Workout Schedule

Last month I talked about my January goals which you can find here if you want to read. One of them being 'get a work out plan together and actually stick to it.' Here is what I've figured out that will best fit my lifestyle as a full-time working mother of 2 that suffers from laziness and having too much on her plate at once. It's a real condition, I swear.

The Answer: small, concentrated workouts

The reason this will work for me is because of the above. I get up at 530/545am as it is and I REFUSE to get up any earlier than that to work out. I need SOME sleep to function and Sky doesn't sleep through the night like all you other lucky moms of a 5 month old. I also need a schedule, some type of structure, to push me. I can't just say every night after dinner I will work out. I have to have a plan as to exactly what I'm doing or I won't do it. So below is what I've come up with as a schedule, which was half the battle. Sticking to it is a whole other story and a conversation at a later date.

So here it is folks!


These are hard days. The beginning of the week where you dread going to work, let alone getting out of bed! This will get you excited for the week and excited that it's half way to the weekend! It's a great full body workout that gets all limbs moving.


These days I do the morning workout below, right before I shower. Then I will do my Jillian Michael's 30 day shred at night. Or if I'm really feeling feisty, in the morning (this will probably NEVER happen because as I said above, I NEED my sleep!)

Bootay time! I should have also explained that I really want to work on my bubble butt...that I don't have...but want! You know, that real nice bootay that looks good in oh ANYTHING.

I've found a lot of these workouts through other blogs and Pinterest and have taken bits and pieces and put together my own plans. I then, printed each of these out so I can easily refer to what I need to do that day and not get on my laptop to search for them, which might will lead me to be on Youtube, watching hours of videos and NOT working out. I also keep these workout cards in the same spot, next to my weights, so I always know where they are. (TIP: If you don't know what a certain workout term means IE: Burpee, bridge, etc, Youtube that shit, don't just guess!)

Another thing I've found that is helpful is Spotify! They have workout play lists that are amazing. You no longer have to stop what you are doing to change a song because 'Train-Marry Me' comes on and you're sobbing like a baby...Just me?

I plan on making more workout cards once I try out more things but for now, this works.  In the days or weeks to come I might get real ballsy and show some 4 weeks post baby bod pictures compared to now and hopefully there is some improvement. We can then revisit the pictures at a later date and maybe I will look like this, but probably not. Oh and if you are wondering why there is nothing for Sunday, that's because I rarely get out of my sweats on Sundays. So unless I'm feeling real feisty will I even attempt to work out on these holy days.