Monthly Favorites| Teething

Teething is a bitch. There is no light way to put it. I looked back in Tracens baby book and his first tooth poking through his gums was at 6 months, so well see how long it takes Sky. I'm predicting in the next few weeks well see/feel something or at least I'm hoping! This kid is a MONSTER droller and hand sucker. His poor poor checks and fist are so raw from a combo of sucking on them and this crap ass winter weather.  I've been putting Vaseline on his cheeks and hand and then a sock over his hand. He looks so helpless but I don't want anything chapping or bleeding so a sock hand it is!

One of my favorite blogs to read for monthly baby favorites (and in general) is littlebabygarvin.  She always has great items that I already use or ones I've been eyeing to try, I trust her judgment, I also secretly want Tracen to meet Harper! I've compiled my current favorites of all teething related items that have helped me on a daily basis with Sky.


1. These keys are great on its own but put them in the fridge or freezer for a little bit and you are good to go. I also throw them in the diaper bag as it is a good toy/teether to keep him busy while out running errands.

2. I hadn't heard of these when pregnant with Tracen so this was my first time trying them. I had a coupon for Target so I snatched them up. There are about 100 in a pack and you can give 2-3 tablets, up to 4 times a day. I've only done 2 tablets, twice a day so far, once in the morning and once right before bedtime. It seems to take the edge off but not knock the kid out, which is what I want!

3.This is another thing that I didn't have for Tracen. I bought mine at a local natural boutique and have had it on him since he was 2 weeks old. It does not chock him and if he ever pulled on it, which Tracen had once, the clasp automatically pulls apart and the necklace drops off. Plus each bead is individually tied on so there will never be a ton of beads rolling around on the floor if anyone tugs on it and it falls off. I know some people say they can tell when their child(ren) aren't wearing it compared to when they are, but I haven't taken it off him so I don't know how he would be without it. I do think it has helped as he just chews on things and never really cries while teething.

4. These are just your basic teething rings. I like these better than the larger rings though as they are easier for Sky to get his little lips and gums around. Tracen never liked the big rings I bought because he could never really 'teeth' on them.

5. I picked up this little elephant guy for Sky's stocking this year. This is another thing I throw in my diaper bag as a toy/teether. Plus it's easy to wipe down when Tracen thinks its his and puts his grimy little lips all over it.

I really wish kids were born with teeth. I would take the risk of nursing with a mouth of teeth over the long process of teething any day!!