Things That Make Me Happy| Moving Addition

Guys, it's April 12th. That's like almost half way through April and I keep typing March in work emails. This is probably because I honestly have no brain left in me. Most of you know that we recently packed up almost 4 years of shit our life and nicely asked our wonderful family to move said shit to our new house! {Insert Vickey from RHWOC 'wahoo' yell}. When we moved into our rental I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't really do much but bitch at people for putting boxes in the wrong rooms or trying to organize my kitchen (this is a big no no!) So this time around Jerek was REAL happy I could 'participate' in a more positive way. I still bitched but I was able to carry boxes while I bitched, huge difference! I also thought this was a good idea...

Moving on from my 27 year old, mother of 2 stupidity I've gotten overly excited about a few things all to do with us moving. Don't worry, you will be bombarded by before and after posts, DIY's, and a moving vlog I'm currently editing. Jer is getting annoyed that before we do anything I ask, 'but did you take a picture first?' His response is usually 'you're ridiculous...but give me your camera'. That man loves me, I promise!

So without two more paragraphs or rambling I give you

1| NEW TUB-A-WEAR!!!! Who's with me on this one?! I swear we have a bajillion different lids and bottoms and none of that shit goes together. So, I tossed ALL of it and bought a new pack from Ikea. 17 pieces for $4.79 #winning (here are the ones I got, I might even grab another pack, cause I'm a rebel like that!)

2| With that being said: IKEA!!!! This store just makes my heart beat fast. I won't lie, some of the stuff is crap, cheap and breaks. But it was most likely cheap in price as well. I've found some awesome pieces that have lasted through out the years. Plus it's easy to redecorate a space without spending a fatty load. On Thursday I left work and took THE longest way to get there because 96 is closed (that's a whole other topic for discussion!) I went there on a mission to get only the items I needed for my dressing room, and a few odds and ends {like the tubawear.] Please note I lifted ALL of this on and off the cart into my car BY MYSELF! It may look like nothing but it was hundreds of pounds combined!Cause I'm a boss like that...

3| Garbage pickers. I wish I could show you pictures of these people but they come when we aren't looking. Or, in our case, as we are walking to and from our house loading the garbage treasures out on our curb for them to rummage through. Since we've been de-hoarding and tossing stuff to move the garbage pickers have been loving our house, and now Friday night both houses were gold mines. One day I'll get a picture, or I'll also ask them how much they really make off this shit!

4| Sleeping Toddlers, in this case, sleeping while grocery shopping toddlers! It is no surprise to anyone that have children they understand why I either go grocery shopping alone, or all 4 of us go to divide and conquer. Tracen is a complete mess 80% of the time. We have to bribe him to be good in the beginning of the store otherwise the lobsters will break free from their 'cage' and eat you (harsh, I know). About 5 isles in we have to bribe the kid to be good and not take off running and he gets to see the fish. Then while we wait in line to check out we bribe him if he's good he can ride Sandy, the famous horse at Meijer for any non Michigan readers. Monday he was a rare form while I was at home with him. We got kicked out of daycare for having pink eye (more on that later!) and he was running around the house like a wild monkey, driving me NUTS as well. I thought maybe getting out of the house would help since he was refusing a nap. Flash forward to him eating a whole container of blueberries, half a pound of salami from the deli counter and he was passed out before we even got to the fish! 

5| Our house! Seriously, I can't get enough of this place! We have double the room, two living spaces, a finished basement, two car attached garage, natural fireplace and the list goes on of things that make this a perfect house for us. As always though, a house is just a house until you make it a home. I can't wait to show you all the before and after updates, the DIY's, the Pinterest fails or nails and the fireplace that will be decorated for every holiday. It may have taken longer than we hoped for but it all panned out and I could not be happier.