13 years


7 months into our marriage seems like nothing compared to the last 13 years of dating. From a young and feisty 17 year old to an older and even more tenacious 30 year old, here we are. The years have flown by but the memories are so fresh in my head, it's like they always say, it feels like it was yesterday.

Favorite Cruelty Free Makeup


After getting back from the wedding I knew there were some big changes I wanted to start making and one of them was to start eating a plant based/vegan diet. It's been a little over 6 months and things are great! Many times when you say "I'm vegan" people jump down your throat and start saying then why do you wear leather, why do you use that makeup, etc, etc.

While I know my whole life isn't considered a "vegan lifestyle" which that alone is VERY hard to do, I do try as much as possible to avoid animal products and animal cruelty in the things I buy. So one of the steps I've been doing aside from eating a vegan diet, is to start and try to only use cruelty free makeup.

How Much is a Destination Wedding in Mexico?


I've gotten a ton of emails and comments on posts or photos asking how much our destination wedding and overall trip to Mexico cost so I figured I'd gather up all the receipts and emails and lay it all out for you. I did this for our pre-ception already and had a great response from people that liked to really see how much everything costs! When it comes to money I know some people don't like talking about it. However when I was researching destination weddings I'd get so annoyed when people wouldn't say how much things actually costs. How else are you suppose to get a clear idea!