Manicure Monday

I couldn't tell you the last time I paid someone to give me a manicure. Honestly, its been over a year that I've been doing my own nails and that is for a few reasons. First and foremost, it's hella expensive! Depending on where you go it can cost you $13-$20 for a regular manicure and I for one am not down to pay that EVERY week! Second, I can honestly file and paint my own nails just as good, if not better than the ladies that do my nails. So with that being said, I paint my nails an awful lot. I change the polish very often and try out different shapes and new nail art designs, curtsy of Jen. This is something I enjoy doing so I have a decent amount of colors to choose from. Although I've watched many nail polish collections on Youtube, I am no way shape or form on that level but I do probably have about 50 different colors.

Todays manicure is a combo of two drugstore polishes. I'm pretty partial to my Essie and OPI polish but I'e found some great drugstore ones as well. Both of these brands are high quality for a mere $2.99 each.

Colors Used:

||All over color-'Dance in the dark' by Julie G||

||Accent nail-'Waiting for my Solo' by Wet n Wild||

While I almost refuse to pay for someone to paint the nails on my hands, I RARELY do a pedicure myself. First and foremost, I HATE feet.  I also hate the process of washing, clipping, filing, buffing, and painting my toes while hunched over my boney kneecap trying to make sure I do a good job on those little guys.  I do tip really well though, I mean, I'm pretty sure no manicurist really WANTS to give pedicures, it's just part of the business. So save yourself an Andrew Jackson and learn how to give yourself an at home manicure, I promise, you won't be disappointed!