February Goals

I'd really like to say that January just flew by but this month was a mega bitch and seemed to drag on forever. In Michigan we got over 50+ inches of snow and the commute to work was at times 2 hours to go 18 miles. I know, I know, people in Atlanta were leaving cars on the side of the road, shit someone even gave birth on the 285 or something like that. But seriously January was so annoying. Between calling into work that I was going to be late because of the snow and fighting with Tracen about shitting in his underwear I'm exhausted.

Lets recap January goals:

1. No more buying Starbucks (I CHEATED A FEW TIMES)
2. No more buying dumb shit at work (COMPLETE!)
3. Quick gym membership & work out at home at least 3 days a week (Quit gym membership but only do about 2 days a week, so far!)
4. Drink more water (COMPLETE! On average I've been drinking 70+ ounces a day)

All in all, I did pretty well with January's goals, minus the working out but that takes time. Lets move onto February goals shall we!

1. No booze Monday-Thursday: and I thought working out was going to be hard! I like me some wine after a long day at work or when Tracen is neurotic and acts like a teenager all day long. The thing I enjoy most is sitting on the couch, watching a show under a blanket with Jer and drinking a glass...or two. Hopefully I don't try making up for lost time on the weekends!

2. Donate/Declutter the basement: I've been working on this hoarding pile of ours for some time now. We have regular garbage pickers at the end of our driveway every Friday morning. Last weekend I worked at a Mom2Mom sale and made $160 and donated whatever was left to charity. I came home with 5 empty storage bins and a wad of cash. It was REAL nice! We've gotten rid of a lot but I have plans to get rid of more so I know this goal won't be hard to do!

3. Potty Train Tracen: Now we've been working on this for a while too and he's gotten really good about wearing underwear and going pee in the toilet. However, he doesn't seem to mind walking around with a huge load in his superman briefs! So I'm going to REALLLYYY try to get this kid to shit in the potty, or tell him he can go outside when Ducati does, too extreme? 

4. Pay off credit cards, FOR GOOD: We just did our taxes yesterday, (I know, we don't wait right? We like to get our money as soon as we can!) and I know this won't be hard paying them off, but it's the FOR GOOD part I'm nervous about. I plan on taking them out of my wallet and putting them in the safe, that way I'm not tempted to swipe. We do have one credit card that we will still be using because we get travel points for  every time we use. We basically charge stuff to it, then make a payment from our debit card right away. This allows us to earn lots of points for flights, hotels or any travel expenses.

Just because January is over doesn't mean I will start buying dumb shit at work, or Starbucks everyday again. I'm still going to keep these goals in my brain and work on them. Most importantly I'm hoping I can have a weight loss/body toning update at the end of this month, but I can't promise anything because I love chips and dip, and cookies, and candy and booze...like alot.