Pinterest Fail or Nail| Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

This past week has been a crazy one with moving, and far too many people in this household getting pink eye [did I mention mine came, went and came back. Awesomeeee.] that I knew if we grabbed takeout every night no one would judge us right? Well, I must have hit my head while packing because I prepared not one but THREE Pinterest meals this past week! Pat myself on the back and give me a gold star, who the hell do I think I am these days?!

Today we will talk about the first meal I prepared on Monday and this was Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls, sounds fancy right! Here is what I pinned that I later figured out it lead me nowhere so I did some digging and found the original recipe/blog post here, she has a ton of other amazing recipes on here as well! My pictures are not nearly as enticing as hers but I was also wearing a small child and cooking in a kitchen that is about as put together as a hoarders kitchen might look [okay not that bad!]

This post will not be giving you directions on how to make this meal as I legit just [didn't read directions] followed the direct post I have linked above. So for all the ingredients, measurements and directions, please follow the link above.

Lets take a look...


+Was this a hard meal to prepare?
-Directions were easy to follow in the post [when I read them].

+Were the ingredients odd/hard to find?
-No, I had everything but the steak which I bought ahead of time.

+Did your meal turn out how you thought it would?
-Yes, it was amazing and just what I thought it would be. Jer even enjoyed it, which was my main goal!


+Make sure to read directions [duh} and use TOOTHPICKS and not assume large kabob squires would do as they didn't hold together when they fell apart. I then cried and Jerek made fun of me for acting like Tracen. [hater!]

+Use the same vegetables in the post [IE: read said post before starting the cooking]. I used cucumber instead of zucchini and the structure is just not the same. It was mush in a nutshell.


+I would make these again in a heart beat. I would try out different glazes, fillings and perhaps even a different meat, the possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned for next weeks Pinterest Fail or Nail, it's one of my best ones yet!