Detroit Zoo Vlog

Going to work is overrated, so I took three Tuesday's off in a row. #sorrynotsorryboss I did this not because I like coming back to an inbox of 100+ messages after only being out for 24 hours but because it was a much better option than sticking the boys in daycare while our aunt was gone for a few weeks.

These past few weeks of only working four days have been northing short of amazing. I mean who doesn't like sitting around in your pi's, bra-less and sipping on coffee while you know everyone else is at the morning meeting wishing it was 4pm. I can't say that Tracen wasn't a jerk from time to time but over all he was a good little chap.

My girlfriend Sarah or better known as Snydypants, came over and we packed up the boys and headed to the zoo. We have a family pass and the weather showed sunny so I figured lets get movin! Que winds, clouds and coldness and that's what welcomed us as we walked through the gates. I told Tracen we would go unless it was raining so I had to keep my promise, otherwise Jer would call me out for lying to them for being a baby in the wind {wah wah wah}

I ended up vlogging that day so come to watch!