A Day In The Life| Friday Nights

|On Wednesday's, we wear pink. 

And on Friday's we order pizza and do nothing|

It's true though. The Friday part. One of the days I look forward to the most are Friday's. Not because it's the weekend and I only have to be a mom and not a full-time working mom, but because I spend these nights with my boys. These days are when pizzas are eaten, good beers are drank and snuggles are given on demand.

I can fondly remember my Friday nights when I was in elementary school. TGIF was nothing short of amazing as a kid in the 90's. My dad was usually working a wedding and my mom was pretending that she knew how to cook [by ordering us pizza]. We were allowed to use TV trays and drink soda on the couch.  We watched almost 3 hours straight of TV and stayed up late. These were nights I will always remember. Nights that I couldn't get out of school fast enough!

I want Trace and Sky to remember everything but traditions are something I'm really working on with them. It's hard enough getting Tracen up and out the door on daycare days so I've figured out that on Fridays I can get him excited for Pizza Party Friday's, as well as myself!

If you're nosey like I am, you will enjoy this. Here's a glimpse of what my Friday's tend to look like.  I usually try and stay up late but end up falling a sleep on the couch while Jer watches some weirdo alien show.