10 Things to Do While Your Toddler Takes a Bath

| picture from last year|

Last night I was sitting in the bathroom on the little wooden bench I always sit on when the kids take a bath. I grabbed my phone and started making a list of things I needed to get done before we leave for Colorado Friday morning. Before long I got distracted and started cleaning m makeup brushes., it needed to be done and I thought it was the perfect time since I was already in there. Plus, those things haven't seen soap and water for longer than I'd like to admit; perhaps that's why I'm breaking out so much? Anyway.

Friday Faves


Hello there and welcome to Friday, you've made it!

At least that's what I told myself this morning at 530 when my alarm was going off,


First Day of Kindergarten


Which one of these two kids started Kindergarten today?

Van Hoosen Farm Wedding

First post back after a long labor day weekend and I figured I spare you the first day of Kindergarten post until he actually has his first day, which is Thursday. Tracen's school has 8 kids come on Tuesday, 8 on Wednesday, 8 on Thursday and then all the kids on Friday. He's a Thursday kid so you'll be able to cry with me later on in the week, no worries.

5 Tips to Eating Out with Kids


Last night we decided to ditch the meal we had planned and grab some patio beers and dinner to enjoy what is left of this fabulous Michigan summer.

I hear it all the time, how do you eat out with kids? The answer is simple.

We go out to eat with kids.