I don’t know about you but this rainy weekend weather in Michigan made me uber lazy! We basically couch jumped from room to room watching movies and eating all the snacks we could get our paws on. The only productive thing I really did was work at a Mom2Mom sale Saturday morning where I sold off all the unused baby items we had stockpiling in our basement. Otherwise, I did jack shit.

The weekend prior we were in super fall mode. We packed up and met Jerek’s sister and family out at Blake’s Cider Mill for an extremely warm and glorious day of hard cider drinking and apple picking. Blake’s is a go to for us every year and we usually get pumpkins there but it was a little too early this time around.



Amy beat us out there and grabbed a mixed 6 pack of hard ciders for us to try upon arrival. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever had hard cider before then, which is strange but it totally reminded me of a sweeter champagne, insert *heart emoji eyes* I think you can buy the hard cider that they make in local stores as well, but don’t quote me on that!

Tyler has been known to high kick many things in his day and despite a kidney stone making him moody he attempted to perform his usual antics apple picking, while Amy boomeranged him of course. Sky fell asleep so I forced Jerek into an improve photo shoot. Which totally reminded me, we need to get new family photos taken since the last ones were in Mexico at our wedding, oui!



I already made two batches of vegan apple crisp with these apples and they were amazing! I also made one batch gluten free by using GF flour and it was just as good! This weekend I’m off to Traverse City for a girls weekend so it was really nice to just relax with the boys these last two! But it’s Monday and back to the grind. Only 37 days till Black Friday so I must leave you to work on things for the shop! Happy Monday!


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