First Day of Kindergarten


Which one of these two kids started Kindergarten today?

In case you weren’t sure, that’s Jerek on the left! His mom sent him that photo this morning after seeing Tracen’s online, how nuts is it?!

Does this not make you wonder if Jerek just made this kid on his own because there are about .0001 Chelsea genes in this kid! Okay, I’ll take credit for his blue eyes, freckles and stubbornness but

I want you to know that I cried today, multiple times. I said I wouldn’t but I did. 

I wore waterproof mascara though, gotta plan in advance for this kinda shit.

Tracen was born a month early and 5.5 years ago as I cried in the NICU wondering if we would get to come home for Christmas, I had no idea what these last 5 years would look like.


How is it possible we went from that.. now this!


Tracen’s school does staggered start with kindergartners. So 8 kids start Tuesday, 8 Wednesday, 8 Thursday and then everyone on Friday. Today was his first day. We’ve been talking it up for a few weeks now and he’s seemed fine. Last night and this morning he seemed nervous though.

I contemplated calling up to the school to ask how he’s doing > < Then I realized my aunt, who is a kindergarten teacher, would tell me not to so I refrained from doing so. 

I thought about it aunt Peg, I thought about it!

So here I am being that annoying parent all you kid-less people are complaining about behind social media handles. 

Cheers to the first of many first day of school pictures together!




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    awe, so sweet!!! he's just the cutest (with a very cute personality!) i just received my tank top! i LOVE it. thank you so much

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