Hey there!

I'm Chelsea, author and creator behind East Willow Grove. I live in a house full of boys in Metro Detroit, Michigan. I met my husband, Jerek, in middle school, we’ve literally grown up together! We started dating our senior year of high school and did the long distance college thing for 5 years until we graduated in 2009. Soon after, we found out we were pregnant and welcomed our first son Tracen a month early on December 21, 2010. Next to follow was Skylor, who we welcomed 3 weeks early on July 29, 2013.

While on maternity leave I started to get lost in motherhood with two young kids. Jonesing for something more than just dudes in diapers, I started East Willow Grove, the blog & YouTube channel. I wanted to document the journey of motherhood and not forget the moments everyone told me I would. I believe that life should always be captured; the good, the bad and the absolutely insane.

While I’m not for everyone and my mouth can be a little feisty, I like to think that everyone can find something here to watch or read! From parenting topics, personal stories to style segments or our travel diaries, East Willow Grove is a place where I share it all, unfiltered and unedited.


In the midst of chaos, I thrive, otherwise I can get bored. 


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