Favorite Cruelty Free Makeup


After getting back from the wedding I knew there were some big changes I wanted to start making and one of them was to start eating a plant based/vegan diet. It's been a little over 6 months and things are great! Many times when you say "I'm vegan" people jump down your throat and start saying then why do you wear leather, why do you use that makeup, etc, etc.

While I know my whole life isn't considered a "vegan lifestyle" which that alone is VERY hard to do, I do try as much as possible to avoid animal products and animal cruelty in the things I buy. So one of the steps I've been doing aside from eating a vegan diet, is to start and try to only use cruelty free makeup.

This has been harder than I thought because some of my favorite mascaras, foundations and bronzers are not cruelty free. It's taken some research but I found out a lot of the stuff I'd already been using was not tested on animals so that made me feel a bit better.

If you ever wonder if something is tested on animals or not, you can go to the PETA website and it will tell you everything from beauty to cleaning products that are PETA approved and also if the product itself is vegan. Remember, you may use products that might have animal products IN them but are not tested on animals. I also recently went here to try and find makeup products to start looking more into that are cruelty free. You can type in any cosmetic company in the world and find out instantly, its amazing!

Take for instance Smashbox Cosmetics, they do NOT test on animals but some products do contain carmine, beeswax and honey. Find what you value in a company and their products and go from there. While I'm no where near 100% only using cruelty free products I'm slowly doing better. Any improvement is huge in my book.

I wanted to share a few different brands in high and low end price range spectrum, as well as give you some of my favorite products from those brands. Hopefully if you are looking into changing up some of your products to be cruelty free but don't know where to start hear you go!

It Cosmetics (middle-high end)
NYX (low-middle end)
The Body Shop (middle end)
Tarte Cosmetics (middle-high end)
Lush (middle end)
Too Faced Cosmetics (middle-high end)
E.L.F (low end) 
EcoTools (low-middle end)
Real Techniques (low-middle end) 

I hope this shows you that there are SO many different options out there to use that do not test on animals. As I try and move away from makeup that is cruelty free I'm also trying to do this with other beauty products. If you'd like to see what I'm using on my face, body and hair let me know because that has been much harder to do than makeup!

Happy Monday!


  1. Arbonne is a plant based cosmetic/skincare company as well! I'm in love with their foundation and makeup primer!

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