six month update

|6 months in my belly vs. 6 months out of my belly|

WEIGHT: 17.5lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 27.5 inches

SLEEPING: We slowly started putting you in your crib for naps and in the beginning of the night to help you get use to it.  I'll have you know though, I want you to sleep in bed with us forevvvverrrr, daddy says he wants his snuggle buddy back though!  You then wake up screaming, longing for me (or so I like to think!) and I bring you back into bed with us to eat and snuggle you silly. You then wake up as happy as can be, full of smiles and laughter and I forgot how you woke up every 90 minutes throughout the night and love on you until I have to leave for work. In all honesty though, the schedule goes like this:

830pm-feed, put down in crib
1230/1am- wake up screaming, feed, try and put back in bed, fails, bring in bed
330am- wake up, try and rub belly to sleep
430am- wake up, try and rub belly/skin to skin and go back to sleep
530am-wake up, feed, falls back asleep
645/7am-wake up smiling, full of life and usually just in a diaper because I took your jammies off in the middle of the night because you were a sweaty mess!

EATING: We started some solids this month as the kid is never full it seems! Last month we were just doing oatmeal once in the morning and now we do oatmeal and a fruit (banana, apples or prunes) in the morning (around 10am after his morning nap-gotta get that poop chute flowin!), sweet potato or avocado at dinner (around 7pm) and bottles in between. Bottles are about 5 ounces. I made all Tracens food and I am doing the same thing with Sky. It's so easy and cost close to nothing compared to baby jarred organic food and this way I know what I'm feeding him because I am doing it all. I do have a few organic pouches of Happy Baby for when we are on the go or away from the house for long periods of time.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: The way Tracen and Sky are interacting lately is so cute! Tracen will bring toys and put them on Skylor's Bumbo or highchair tray and Sky will reach for and play with them and giggle with excitement! Tracen likes being the one to bring him toys, diapers, you name it, he has it known that HE is the helper!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: Mommy meltdowns. I am getting real worked up lately when you wake up screaming and I can't soothe you with a feeding, paci or skin to skin. It's a wake up call when Tracen can tell me WHAT hurts, WHAT is wrong or WHEN he is hungry and you can't, it breaks my heart. Then there is Tracen who is a three year old little boy and drives me nuts sometimes! I feel like I'm going to loose my shit any day now. Between you not being able to tell me what you want and Tracen not listening I've been having some major meltdowns lately and I hate it quite frankly!  You also HATE with a capital H, tummy time, you are honestly the opposite of Tracen in every way possible, besides your looks, which are a spitting imagine of him!

FIRSTS: Solids, sleeping in your crib, sitting in your big boy highchair. You also shit yourself up into your belly button, all over our bed, pillows and dads sweatshirt.

LIFE CURRENTLY : Today is Mimi (my mom) and my cousin Tiffany's birthday so you share your half birthday with them. I think I said this last month but life is hectic! We are trying to decide if we want to start looking for houses again and when we are going to plan a family vacation. Mommy and daddy have both been spending long hours at work and are exhausted when we get home. The amount of snow has kept everyone inside and our cabin fever is at an all time high! Tracen started swimming lessons with Cousin Griffin and is not a huge fan, hopefully this summer we can get both of you into the pool together! I'm looking forward to spring time with flowers and rain, because rain is better than snow! I'm excited to start going to the park again and for warm weather! I'm excited for you to start sitting up and interacting more with Tracen and crawling and teaching you sign language like we did with Tracen. It's crazy that it's already been 6 months, time has flown by!