5 Things About Motherhood

Friday was a good Friday in with the boys, everyone was behaved and went to bed rather easy. It's now Sunday and I feel the ever impending stress that Sunday brings to me. We spend Sunday evenings at Jerek's parents, cooking, drinking wine and watching shows while Trace gets some energy out and plays

Last Sunday was NOT a good Sunday. We ended up dragging Tracen out of their house and taking him home sending him straight to bed with no books. He was in a real mood all day and ended up hitting his cousin a few times. No matter what we talked about in time out he disregarded everything I said. So when he was mad at me and just walked by Griffin and smacked him I legit lost my shit. Threw my shoes and coat on, grabbed that kid and put him in the car with me while Jer apologized and grabbed our stuff and we headed home.  I was completely pissed, sad and honestly, embarrassed. I take it personally when he acts like this, like I'm not doing a good job teaching him that we don't hit. I know he was just in a mood but it was unacceptable to me. We got jammies on, had a hug and kiss and told him we can try to listen to mommy better tomorrow and that was that. I never want my kids to go to bed unhappy but I know I made the right move because the first words he said to me the next morning were "I so sowwy I didn't wisten to you yesterday mommy, I pomise I be better" and gave me a big hug and kiss. I melted. I knew I did the right thing because it had an impact on him and he remembered it the next morning.

I contemplated writing an ode to my children about Motherhood and all its glory but I realized that's a load of three-year-old-shit-in-diaper-that-for-some-reason-can't-be-done-on-the-toilet. {I digress}

I figured this would be a perfect time to explain to you new moms, friends that don't understand why I'm a hot mess a lot of the days or for you other moms just to read and shake your head thinking, 'I know exactly what you mean!'

1. {Alarm clocks are not needed}

Yes, it's true, I set 5 different alarms on my phone starting at 4:45am but I don't use them. If Tracen gets up before us, I usually hear a 'MOMMY???? MOMMMMYYYYYYYY...I'm donnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee, get me outta hereeeeeeee!" {screaming from the room next door at the baby gate that he is "done sleeping".} We get it Tracen, YOU'RE UP! I know that I will miss this when he's a teenager and NEVER wants to wake up. For the time being it's relatively cute and effective.

2. {You're multilingual}

I use to wonder how the hell my aunt could understand what my cousins' were saying to her when he was two and now I get it. I could probably watch old home videos now and even tell her what he was saying! I often find myself telling family members or friends what Trace is saying after he speaks, they then look at me with a question mark above their head. I know exactly what he is trying to articulate.

3. {You are superwomen}

Some mornings I am holding or feeding a baby, applying mascara, turning on a TV show, wiping someone's ass and checking Instagram all on about 4 hours of sleep with one hand trying to pull my leggings on. Whoever told you you needed two arms to get through life was never a mother.

4. {The meaning of an hour}

Now this can go both ways. An hour can be an eternity or it can be a blink of an eye. If it's a Saturday morning and Tracen wakes up far too early, {530am is never good on the weekends} then bringing him into bed with you and having him watch an hour of Mickey Mouse while you snooze some more can be the difference of your whole mood for the day. You feel refreshed because you got an extra hour of sleep, like you can take on the world! Then there is an hour before you need to leave the house to drop the boys off at daycare and try to get to work on time. No matter how much you prepared the night before it is already 7am and you are still struggling to put new underwear on and wash off yesterdays makeup. Where did the last hour even go?

5. {You give so much and will never ask for anything in return}

I never quite understood what this meant until now. Most people give things to others and expect something back in return, it's human nature. But not when it's for your children. You've been awake for almost 20 hours. You were up the night before with a sick baby, you then head to work for 9 hours, come home to Tracen throwing toys at Sky's face, which forces you to give him a time out to think about why he shouldn't be doing such things. Tracen is asking for a TV show, something to drink, to eat.  Sky needs a new diaper and something to eat as well. Jer is calling because he's going to be late, there's nothing in the house to eat, you have mounds upon mounds of laundry to do, Etsy orders to fill, bottles to clean and you're pretty sure you smell like puke. All you want to do is to sit down on the couch, and wave your white flag. But you don't. Because you have even more to give of yourself to these children then you ever thought you had in you.

*I apologize if you're reading this and getting ready to go out to the bar [I'm sure you aren't though] because this is probably a buzz kill or better yet great birth control for ones not wanting such things in life! Hopefully this doesn't scare you into not having children because I promise the good ALWAYS outweighs the bad!*