three month update.

Sky Sky, you are the apple of my little blue eyes! I will probably say this every month, but for real real, where the H has the time gone! Lets do a little recap because mama is a bad mama and doesn't have a baby book for you yet. Second child syndrome, poor guy, hand me downs and no baby book, what's a kid to do!

[This cute onesie is part of a set that was a gift from one of my very best girlfriends! Unfortunately I did not have it in time to take my 1 and 2 month pictures but they are SO cute! Here is the link to her Etsy store as she has tons of cute kiddo stuff!]

WEIGHT: 14lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 25 1/2 inches

SLEEPING: goes down at 930pm and sleeps till about 2-3am, grabs a bottle and passes back out till about 6-7am. NOTE: this kid sleeps WAY better than Tracen did at this age!!!

EATING: depends on the day but usually eats every 2-3 hours, about 4 ounces each sitting. When nursing he rarely gets enough and falls asleep, then wakes up pissed 30 min later and wants more. I tend to nurse more on the weekends and at nights when I have more time to accommodate this sassy pants of an eater!

FAVORITE MOMENTS: the smiles are more regular and the chub rolls on your legs are bigger and better than ever!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: your sassyness from 7-930pm when we are trying to put your brother to bed. Your ass also smells like your fathers when you fart ever so loudly! But really I enjoy these moments as well :)

**Me and the boys at the 'Spooktacular' this past weekend. The kids walk around to all the local shops and trick or treat and the parents kids eat the candy. and yes, Jer slaved over this red race car that Tracen said he wanted to be for months only to wear it for this picture and then make daddy carry it while he snagged candy with Grammy. Sky slept the whole time, go figure**

Love you Sky Sky (insert Rachel Zoe voice)