(Trace mean mugging me for even thinking that I'm allowed to kiss Skylor & not him)

I have a favorite child. It's true, I do.

My favorite child is the one that is not acting like an asshole when it's time to come inside. He goes to bed on time and doesn't put up a fight. The one that eats all the food at mealtime. He's the one that rarely talks back or throws a fit over absolutely nothing. Keeps the water in the bath tub when asked to do so and picks up his toys when he's done playing with them.

He's the one that can wipe his own ass, brush his own teeth and dress himself. He's the one that smiles so deep your heart melts deeper. He's the one that laughs the best, says I love you the sweetest and who gives the best hugs. He says sorry when he's wrong and he wants you to be happy.

If you didn't know, I've described both my kids.

My favorite kid changes by the day, the minute, the month. Every day there is always someone not listening, someone slamming cabinets and someone I can't wait to put to bed. Some days neither are my favorite and I want to lock myself in the bathroom and pretend I'm taking the longest poop known to mankind. But really, if I tried to do that they would all come barreling in looking for me so that wouldn't really work anyway.

"When I'm not near the kid I love...I love the kid I'm near" 
-Finians Rainbow

Sometimes my favorite kid is the dog. He never wastes food, doesn't need his ass wiped and sleeps really well. But he also can have accidents in the house, leave half eaten bones right in the middle of the hall where I step on half asleep. He will bark at the damn wind blowing and has eaten 100's of my underwear.

Sometimes my husband is my favorite kid, you know the one that makes me amazing dinners, can read my mind when I need a cocktail and will tackle any DIY project I throw at him. He can run the household while I'm gone at a bachlorette weekend, a trip for work or when I have a horrendous migraine. He takes the kids to run errands, does laundry and can cure my hangovers with Chipotle. 

And then sometimes there are no favorites. Each male annoys me to a point where I end up yelling CAN YOU ALL JUST LEAVE ME ALONE FOR A MINUTE!!! 

When all else fails, and no one is your favorite, I suggest walking around Target to watch other parents struggle with their kids. There's something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see other kids being assholes to their parents! I realize that sounds neurotic, but it makes me want to go home and jump right back into the madness I ran away from in the first place.


Tracen has on every shade of green imaginable but this is the cutest picture right?!

After a long year of the boys at opposite schools last year they are together again and no one loves this more than mom and dad! Two drop offs and pick ups are exhausting, so much in an out of the damn car it's real annoying.



Paris was exactly how I imagined it would be. It looked just like the movies and photos you see. It seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were strolling the streets of Paris, eating sweets by the Eiffel Tower or high up in the sky on the ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde.

We started our 2 week trip in London but I loved Paris so much I figured I'd write about it first. Who needs order of events anyways!

Lets first talk about how to get to Paris!



Whatcha drinkin?

Me, I'm sipping on an iced coffee with soy milk, sugar free vanilla and two shots of espresso.

A mouth full isn't it, but it's sooooo good!


July has been busy.


It's been a solid month of no post here on East Willow Grove.

Sorry bout that!

Would you believe I have about 7 posts written I just haven't pushed published, such is life.

I had links to fix and photos to edit, orders for the shop to ship out and then time, time got away from me.



School is officially over and somehow I got the same feeling I use to when I was little when Trace finished up!

Maybe that's because there isn't this rush for drop off and pick ups and we're back to only going to 1 location, 2 days a week! I never realized how exhausting kindergarten would be, but we'll save that for later post.



Like most people, I'm busy. In fact I don't know anyone that will honestly say "I'm not really that busy" If you know someone that would say that, send them way, I'd looove to talk to them and find out why they are so boring.


This year will be my 7th Mothers day celebrating with my little humans. While this day is always special I feel lucky to be their slave driver mom every day. Something I love doing is giving other people gifts! Whether its a small surprise for the kids that they've had their eyes on or a speaker Jerek's wants but doesn't need, I love to surprise people with gifts!

I've already gotten the Mom's in my life something special and it might just be on this page! Here are a few ideas for all types of mama's out there, in case you are in need of something for any women in your life!

NECKLACE by JenniferRex Jewelry: Get 5% off using code 'chelsea' at check out

SHIRT by me! East + Willow: Get 10% off using code mama2017 at check out

No matter what you do, make sure you tell the moms and women in your life how much you care and appreciate them. While gifts are nice to receive the company of others is the ultimate gift, so spend time with the ones you care about the most!


Hello hello hello! Its been a few weeks since we got home and while this weather has turned my frown upside down, I'd be lying if I wasn't wishing we were back in Paris laying in a park sipping on some cocktails while the kids ran around along with hundreds of other Parisians. Instead today I'm sitting at my desk in corporate America trying to see if I can buy tickets somewhere without Jerek going bonkers on me about finances. Oui!



We are back stateside from our 2 week European family trip and I'm feeling super refreshed! I love nothing more than coming back from a trip and feeling like a new women. My ideas and inspiration buckets are crazy full right now and I feel like I'm bursting at the seams with what is to come here at East Willow Grove (the blog and YouTube channel) and over at the shop; East + Willow!

This trip was a special one, it was to celebrate Jerek's golden birthday, 31 on March 31st. It was to celebrate our first year of marriage, it was to celebrate family and love and life in general. This last year has really flown by and many amazing things have happened. We've grown as a couple and as a family sharing ups and downs, tears and laughter. You hear so often that the first year is often the hardest. I went into this first year thinking we've been together for 13 how hard could this year be.



Last year about this time I was explaining how excited I was to head to Mexico, get married, and finally be done wedding planning. I'm here to say that I'm even more excited for this vacation than I was for our wedding!



Top of the mornin and Happy St. Patrick's day! 

Today I'm being a lame responsible adult & am at work all day and not drinking green beer, boring!

No worries though, pizza party Friday will commence later, accompanied by green beer so all is well.


It's no secret that I wear a ton of neutrals. It's easy and timeless and if we're honest, people tend to not notice how many times I wear the same black jeans all week. Or maybe you do, but who cares! Unlike a bright red blazer, neutrals can be worn over and over while mixing it up to create many different outfits.


I did a whole year of capsule wardrobes but have since stopped (more to come on that later) but I still try to be very intentional with my purchases. This is why neutrals are a big part of my life. Wearing neutrals doesn't mean you have to wear a black tee and jeans everyday; but by all means, do it if you'd like to!

I have a collection of basic, simple neutral tops that I rotate and layer every day. However I'm trying to find a few pieces that while still neutral, add something more to the outfit. This is where ruffles come in.


I'm not a the girliest girl, but I've been dying over these big sleeves and ruffles trend that I see popping up everywhere. I've put together some super simple, yet comfortable, outfits that can be worn running errands with kids, to the office and even on a night out; even if nights away from the kids are far and few! Some of the hardest times as a mom are when I st don't feel good about myself. Freshening up my wardrobe with pieces I can wear at home, to work or a night out can sometimes brighten up my mood in the strangest way!

Hope you like the looks as there is a little something for everyone! Are you loving ruffles too or is there a certain trend you're totally drawn too?





Every year I try and think of something that would benefit me and give it up for Lent. Some years I do it, some I don't. In the past I've given up coffee, alcohol, fast food, candy, etc; pretty standard things when it comes to what people give up.



I feel like a pregnant women in her third trimester, counting down the days till her due date, wishing she'd go into labor. Three weeks till we leave and I'm wishing these weeks would hurry up already.

When we booked our two week vacation to Europe people were shocked when we said we were bringing the kids. I was thoroughly confused to be honest. Traveling with kids is exhausting, believe me we've done it. We've gone to California, Colorado, DC, Mexico and all over Michigan with the kids.



A while back I did a series called hump day confessions. It was a big ole post about anything under the sun. It was random but I really liked it. I got rid of it when I started having Wedding Talk Wednesdays while planning the wedding. Since that has finished up I wanted to bring the Wednesday chats back. This time with a new title, but same feeling.


I think I've finally beaten this sickness that has consumed my life for the last 3 or more weeks. No thanks to the doctors prescribing meds that work, that's for sure!

Sickness Loves Company


5 Ways to Save Money for a Trip


Whats up Wednesday, how youuuuuu doin!

Attention anyone that gives AF but we have less than 2 months till we leave for our big family trip to London, Paris and NYC! So saving saving SAVING has been on our mind every waking hour! Saving and also where the hell we're going to stay keep me up at night but that's a topic for a different day.



It's Friday, can I get a wahooooo! Points if you said it like Vicky from the Real housewives!

London, Paris and New York City

london-paris-new york city

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to focus on the next big and exciting thing...

2017 Goals


In 2016 I set some goals and I had been meaning to check back and hold myself accountable but really didn't. We got married, we went to weddings, we traveled, we had hard times, we had good times and well, life happened and I never really went back to them. Until today, today I went back and thought, what the hell was I suppose to try and do this last year again?