Hello hello hello! Its been a few weeks since we got home and while this weather has turned my frown upside down, I’d be lying if I wasn’t wishing we were back in Paris laying in a park sipping on some cocktails while the kids ran around along with hundreds of other Parisians. Instead today I’m sitting at my desk in corporate America trying to see if I can buy tickets somewhere without Jerek going bonkers on me about finances. Oui!


[Streets of London]

A few weeks before we left I did an un-boxing on Instagram stories on the JOOVY Twin Groove Umbrella Stroller, we were going to be taking with us. I think I showed you every nut and bolt that was on that thing! I wanted to come back and give you a full review on how it held up with traveling on 3 international flights, a high speed train and all the buses, undergrounds, elevators, spiral staircases and Ubers we dragged in on in or over!

I won’t lie, I used it the other day at the store and the stroller has taken a BEATING! From the amount Uber trunks its been in and out of, the stairs it didn’t really fit up but we made it fit to the corners we shoved it in because European living means small spaces and zero storage it’s rough but amazing!


[New York]

I’ll start off by saying we got SO.MANY.LOOKS. I don’t think anyone in Europe uses double strollers, unless you have twins that are under the age of 2 maybe. If you can walk in London or Paris you rode a scooter or walked like a civilized human with your parents. So to see a 3 and 6 year old being schlepped along the busy streets I think is where the looks started. For us it was a no brainer that we needed a stroller with us! I’ll be damned if my 6 year old gets cranky because he’s tired of walking around and we miss out on all the sites we wanted to see. What about when both kids fall asleep and you look over and there’s an outdoor patio that is screaming COME SIT AND HAVE COCKTAILS! You don’t say no to those types of calls, you just don’t! 


[Paris train station]

Without the stroller we wouldn’t have been able to cover nearly as much ground as we did (5-7 miles a day I would say) or pop into as many corner cafes for mid day treats, or be able to strap those manics in when the crowds were horrendous and I was at my wits end and anxiety running through my veins!



Overall, this was an amazing lightweight, double stroller to travel around with. Our kids are older and heavier than what I would assume most parents using this stroller. We really put it to a test with the constant folding it up to get down stairs, in elevators, taxis and Ubers. The durability is outstanding and the fact that it is suitable for kids weighing 12-100 lbs (50lbs per seats) is amazing! I’m excited to take this with us this year on more trips with the kids this year!


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