best girlfriends||

Come away, come away with me!
Open your eyes and see,
the journey to bride
is with YOU by my side!

At 28 years old I know exactly who my friends are.
They are the ones that make a daily impact on mine
and my family’s life no matter how close or far away they may be.

When Jerek proposed I knew exactly who I wanted 
or rather needed to be by my side.
You and 5 others are reading this right now that 
have made a significant impact on my life in ways you may never understand.

I’ve thought long and hard about this and a maid of honor is usually someone
very close and important to the bride to be.
Someone they call when they want to share big news with
but someone thats there through all the hard and trying times as well.
But what happens when you have more than just one of these people in your life?

You make them all your maids of honor!
As you know I don’t do things by the books,
I shy away from the norm, it’s more fun that way.
So when this thought came to mind it only seemed fitting.

Christina, you are the one that has been there from the beginning. A friendship since 9th grade is a force to be reckon with.
Amy, you are the sister I always longed to have, and the boys are so lucky to have you as their aunt, Godmother and friend.
Megan, I forgive you for moving so far away but our bond has stayed strong through it all I’m glad to have a place to visit!
Elyse, I’d be lost without you at work. You’re heart is so big for your family and friends I see it in everything you do.
Sarah & Allie, college without you two would have been long and very boring! Spending every waking moment living and going out together has made ever lasting memories! No matter the distance our lives are always intertwined. 

I know that not everyone can be in Mexico and in Michigan for the celebrations but the thing about my friendship with each of you is that the presence will be there even if you physically aren’t. Each one of you takes interest in my life the way a real friend should and there’s never a doubt in my mind that I can’t call you any time of the day. I love you all so incredibly much!

SOOO…will you be my maids of honor??

brides maid gifts
With the help of Leigh from Piper Grace Gifts, we made luggage tags to give as a small gift to each of the girls along with the letter above, ya know because it's a destination wedding and all! Leigh is offering 20% off her entire shop until I get married using code 'EWG20', that's real talk! 

brides maids gift

I realized not everyone will be able to attend the festivities in Mexico or in Michigan but I didn't want that to stop me from letting each girlfriend know how much they mean to me. While I wish everyone could be coming to Mexico life doesn't work that way. Some are getting married themselves, some are trying to start families of their own and others just can't do the price tag.
I get it.

The thing about destination weddings is that when you go all in on something like this you have to be 110% okay with the fact that you could be at the alter with just you and your partner. When we planned this, we knew that going into it. Currently we have about 25 committed to going and there are still a few others that might join in and that's great! We are thrilled with the number but we also sympathize and understand that everyone has lives and things come into play when playing this type of function. Truth be told, I don't know if we got invited to a wedding in Mexico if we could attend.