Technically, we already went but I just felt like that was an appropriate title, ya know?

There is nothing like a vacation to recharge you! In case you missed it, we went to Florida/Disney World last week!

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to complete a blog post in its entirely. Life, kids, work, same old same old I swear, it’s always something.

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from the vacation, as cliche as that sounds, I swear when you travel with kids it feels like that when you get home. Now imagine that feeling and double it after traveling and coordinating with 12 other family members.

Don’t get me wrong, the trip was amazing but it’s exhausting traveling with that many people! It was 100% easier with 2 kids for 2 weeks across 3 countries last year! None the less, going to Disney 16 years since my last visit was very memorable!

I’m currently editing the vlog from that week but wanted to share some photos with you for now. I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait till the video is finished so you can experience going on the roller coasters and water slides with us, yes I vlogged it all. Until then!

|Waiting for the limo to arrive|

|Disney Springs @ The Boathouse |

|Donut smash before the ferry ride-praying for no puking!|

|Doing it for the gram||Magic Kingdom| |Pool day @ the condo| |Coco Beach||Skylor in the ocean AND touching sand!!!! HUGE DAY FOR OUR SKY SKY!| |Animal Kingdom|  |Raegan losing her mind meeting Daisy, the photo doesn’t do it justice!|

|Blizzard Beach-conquering more fears!| |Sky, in a tube, going down a water slide alone, LIKE A BOSSSS!!!| I want to make a note that I most def did not have to include this last photo, but more so I wanted to include it. Perhaps its not the most flattering photo of myself nor am I 100% comfortable in my own skin but I’m having fun with my family and they were so excited about this bucket full of ice cream.

I also wanted to tell you that these bathing suit bottoms DO flatter me because I can hike them up as high as I want a show a little bootay or I can make them into shorts. Anywho, just wanted to throw that out there! We only get one body and while I’m attempting to take care of it and work out, I also refuse to sit sidelines anywhere.



  1. Jessica Rickabus
    05.18.18 / 6:48 pm

    Chelsea, you seriously look soooo good!! And thank you for keeping it REAL. A big reason why I enjoy reading your blogs is because I can count on you to actually keep it real. Very rare these days. ❤️

    • eastwillowgrove
      05.19.18 / 8:21 am

      you’re so sweet! I try to, sometimes my lack of filter can be a bit much but it’s me 🙂

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