Five on Friday

If you live in the Midwest or East Coast you know that a few weeks ago we had a snowmageddon, snowapocalypse, snow storm. It's winter guys, it snows in Michigan. People were damn straight off their rockers, clearing out grocery stores, buying snow blowers, water, can foods, igloos! It did get a tad cold but you wouldn't catch me posting pictures of the -10 weather on my instagram or twitter, instead I called into work, stayed home with the boys and drank a ton of coffee and watched movies in my sweats for days on end.  As much as I enjoyed not leaving the house Tracen was going bat shit stir crazy. I hear we are suppose to see another one of these "storms" this next week so stay inside guys!

With it only being January and living in Michigan we have about 3-4 more months of winter left. *gag me* 


  • Bon Iver
  • Ron Pope
  • Ben Rector
  • American Authors
  • Seven Lions


This tea is one of my faves. Thanks to Rachel Talbott for this recommendation, I just can't get enough! 


I myself could eat chocolate chip pancakes every morning but lately Tracen has been on a colored pancake kick. I figure that whatever way I can get this kid to eat breakfast is fine by me. Insert food coloring + pancake mix. I make a ton of small ones so we a stash in the fridge for snacks.  These haven't been lastly more than 3 days in our house!

Washing my hair is just so unappealing to me because I HATE blow drying it with a passion. Meet my best friend, dry shampoo.  Sometimes we are together 4 days in a row. Don't judge!


Jer and I have Monday off and daycare is open. Do you know what that means??? DATE DAY!!! These days are better than date NIGHTS because we don't have to feel like we are imposing on family to watch them. We also have over 8 hours of time to ourselves to do whatever the hell we want! Me, I want to go see Frozen. Oh and day drink. Or possibly go to Emagine movie theater and do both! We'll see what Jer thinks of my plan.