What I'm Wearing

It's Friday, FINALLY! Today is twice as nice because Jer and I took today AND Monday off andddd these are daycare days which we've already paid for. Meaning we get two glorious days to ourselves to get things done kids-less, can you say productiveness, can you say DAY DATES! Today we're headed out to my moms house to go over pre-ception stuff and grab some lunch. Who knows what else the day will bring when you have no kids, perhaps a patio and some adult beverages while we hold hands and gaze into each others eyes and talk about how in love we are! Did I make you barf yet? Who really does that anyways!? In all seriousness, we will probably end up grabbing a drink and whilst walking there Jerek will go to grab my hand and notice I forgot to wear my engagement ring, again, and then give me 'the look' and ask me if he should just return it because I always forget to wear it. Then we'll end up talking about the kids the whole time like we normally do and smile at the kids next to us acting a fool while their parents are frazzled. #parentlife yo!

I seemed to get a good reaction from last weeks post so here we are again with this weeks outfits! I will say, in my attempt to not wear leggings on the week days to work, I did wear them Wednesday because my ovaries were aching and jeans were just NOT happening. As you can see though, I still looked semi put together...right???

[I tried finding links for everything but also wanted share different options for different price points]
Jeans (Express): save | splurge
Shirt (H&M): save | splurge
Sandals: save | splurge
Dress (similar): save | splurge
Sandals (Target-old): save | splurge (similar)
Leggings: save | splurge
Shirt (old Forever21)
Vest: save | splurge
Dress: save | splurge
Shirt: save | splurge
Sandals: save | splurge

Shorts: Levi's (vintage) save | splurge
Cardigan: save | splurge
Tank top: save | splurge

As you can see today's outfit wasn't one I wore to work because I wasn't in the office today. This is something I usually wear on the weekends, it's easy and comfortable yet doesn't scream look I haven't washed my hair in three days...I mean who does that... > <

A special shout out to my not so little nephew Griffin who turns 5 today! Time.Freaking.FLIES!
Have a great weekend! XO

Skylor Turns 2

On Wednesday's I usually talk wedding but today, two years ago, I had a baby and we all know I love talking about my babies more than my wedding! I recently wrote about my struggle with a miscarriage before Skylor here but also about his amazing birth story here so I'll wait if you need to catch up.

Are you ready now?


This past weekend we had a small party to celebrate my little Bubble Guppies obsessed, chubby cheeked, nose scruncher baby toddler! It was almost just me, Jerek and the boys because I almost forgot to invite everyone over, my brain is fried lately people. Skylor is OBSESSED with Bubble Guppies, like last night he screamed for an hour while Jer tried putting him to bed saying "guppies, guppies, guppies" and pointing downstairs. 


For the party I kept it simple and affordable (under $100). I was going to attempt making Bubble Guppie character cupcakes but scratched that idea and printed up the cupcake toppers here for free. I also printed some little cut out's of the Bubble Guppies characters for the under the water mural I made with streamers and balloons. It was a semi Pinterest fail because mine didn't look like the ones I saw online, whatever!

As for a gifts, we really don't need toys so I had this idea for a trampoline! I knew I didn't want a little personal jumping one nor did I want one of those 12 foot ones. I found this one and ordered right away. I sent out a text and there was about 6 households, including us, that decided to all go in on it together for a birthday gift for Skylor. I loved the idea of everyone throwing a little money in and getting something bigger instead of a bunch of toys that we defiantly don't need. While the gift obviously isn't just for Skylor it's hard when you have more than one at this young age to really differentiate with your other kids (Skylor got a wagon last year for his birthday from my mom, obviously it's for both kids, not like we could tell Tracen, SORRY YOU CAN'T SIT IN IT! Ya feel!)

I was slightly bummed because when I ordered it, it said it would deliver by 8 pm on Friday which was going to be great since the party was Saturday. I'm not sure what happen but unfortunately it didn't arrive till Monday the 27th. However this worked out much better because it took Jerek and I about 3 hours to put together. Don't be fooled, I only helped the last 30 minutes. BUT! The boys haven't stopped jumping on it since it was put together Monday night. I HIGHLY suggest you buy one, just have some wine handy when you are putting it together.
Last year for Tracen's 4th birthday I pretty much cried the entire time making his video and that was basically the same story while making Sky's 2nd birthday this week. Take a watch and make sure you kiss those babies, cousins, nieces and nephews extra hard tonight because they grow up so damn fast.

What I'm Wearing

I'm not a fashion blogger,
and I'm not a makeup artist,
I've also never claimed to be either.
But I love posting outfit details
or makeup tutorials,
so I'll continue to do so.

As a mother, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people assume that once you pop a babe out you should "dress like a mom." I'd love to know what that means because as far as I know 'mom jeans' (high waisted Levi's) are in and they are pretty expensive at Urban.

I recently made a trip Ikea to grab the finishing touches for my dressing room remodel. One of the pieces I picked up was this fabulous full length mirror. I wanted one that I could prop up against the wall for full-length selfies, very important things people. I was on a search for the perfect mirror because I had plans.

As a mom I love my kids and as a 29 year old (that's weird to say) girl women, I love clothes. Why people assume you need to change your entire wardrobe once you have kids is beyond me. Fashion and clothing all depend on how you dress yourself, how the items lay on your body and for a mother that's a hard concept. Our bodies change in the craziest ways and I even bet Angelina Jolie's body is a little funky after all those kids!

After a little over 4 years of dressing my postpartum body I've started to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. My hips got massively wider but that's okay, I was able to push two kids out because they did. My boobs got bigger and then shrunk and now don't fit into bra's the same way, but that's okay because they fed my babies. My stomach is not flat like a pancake, in fact, it's a little fluffy because I like eating pancakes, but I'm working on it! While I have continued to work on my body an important lesson I learned was I needed to learn how to dress with every stage I was going through.

So I've decided to start a little fashion series here on East Willow Grove that will hopefully helps other moms, or other women, struggling to figure out what to wear and where to find things that they can afford. 

| M O N D A Y |

| T U E S D A Y |

| W E D N E S D A Y |

| T H U R S D A Y |

| F R I D A Y |

I've tried my best to find links to everything I've purchased but if I can't I've tried to find something similar to help with your search! Every morning I took a selfie of my outfit. Not only does this help you ladies see what I'm wearing but it gives you ideas for outfits that maybe you already have in your closet but didn't realize! I'm not here to tell you to never wear leggings and your favorite Target V-neck, because I rock that shit too, I'm just trying to give you ideas on how you can still dress comfortable while you're headed to work, running errands or staying home watching the little ones. 

I would like to make these an every Friday thing but in the case that they don't, you can follow me along on my Instagram where I'll be posting outfits as well! I'll be using the hashtag #chelseascloset and #whatimwearing so if you want to join in use these hashtags too and we can see all gather ideas from each other!

Over the years I've discovered that I feel my best when I get off my butt, into the shower and put something else on other than leggings. So I'm here to hopefully inspire you to do the same, even if it's just one day a week! We all deserve to feel good about ourselves, by doing so we will be better mothers, better women, and learn to love ourselves more. 

Let me know if you like this idea and what your favorite outfit may be, have a great weekend! XO

Wedding Dress Shopping: Wedding Talk

Woof. This last week has been a long one. We are t-minus 66 days till the pre-ception and it's getting exciting folks! I will go into detail more about that another day because today we're talking wedding dresses!

Yesterday I went and picked mine up since it came in two weeks early. Because I don't need it till next year they don't have room to store it at the shop until alteration time so I'm going to stash it with me for now. My only fear is Jerek getting antsy (he says he won't),opening it up and taking a peak so I might stash it at his parents or my moms, we'll see.

Wedding dress shopping had been one of the things I've been semi looking forward to. I say semi because I like shopping, however, like most things wedding related I was pretty stressed about it. There are two types of people when shopping for a wedding dress. The ones who justifies spending 5k on a dress and ones that couldn't justify that if she was a millionaire. I'm the latter.

Back in May my sister in law, Amy, asked if I had thought about wedding dresses and if I was excited to start looking. I have no idea what my face looked like at the moment but it probably looked something across the lines sheer terror, a faked smile and a raised eyebrow while I shrugged my shoulders and said "yeah, I guess so..." I straight up asked if she would just do it for me and make some appointments and set everything up, I legit couldn't handle doing it myself. Thankfully she loves this shit and planned the day out and I just showed up for mimosa's before hand!

I looked up a few blog posts on wedding dress shopping and I basically knew I should wear a strapless bra, some comfortable underwear, do my hair and makeup (nothing crazy, but if you don't like the way your face or hair looks that day you most likely won't like any dresses you try on either) have a budget, and most importantly, have a good amount of pictures from Pinterest for dresses you like. Here are some of the ones I showed the ladies that helped me find "the one."





As you can see I like lace, beading, back detail, flowy, boho style dresses. Since we are getting married in Mexico on the beach I wanted something with no structure that incorporated any of these styles. I told the ladies I basically didn't want strapless, nothing with any type of structure and not stark white.

While I follow IIFYM eating and work out regularly, I've been dropping weight and gaining muscle so it wasn't my body imagine I was stressed about; it was that dreaded budget. I had ZERO idea what I planned on spending I just knew I didn't want to spend a ton. When people say "but it's your one special day!" I. DON'T. CARE. I can PROMISE you those two days I wore sports bra's and a hospital nightgown and pushed two babies out of my cooka will be FAR more special than our wedding day. I mean no disrespect to Jerek or any of you reading this but I've mentioned before that Jerek and I have been married for years. Our wedding day will be special, that's a given, but I couldn't justify spending some absurd amount of money on a dress, I just couldn't.

With that being said I went in the low expectations because I knew what I liked (lace, beading, vintage inspired, etc) and figured I'd totally find something I loved but with a hefty price tag. Or the opposite, things in my price range would be crap. I was pleasantly surprised, especially when I found my dress and it was well under my budget/price point that I wanted to spend! 

To make a long story short, we were in between appointments and we needed to stop in at Davids Bridal so I could order my bridesmaids dress for my girlfriends wedding (that I was SUPER late on doing!) While I was trying it on with her the ladies picked out a few dresses for me to try on. I have to admit, I actually had Amy cancel the appointment we had with David's Bridal because I had this skewed image in my head of what types of dresses they offered. I didn't think they would have anything alone the lines I've listed above and didn't want to waste anyone's time going there. 

I was wrong.
Really wrong.

It was probably the fourth dress I tried on and it was gorgeous. It was also brand spanking new, just arrived the day before and no one had tried it on. I felt amazing and you could tell because I didn't want to take it off. With that being said I was scared to look at the price tag but to my surprise it was $500 under my budget and at a price I was extremely comfortable with paying. The biggest surprise was that my mom then whispered in my ear that she was going to buy it for me. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or not but Jer and I have been planning our wedding based on what we can afford on our own because we are be paying for everything. I had no idea she was planning on doing this so I was very humbled and gracious that that burden was taken off our shoulders. 

Wedding dresses have come a long way in the last 10 years and many well known stores are now carrying wedding lines; Jcrew and Anthropology are a few of them and at AMAZING prices! Also, remember, you can wear WHATEVER YOU WANT on that day! I know many people that wore floral, pink, black, etc. YOU DO YOU BOO! I toyed with the idea of doing a floral or a color but fell in love with my dress in ivory so I stuck with that. It will most likely take everything in me to not put it on and post a picture on Instgram because I love it so much but since I won't be showing you until the day of, I will tell you that one of them above is VERY close to what I bought!!! 

Happy Hump Day!

Best Sunless Tanner: Loving Tan-Wedding Talk

This past weekend we were over on the west side of the state for a little vacation and fun in the sun. While the sun was in fact mighty hot I was not laying out basking in its glory like I did in my college years. I was too busy chasing toddlers around trying to keep them lathered up with sunscreen. However, I might get the worst mom award because poor Skylor has insanely sensitive skin and I didn't apply it as often as I should with him and he got sun poisoning on his upper arms. These turned into blisters which turned into a very cranky and sad baby. This also turned me into a sad baby because I felt like a failure. Do they make anything higher than 70 SPF?


Our wedding in Mexico will be during Spring Break 2016 and I've been to Mexico on spring break and let me tell you, it's hot even in April! While I plan on keeping loads of SPF on the boys at all times I also will be rocking the sunscreen because I do NOT want tan lines nor skin blisters on my body in a wedding dress! For years I've been testing out sunless tanners, trying to get my freckled, Irish/Scottish skin to turn a sun-kiss glow that only Jessica Alba seems to have. I've had my fair share of orange palms and uneven, blotchy legs so I knew I needed to find the best of the best. I started to think that I may never have that golden skin tone and will blend right in with my wedding dress. I quit using tanning beds after having Tracen and realized how damaging it was.

If you are anything like me and are rocking your pasty bod but secretly want to not look like you don't live in a cave, feast your eyes on my new found love and THE best sunless tanning mousse you will ever buy, Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse! This sunless tanner has 13% of DHA in it, which it you aren't aware, it it the active ingredient for the tan to develop, other brands I've used only have 3-7% DHA. In other words, this makes the ultra dark tan (the one I use) the same strength as a dark professional tan you'd pay $30+ for each application! Loving tan doesn't just use DHA, it also uses Erythrulose that eliminates the orange tint that we all dread, leaving you with the golden glow you've been searching for! Whether you choose the mediumdark or ultra dark mousse, all Loving Tan mousses are made with certified organic DHA with no parabens or alcohol.


Shower, shave and exfoliate your body to remove any dead skin cells lying on the surface that may block the solution from applying evenly.


Do NOT moisturize your entire body like you normally would, instead just lotion up your feet, heels, hands, wrists, knees and elbows. If I've learned anything from working in a tanning salon for all those years, it's that these are the places that absorb sunless tanner the most. Applying the lotion to these areas acts as a barrier and only allows in an appropriate amount to these places.


Time to apply your tan! After years of sunless tanning I've discovered what works best for me and there are two things; one being, use\ a tanning mitt and the other is use a very dense foundation brush. First take the mitt and pump 2-3 good size pumps onto the mitt and apply on to your arms (or whatever body part you are working on) After rubbing in about 90% of the product take your dense foundation brush and use circular motions to blend the solution in EVEN better. For your face, only use the brush and do not use the mitt. The mitt helps glide the mousse on smoothly and the brush helps buff and blend in the lines seamlessly.

Make sure you work on one arm, leg or area at a time as this stuff dries within minutes. Do not worry about how dark your body starts looking, this is just the instant bronzer working to help you see where you have applied the tan. If you think you look a little streaky in some areas don't stress because when you wake up in the morning you will jump in the shower to rinse off the top layer and will be streak free!

There is not a huge difference on my face but that's what I like the most! I don't look like I have dirt on my face like some self tanners can look, I just look like I have some color and a natural glow to me. Plus it doesn't clog my pores or make me break out, like others have in the past.

I was expecting this the smell to be stinky like others have in the past but was pleasantly surprised how it hardly smelt at all! Another HUGE bonus in my book, is that my light colored sheets are untouched! In the past I use to have to sleep on towels or in long sleeves and pants because it would mark up my bed so badly, not Loving Tan though!


My tan lasts a good 7-10 days and wears off evenly, in fact I always have to scrub the end of it off because it stays on my skin so well! I'm excited that my search is finally over and I've found a tanning product that I can rock all year long as well as on my wedding day!
Look at the glow yo!

I'm so obsessed with this stuff that I asked Loving Tan if I could give you guys a deal and the ladies at LT said yes! So when you order yours use the code 'eastwillowgrove' to receive a free mitt with any mousse purchase! There is also a easy to reach back applicator if you need a hand getting your back area. So if you're sick of paying for spray tans, buying lotions and other mousses that leave you orange or wash off after a day I highly suggest you join me on the golden goddess wagon, you won't be disappointed, promise!

Recent Target Purchases

You can find me parading through Target at least once a week because I "need" something. Usually what I need is something made up so I have a reason to rummage through the dollar spot or shoe section, hoping to score some $4 pair of heels that I most defiantly do not need but most defiantly can't pass up because THEY ARE $4 yo!

Since I'm always posting deals on Facebook, whether it's for Nume or Target, I figured this might be a fun little series to start, because who doesn't love Target! (If you don't we most certainly are NOT friends!)


I'm currently remodeling my dressing room and will share all the details on that if I ever finish it, July is just SO busy I tell ya! I bought a new desk/vanity about 5 months ago and haven't been digging my chair I have, so like all things in my life, I sold it to my girlfriend. I only did this because I found this beauty at Target sitting on an end rack with a red clearance sticker. It said to sit my fine piece of ass on that it was only $6 but started out $29.99 so I plopped that bad boy into my cart and was on my merry way. The stool is mega comfy and goes with my new eclectic, Scandinavian look/feel I'm attempting to achieve in my new dressing room. 


Moving on to the next and most recent find is this bad boy! Now I remember when backpack purses were not in and I probably made fun of the girls when I saw them but recently they have made this cute 90's come back and I've really been feelin that vibe. What I'm not feeling, like most things in life, is the price tag for the name brand ones, such as this beautiful Long Champ, Marc by Marc Jacobs, or the coveted Elizabeth & James bag I'm drooling over. I walked into Target the other day and spotted her, walked over and flipped over the price tag wondering how much (said in Borat voice of course!) Low and behold she was just over $6! I ran to the nearest scanner to ensure the red sticker was correct and it was! I then tried to find any more so I could hand them out to all my friends and pretend I was Oprah but sadly I got the last lone ranger, sorry girlfriends!
(Similar beige bag found here for a great price!!!)

Over the past one, maybe two years, the Target dollar spot has been a freaking gold mine! They have upped their game and now it's pretty much a $5 and under "spot" now but never the less, I always find the best little gems there! Below are some new pieces you'll see on my desk and dresser in the upcomming dressing room update. I bought some new paperclips and pencils for styling photos for my blog and Instagram (yes, that's a thing!) and another note pad to add to my ever growing collection! I have to buy these little guys every time I enter Target, but they never go to waste, we always use them because I'm a OCD list maker. That silver stand is for your cell phone... RIGHT!!! How awesome is that! I plan on using it when I'm watching Youtube videos at dinner...KIDDING! We have a no phone rule at dinner so I might take this bad boy to work.

I have no idea what I'll use the clip board for but it's gold and white striped soooo...YEAH! The gift tags will be used for items for my girlfriends in the wedding and the black and white straws may never be used in a smoothie, or maybe they will, who knows, who freaking cares! I've never owned paper straws for but for a dollar I was feelin crazy and threw them in the cart!


I promise I'm not a hoarder, I just really really realllly love Target and good deals and pretty things and spending money, ya know, the usual white girl things. Hopefully you like this new series because every time I try to show Jerek a Target haul it usually ends with "how awesome is that and it only cost me $27 for everything!" Which he usually responds, "Cool beach, got any other good stories to tell me?"


How to Wear a Bathing Suit and Be a Mom

Fourth of July this year falls on a weekend and I couldn't be happier! While I always have the 3rd and 4th off from work it just makes it that much sweeter it's on a weekend. In my mind, I can go ahead  and consume a few extra glasses of wine since I'm not stuck in an office the next day.

This year we don't have any plans but to BBQ, catch some fireworks and hang with friends and family. Facebook has been blowin up letting me know that everyone is headed north this weekend. While we're staying local for the fourth we will be headed north next weekend. We're headed to Watervale to celebrate my birthday and get a small little family vacation in with my mom and Tom. To say it's greatly needed is an understatement!

Before having kids bathing suit was already hard for me. I was a petite girl with big boobs and finding tops that fit and I didn't have a Britney nip slip was next to impossible. Five years and two kids later it got about 20 times harder. AWESOME! Today I wanted to share a few suits that I've recently purchased that I feel really comfortable in and that most importantly, actually fit my current body shape!

Starting off with a top that gives me the ultimate boob lift, I scored this baby recently at good ole Target. The colors and style remind me of the famous Triangle Bikini's but without the price tag. Besides the colors and the instant boob job it gives me, I was originally drawn to the back! The razor back design is dreamy, but the tie part at the bottom makes it almost (don't quote me!) impossible to fall out of this thing!

Next up are two tops I recently got from Swim Outlet. I wanted something a little trendy but again, would also hold the girls in while I'm playing with the boys in the backyard, on the beach or doing some yard work and getting some sun. I loved the high neckline of the Athena but that it also had adjustable bra straps and a cute mesh panel.
The other one I got from Swim Outlet was the Volcom Trouble Maker Bustier Top. I purchased the classic black so I can mix it with a colorful bottom. Again, I love the razor back design, it feels secure when I'm wearing it but also a little sexy with the bustier sweetheart front.

Next up on the topic of suits is what do you wear on your butt checks. I have a few different low rise bottoms that look alright on me but I purchased this pair of high rise bottoms last year to feel a little more comfortable. I've mentioned a million times now that I'm eating better, and working out but something that will never go away are my tiger stripes from carrying these boys so low. I'm proud of these things but I also want to feel comfortable in my own body and these bottoms help me cover up the area I'm desperately working on.
Now on to the star of the show! I finally found this one-piece that fits me perfectly! I have always had trouble finding one that didn't give me camel toe or pull my sagbags down to my belly button, the struggle man, the struggle! I saw that Target was having a 20% off all bathing suits this week and spotted that beauty online and knew I needed to try it on in person.

Many women would never try on a bathing suit that has horizontal stripes because it makes you look as wide as a semi but because of the positioning and draping of the material it hides all my insecurities so well. I loved how I felt in it and couldn't take a picture fast enough to send to my sister in law. After sending it to her and then purchasing, I posted the picture below on a private mommy facebook group I'm in, telling everyone they needed to go get it!

You may think posting a picture of myself in a Facebook group of over 4,000 women is insane, but that's why this mommy group is so awesome! We are always posting good clothing finds or posting pictures of ourselves asking 'does this outfit make me look fat' or 'is this okay for an interview', etc. A few minutes after posting it my phone started blowing up. Everyone was on the hunt for the suit now, people were buying on-line, having their mother in laws picking it up, going to the store in the morning or right then, it was insane! Basically what I'm saying is that Target should thank me for all the sales these past few days, I'm pretty sure all of southeast Michigan is sold out now!

Remember that at the end of the day you should feel comfortable in your own skin and you shouldn't let a little extra fluff stop you from getting in the water or out in the sun with your kids or family! Have a great weekend, stay safe and rock your mom bod, whatever that size may be!

July Goals

June, where did you go! By the time I realized you were gone I had missed June's goals and July was almost here. Yeah, so here we are!

Lets recap May shall we!

1. Spray the inside & outside of house for spiders- CHECK! I did this outside once but I think it needs to be done again, as well as inside. Too many creepy crawly's have been making their way inside lately!

2. Post before and after results of the 24 Day Challenge- CHECK! I did it and it was scary to be honest! (Here it is if you haven't seen it) I've lost a little bit more weight and toned up even more since posting it so that's really exciting! I think I might make these a regular thing. Not that I love posting my body after having two kids all over the internet but it really holds me accountable, plus it's helped others as well! (I have another challenge group starting July 6th for anyone interested-email me at eastwillowgrove@gmail.com-includes meal ideas/plans, workouts and constant support and check-ins the entire time to stay accountable!)

3. Get bike ready for the summer- FAIL! I keep suggesting that we do but then Jerek and I get started on other projects around the house. Hopefully this weekend we can because Tracen has his big boy bike now and it would be great to go on a bike ride all together!

1. Stay on my Macros/Gym routine- I've talked about how I follow IIFYM lifestyle here but July is always my downfall month. With the holidays, summer vacation and my birthday I ALWAYS fall short in July. I let myself go and indulge in so.many.bbq's! Then I hate myself come August because I've gained weight, made excuses why I didn't work out and it's all gone to shit! This July that's NOT happening!

2. Restart Kayla Itsines plan- This goes hand in hand with number 1. Although it's technically 12 weeks the first month has always been the hardest for me and with it being the month of July, I need that swift kick in the ass! I saw a lot of progress the last time I did it (well, only made it to week 8 because July came around!) but I'm going full force in this time!

3. Finish my dressing room remodel/refresh- I alluded on Facebook a week or so ago that I was already sick of my dressing room and was changing it. So Jer helped me paint the walls, and ceiling (yes, the ceiling is NOT white!) and I finally have put it semi-back together but I need to get all the art work I want framed and hung. I also need to have a sit down with my sewing machine and explain to her that I didn't mean what I said last week and I won't give her to the dump, regardless of threats... But for real, these curtains are giving me a run for my money...

4. Plan Skylor's 2nd birthday- wait wha? I saaaawearrrr I was just planning his fist birthday!? This shit is killing me yo! That's another post for another day full of tears though! So the kid would marry the Bubble Guppies if he could so I'm thinking maybe something fun in our back yard with a small group and a Bubble Guppies theme would be nice, we'll see.

5. Renew license plate tabs & license- yes, this is a goal for the month. Why you ask, well because last year I waited like 3 months to do, got pulled over and had to explain to the officer how I totally forgot about my tabs because we had recently moved and the notice must have gone to my old house. i know what you're thinking, LIE! BUT, it's not a lie, well not totally a lie. They DID go to my old address...and then were forwarded to my new one...but I didn't think it was fair I had to pay $287 on my birthday for a sticker...so I waited. And then I got pulled over, got a $150 fee and had to pay both within 14 days. Good one Chelsea, good one! Anywho, this needs to be taken care of by July 8...FML

Cheers to July friends! We have about a kajillion birthdays to celebrate and I couldn't be more excited! See you Friday for a little fashion Friday post for all my fashionistas out there!