10 Things I hate

My mom always told me that hate is a very strong word so be careful how you use it. So now at the ripe age of 27 I make sure I really mean it when I say it. If you are guilty of any of these things, we might not be able to be friends. Minus number five, as I'm happily stuck living with that offender.

ONE: I hate when you buy something from Forever 21 and it becomes your absolute favorite top and after a few wears it falls apart at the seams and you get so pissed off because you can't understand how a shirt that cost $17.80 falls apart just like that, that shit is weak! [Yes that was one sentence]

TWO: Gas Prices. Theres no reason for it to go up and down 30 cents in 24 hours, absolute horse shit!

THREE: Feet. Why on earth did God make people with weird feet. WHY!!!

FOUR: People that talk about how they have to thin their hair out because its too thick. I'm over here, throwing weave in left and right, hoping I don't look like Kim Kardashian soon with all her bald spots.

FIVE: The way Jer cleans his ears out. Sticking one Q-tip in each ear and then twisting both at the same time. There is something about the motion of it all that makes me cringe! And he ALWAYS makes sure I'm around and stares at me when he does it!

SIX: When I sneeze and people around me don't say bless you, so rude!

SEVEN: How kids clothes ALWAYS shrink a size smaller, no matter the brand. I did not buy a 3T to have it REALLY be a 2T.

EIGHT: The Secretary of State office.  I can't STAND being there!!! I could care less if I got a brand new Porsche that I need to register, I HATE standing in line there! Okay I'm lying about the Porsche part.

NINE: People that drive UNDER the speed limit when its 70 and sunny out. I'm the first person to drive like a grandma when it's snowy in the mittin but DAMN people! At LEAST drive the speed limit under normal circumstances!

TEN: People that cut their nails at work. I am surrounded by them at work and I will get the balls to tell them to do that shit at home...one day.