Happy Birthday Jerek

We've been celebrating our birthday's together since I turned 13 and you came over to my first boy/girl birthday party in my backyard. I nearly shit myself when I found out you were attending, never mind the fact that you had a "girlfriend" at the time. Whats a girlfriend at the ripe age of 13 anyways. I was also in that real awkward 13 year old girl with braces, buck teeth and boobs too big for my body stage. hawwwwttt!

Lets recap the past few birthdays.

For your 25th birthday, I had a surprise party for you and you were actually surprised! I also managed

to not burst into a blabbering goon and spill all the details to you! Points for me!

For your 26th birthday I set up a small trip with your sister and brother-in-law which involved the mega bus, secret mimosas in McDonald cups and a trip to Chicago will with lots of booze and shopping!

For your 27th birthday....We found out the sex of our second little babe and celebrated with family.

I swear I keep trying to out do the birthday plans every year but it's getting hard and pricey! So it only makes sense that this year, for your 28th birthday we bought a house! NBD right? Right!

Since this house will basically be yours, mine and the kids birthday, Christmas, Easter, St. Patties day and Chinese New Years gift for the next 15 years I decided that this was a cheaper and possibly more sentimental gift. You have always been my number one fan, supporter and very best friend. You are the light that guides me through the darkness and the voice of reason. Without you I'd be lost, but with you I am EVERYTHING. Happy Birthday Jerbear!!!