Makeup Hoarding

On any given day you can catch me watching Youtube videos. In fact, I watch them more than I watch cable TV that we pay for.  I watch them when I am getting ready in the morning, on lunch at work or before bed when I'm forced to watch scary movies by Jerek and can't fall asleep till 3am. [that was last Saturday, not cool]

My subscriptions range from comedy to daily vlogs, to beauty to fitness and everything in between. Recently I've been watching a lot of makeup haul and storage videos because I hate the way I have mine stored. When we took away our walk in closet i.e: Skylor's room now, we had to make do with our master bedroom and buy dressers and put away my makeup table for now. I get ready between the bathroom and the dresser in our bedroom which has extremely bad lighting. My makeup storage has suffered because of this as well, thanks Sky. {kidding}

For 2014 I started off with some goals for January and continued into February. With one of my goals being to donate/declutter with focus on the basement. I've done extremely good with the basement and started to get real crazy Saturday and go through my makeup. I've hoarded a lot of crap, to put it bluntly.  I use to buy a lot of make up just because it was on sale and cheap. As I've gotten older I've realized spending a little more on make up and hair care is something I think is worthwhile. 

What I Got Rid Of:

As you can see, 90% of the products I'm getting rid of are mostly Ulta brand. Now it's not to say I don't like this brand any more but I use to buy things up when they would have their BOGO on makeup. All of the products pictures I ended up throwing away. I didn't feel comfortable donating these when they were all used no matter how good of a job I did sanitizing.

I'm sure there will be more makeup clean outs and questioning myself as to why the hell I bought something but that's the beauty of hoarding makeup! Plus the makeup industry survives off us!