Eight Month Update

WEIGHT: 18.5 lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 27.5 inches

SLEEPING: Nothing has really changed. He wakes up around 1230/1am and comes into bed with us. Wakes up around 3am talking away while horizontal, jabbing me in the ribs and I turn him back around and he passes back out.  Around 630am he wakes back up and I feed him. On the weekends he will usually go back to sleep but on weekdays I keep him up and start the day.

EATING: I have to admit, I'm getting stressed out because I forget what Tracen was eating at this age.  Sky has bottles in-between his three "meals" but what I'm stressed about is I can't remember when you stop with the pureed food and start mashing things and letting them eat bigger chunks?! #momfail He's eating some puffs and Mum Mum's and doing really good "pincher fingering" them and putting them in his mouth and even holding the bottle.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: I honestly love hearing him talk to me at 3am. It's just me and him because Jer doesn't wake up for 99% of things. He's just so pure and cute and I swear he's telling me that if I'm up, he'll be up with me, or maybe I'm just imaging that's what he's saying? His laughs are so geniune and adorable!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: When he gets mad because his bowl of food is gone or when he's teething and nothing soothes him, breaks my heart! The poo, the constant shitting up his back is getting real old!

FIRSTS: Picking up puffs and Mum Mum's and eating them really well! Two bottom teeth at the beginning of this month and we went for our first double stroller ride when it was a random 50 degrees on March 10th, yes I wrote the date down, it's been living in hell for the past few months mmkkayy!

LIFE CURRENTLY : We closed on our very first house yesterday! It's pretty surreal. We started looking July 2012 and stopped July 2013 on my birthday, 20 day's before I had Skylor. It was the worst, most stressful thing and we had lost 13 offers and had looked at close to 150 houses. I was tired, confused and stressed. We said we would start looking again after the new year and after Sky was at least 6 months old. We started looking again and hit gold. There were so many reasons why we didn't get any of the 13 houses we put offers on and it's solely because there were other plans for us and we I just needed to be patient through it all. Looking back I would have looked at 300 more houses if I knew we would get this lucky! More to come on that in another post because right now, I should really be packing boxes!!! Oh did I mention that our rental house went up for sale at 1230pm one day and by 130pm there was a cash offer that our landlord had accepted? YEAH.