5 on Friday: Things I Don't Have Time For

Happy Valentines Day! 

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here is really what I've been thinking about. Things I don't have time for! I know it's Valentines day and all but last night I was stressed out after work, between looking at houses and taking care of these maniac children I had a bad mom moment.

I had every intention to print off these cute valentines I found on Pinterest this past

week to have Trace color them for his class and guess what.

I forgot. I almost forgot Valentines all together. Thankfully,

Jer's mom is super Grammy and reminded me, PHEW!

So we did what 95% of the other moms and dads do and Jer ran into Walgreens,

got a box of Cars Valentines [with tattoos, duh!] and we took them home.

I was having Trace sign them with just a 'T' and then I got

stressed out because he was drawing all over them. 

I know, I know, he's 3, but my OCD brain just wouldn't turn off!

It got me thinking that I really don't have time for some things. So if you want to come over,

work for free, we will pay you in fresh baked goods. Fair trade off right? right.

1. PEEING: In my January Goals post I talked about drinking more water.  I've kept this goal rather well but I've noticed I have to pee every 45 minutes. That just doesn't work with my schedule. Catheter anyone?

2. LAUNDRY: I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother is on this same wave length. NEVER.CAUGHT.UP.

3. DOG SHIT: Lets face it. It's winter. That stuff freezes. You will not catch me out there with a baggie in my backyard picking up kaka when I could be doing other things...like laundry.

4.SLEEPING: When you sleep, you then don't have time to pee, do laundry or pick up dog shit. Never mind the fact I have a 6 month old that likes to party every three hours and there is no room for me in bed.

5. THE HOMELAND FINALE: Guy's I don't even want to really talk about this. I am FINALLY caught up from about 5 weeks ago and can I just say that ending was GARBAGE! I wish I didn't even watch it. Hashtag disappointment.