The First Month of Marriage

|Taking pictures after the wedding-photographer- Monroe Fox Photography |

Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy 1 month of wedded bliss! 

While I update you with what has been going on this last month I’m adding in photos from my camera from our trip. What is a blog post without photos right? (not a real blog post I say!)

I’m here to tell you nothing has changed. Not even my last name. I haven’t even changed my name on Facebook, never mind going to the secretary of state and starting that whole headache!


|Swimming with Dolphins Cove|


| The one and only, Jenny from Monroe Fox Photography|

This last month has been busy! We started demo-ing our back family room and Jerek is currently driving around with a ton of bricks in the back of his truck that need to go to the dump (no really it weighs probably a ton!) We got flooring quotes and started talking about paint colors, fireplace layouts and new furniture. Trying to keep kids and a dog out of that space is tiring.


| Groomsmen lookin like babes|


|Skylor puked this up about 30 minutes later on the bus|


|Now Jade Resort|

I started taking more lash extension clients, working on videos for myself and for others and getting ready for wedding season as my schedule is booking up with shoots! I snuck away for a girls weekend in Traverse City a couple weekends ago for a bachlorette party. Tracen started soccer and we have been running around like crazy people trying to get home from work on time, get everyone changed, fed and off to practices and games; it’s been exhausting but I’m excited for warm weather soccer!


| My ride or dies- Allie, Valentijn, Elyse & Blake|


|The boat Jerek lost his wedding ring on…two days after the wedding|

I paid off two credit cards, have managed not to use them, and am working on the other two! Slowly but surely, right! I’ve amped up my t-shirt production time in my Etsy shop and have been having orders come in left and right. I also started designing a couple new ones to add to the summer lineup.


| Allie & Valentijn| 

I have a surprise trip booked out of the state for a belated birthday and wedding gift for Jerek at the beginning of June and it’s taking everything in me to not tell him where we’re going and what we’re doing; I’m not very good at holding in surprises! We got rid of cable and are saving almost $130/month by just having internet and Netflix, I’m excited to see that savings start! We also started watching a new show; Game of Thrones and I’m loving it surprisingly!


|Jerek tearing up during the best man speech|


|My babe of babes|

Over all this last month has been a little hectic post wedding! As we try to figure out this next house project we’re doing, how to manage our schedules with the kids and to remember to make time for each other. We are still the same parents, I still yell when no one listens to me. I still wear my retainers and sweats to bed. I don’t shower any more than I did before and I don’t try to impress Jerek with any ‘wife like super powers’ you gain after saying I do!



  1. 08.28.16 / 5:58 am

    So in April, my husband and I had our wedding reception here and we both have no regrets with choosing this venue. I am still receiving compliments from all our guests. The food at New York wedding venues was delicious from appetizer to dessert.

  2. 05.06.16 / 1:19 am

    I love all of the pics, you guys have been so busy lately!! We have also gotten rid of cable, this is our 2nd month and I love it already! Happy 1 month weddingversary!

  3. 05.06.16 / 1:19 am

    I love all of the pics, you guys have been so busy lately!! We have also gotten rid of cable, this is our 2nd month and I love it already! Happy 1 month weddingversary!

  4. 05.05.16 / 9:51 pm

    I teared up seeing that picture of Jerek!!! ❤️❤️

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