First things first...

Hi, Hello, Guten Tag! 

I'm Chelsea or as others call me, Chellyboobookins, Chellybean, mama bear or beach angel and by others I mean my boyfriend of ALMOST 10 years (November 18th, to be exact!).  Friends and family call me Chel, how original.

My boyfriend is the bees knees and is my high school sweetheart, how cute right! More importantly he is THE most amazing dad to our two beautiful boys and keeps me sane when I loose my shit from time to time; it happens a lot!

I have a bachelors degree in German and International Business from the beautiful college of Grand Valley State.  Oh you've never heard of it? Well it's more recently seen on E! News for taking down their "wrecking ball" because of miss Miley's famous video, nice job GV, nice job.

I live in a house FULL of boys. Let me introduce you to them all. First there is the boyfriend, Jerek, jerrycakes,booboo, or better known as Jerbear (he's going to kill me if he knows I wrote that for the whole internet to read, sorry boo!) As I've already said we've been dating for ALMOST 10 years (with a few timeouts here and there.) 

My first baby was at 21 and I was a single mom to this fur baby,which Jer will STILL not adopt, how rude! His name is Ducati. Short story, I wanted a dog, my roommate found this little black fur ball on a flyer at the bar, yes you read that right. So without ever so kindly telling Jerek what I was doing, we went to this couples house, put a deposit down, and came back for the dog when he was 8 weeks old. His name is Ducati, and he is a little shithead! No literally, he's been eating dirty diapers around the house full of shit, so sick! (Yes, my dog is smiling, doesn't yours??)

Flash forward 3 years and some odd months later and we had graduated from college, we were both working two jobs when we were blessed with our first blonde beauty, Tracen.  Born on December 21, 2010, a month early, he was in the NICU for 10 days. It was the longest 10 days of my entire life.  He came home on December 31st, just in time to celebrate New Years Eve as a family. He is a stud muffin and daddy's mini.

As you can see I don't really follow the traditional route of get married, buy a house and then have kids. We like
to keep things spicy so we started trying for another babe and just recently welcomed Skylor into our crazy lives on July 29, 2013, 3 weeks early but extremely healthy (no NICU, hooray!)

I'd show you pictures of our two fish, Henri and Stanley, but sadly I've killed them; twice, so I will leave their photos off out as of respect. R.I.P. we hardly knew ye'. (Another thing I just "brought home" with out running it by Jerek first, you'll see I do this a lot!)

So between all the diapers, farts and little boy parts, is me, Chelsea Leigh.  A full-time working mama in the auto industry, who has a slight obsession for clothing, make-up, jewelry and her family. I'm a lover of laughter and Starbucks.  I hate showering and I curse a little too often.  I take far too many pictures and over share about my bowel movements. One day we will get married but for now we are enjoying our ride together. So grab a venti iced coffee, with soy and sugar free carmel and read on because life waits for no one.

XO Chelsea