Easy No Heat Hair Style

April is almost over and as the old saying goes, April showers brings May flowers. Or if you were here a week ago we were welcomed home from Mexico with snow showers…in April. sigh. The weather shaped up soon after and it’s in full on spring mode here in Michigan! I am always looking for ways to style my hair on rainy days instead of my standard messy bun and I figured perhaps you are too!

As a mother of two time is of the essence so I need things to be quick and easy. This hairstyle is just that! This look is what I call my tuck and go! It’s easy to do, doesn’t take much practice and girls with all lengths of hair are able to do this look.



Tools/Supplies: Brush | Back combing brush | Headband | Root spray | Bobby pins | Hair spray


Steps 1-4: (1) Start off by brushing your hair out, getting rid of any knots. (2) Take 1-2 inch sections on the top of your head.  Spray sections with the L’Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray (3) Back comb your hair. Do this to the entire top half of your hair, this will give you lots of volume. (4) Lighting comb everything down to prepare for the headband


Steps 5-8: (5) Take your headband and gently place on top of your head. Do NOT pull your hair out, you need to leave it as is for the tucking part. (6) Take small sections and start tucking 

them into the back of the headband. (7) Take bobby pins and secure hair into headband (if needed.) (8) Spray with hairspray to finish off the look!


I love this style because it’s a perfect look for running errands with my kids or a night our with my husband without letting a little rain get in the way! You can try this with second day hair or always curl the bangs that are left out for a different vibe as well!



  1. Gracia
    11.06.16 / 2:10 pm

    I have short and thin hairs, so I am passionate about using synthetic wigs, as they help me to style my hairs in a unique fashion.

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