I feel like a pregnant women in her third trimester, counting down the days till her due date, wishing she'd go into labor. Three weeks till we leave and I'm wishing these weeks would hurry up already.

When we booked our two week vacation to Europe people were shocked when we said we were bringing the kids. I was thoroughly confused to be honest. Traveling with kids is exhausting, believe me we've done it. We've gone to California, Colorado, DC, Mexico and all over Michigan with the kids.



A while back I did a series called hump day confessions. It was a big ole post about anything under the sun. It was random but I really liked it. I got rid of it when I started having Wedding Talk Wednesdays while planning the wedding. Since that has finished up I wanted to bring the Wednesday chats back. This time with a new title, but same feeling.

Weekly Wrapup

I think I've finally beaten this sickness that has consumed my life for the last 3 or more weeks. No thanks to the doctors prescribing meds that work, that's for sure!

Sickness Loves Company