Hello hello hello! Its been a few weeks since we got home and while this weather has turned my frown upside down, I'd be lying if I wasn't wishing we were back in Paris laying in a park sipping on some cocktails while the kids ran around along with hundreds of other Parisians. Instead today I'm sitting at my desk in corporate America trying to see if I can buy tickets somewhere without Jerek going bonkers on me about finances. Oui!



We are back stateside from our 2 week European family trip and I'm feeling super refreshed! I love nothing more than coming back from a trip and feeling like a new women. My ideas and inspiration buckets are crazy full right now and I feel like I'm bursting at the seams with what is to come here at East Willow Grove (the blog and YouTube channel) and over at the shop; East + Willow!

This trip was a special one, it was to celebrate Jerek's golden birthday, 31 on March 31st. It was to celebrate our first year of marriage, it was to celebrate family and love and life in general. This last year has really flown by and many amazing things have happened. We've grown as a couple and as a family sharing ups and downs, tears and laughter. You hear so often that the first year is often the hardest. I went into this first year thinking we've been together for 13 how hard could this year be.