seven month update

WEIGHT: 18lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 27.5 inches

SLEEPING: I'm hopping that once you finally bust a tooth through those tiny little pink gums of yours you might sleep longer than 3/4 hours a night. Sky basically wakes up crying and needing A. snuggles or B. a paci/feeding to go back to sleep every 3-4 hours. Although I put him in his crib around 8/830pm every night, he's in our bed by 11/1130pm, I'm really not complaining though because I love him in our bed! I've said this before but I can really get through the day on a good 4-5 hours of sleep so it doesn't bother me as much as it does Jer as he really needs quality sleep to get through his.

EATING: Well, you would think he's a 10 year old boy because he eats everything in sight! I started combining two things together in the bullet now. Example: pears & spinach, squash & peas, beans and peas. I just recently bought zucchini, beets and beans to start making more of a hearty meal ice cube for you. I also am starting to mash things up by hand and not puree them anymore, he needs to get use to gumming things...besides my fingers.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: Tracen is the only one than can get Sky to really belly laugh! It's THE best thing to watch, it makes my heart happy. He's also actually enjoying tummy time now which makes me happy because he use to scream after about 30 seconds.

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: Your explosive ass. No really. We have thrown away so much clothing lately or had to cut it off again! A week ago he blew his pants out F-I-V-E times and required a bath after every time that day. It was all the way in his arm pits and in his ears one time!

FIRSTS: Playing in your Johny Jumper, eating a few puffs, sitting up on your own.

LIFE CURRENTLY : A lot has happen since your six month update! I mentioned how we weren't sure if we were going to start looking for houses again or plan a family vacation. Well, we decided to start looking for a house and since then we found one, put an offer in and was accepted! We had the inspection last Saturday and it went really well! I think we will be closing at the end of March and moving in April some time, {HAPPY DANCE!!!!} There is still a shit ton of snow on the ground and it doesn't seem to be leaving us anytime soon, not cool Michigan, not cool. Tracen decided he likes swimming now so that is a huge plus! I'm not looking forward to packing up our almost 4 years of life in the house into boxes but I am ready to have almost double the amount of room in our life for space to run around and my walk in closet back!!!! Work has been busy and Jer got a great raise and bonus at work. Now if only we could start working out more thing at a time I suppose!