Pinterest Fail or Nail?| Carmel Apple Slices

I'd like to meet the person who came up with Pinterest. More importantly, I'd like to meet the people that make things like this Cake, or who plan these types of baby showers or, how this mom of four has time to take these kinds of photos.

When I first started Pinterest I would Pin things and then that was that. I swear I never went back and actually read what I pinned or tried making something on there! I guess I wasn't up to speed on how Pinterest really was supposed to work. Since then I've tired multiple recipes, attempted to knit things, clean things and make shit turn into sparkles, since that's what Pinterest is for.

The other night I finally put Sky down for the night. Jer was busy threatening Tracen to get out of the bathtub if he dumped one more cup of water on him [he did by the way]. There I was, craving something sweet but remembering it's only been two whole weeks on my lent stint that I can't give in. I looked through the panty and the fridge and saw the carmel dip I bought a couple weeks back and saw some Jonathan apples that needed to be eaten. BINGO, I knew what I was going to make, well attempt anyway. I've been dying to make these carmel apples for some time now.

I love seeing other photos of Pinterest fails or nails so I think I'm going to keep these posts coming when I attempt to make, bake, craft or clean something. Whether it works or not, I'll keep you informed. I do have to warn you though, Jerek is the maker and the baker here. I'm just really good at finding the ideas, getting everything we need and stepping on his toes and telling him what to do, even when he doesn't ask, imagine that!

Remember when I said that Jerek is the maker and the baker here, well I forgot to mention he is also the one that READS  and FOLLOWS directions. Hence why I decided using caramel dipping sauce was what I was supposed to do. I just "read" the pictures and figured it was fine...


That was until the carmel wasn't hard after 8 hours in the freezer and it oozed everywhere whilst cutting the wedges. Since making this disaster creation, I've now read the directions and know that I should have melted caramel pieces and poured into said apples. You live and you learn right? Stay tuned as I try my luck at more Pinterest creations. Considering we just bought a house, I'd say I have a lot of time to F some things up!