Half Bath Makeover

Before we bought this house Jerek would tell me he's bored every weekend. He wanted projects to do, things to paint and wood to cut. So when we bought this house all I could see was "projects!" The reason we loved this house so much was because the bones were so solid we knew that it would be 90% designing and home improvement projects that we would enjoy doing. Our roof is a few years old (a complete tear down). The furnace, air conditioning unit and water heater are all under 5 years as well. The windows  and appliances are not the originals but they aren't brand new. In other words, they're fine!

Before we moved in we spent a week coming here with both kids and we sanded, painted, and redid the entire upstairs bedrooms, hallway and staircase. I'm not done decorating those rooms yet so you will have to wait for those pictures & posts to come! Just picture this though, heavy semi-gloss paint on every single room of the house, all light switch covers, door knobs and vents were a different color/design. Ugly chandeliers hung in almost every room and hallway and there were blinds, shades and curtains on every window, it was...interesting!

The half bath was something that was not necessarily on our NEED list. We were use to sharing and getting ready in one bathroom so having two would be something new for us. The half bath is off of our back family room and right next to the garage and measures about 3ft by 6ft. As soon as we found out we got the house I knew what I wanted to do with most of the rooms but the half bath was something I already had planned out. The sink that was in there was so big that even I had to walk in side ways just to get in and pee.

Call me crazy but I already had a sink picked out. It was the smallest sink I'd ever seen and I always wondered what people used it for. I had seen it at Ikea a hand full of times but never in a room setting. Let me introduce to you the LILLÅNGEN. It is the smallest sink I've ever seen and the highlight of our bathroom!

Things we changed:
-Removed medicine cabinet & patched up
-Removed old sink
-Installed new floor
-Installed new sink
-Installed new shelves
-Painted mirror in Radiant Red
-Painted walls in Essential Gray

When you have two full-time working parents and two small kids it's really freaking hard to find time to do remodels! While this may take the normal person a day, maybe a weekend this took us a good solid week! Tracen wanted to help with EVERYTHING and when we told him 'sorry dude, it's just for daddies' he threw a big fit! {OH HOW I LOVE TODDLER MELTDOWNS!} While some people would wait until their kids are down to bed we didn't want to wait because that's when we get to spend one on one time together. So to get this done we would come home from work and I would get dinner ready and keep the kids out of Jer's hair while he worked on the bathroom. We had a baby gate up so Tracen could watch from a far but not stick his hands in the paint {he still was pissed about that.} Each day it was a different thing, painting, flooring, installing, etc. When it was all finished it was amazing! I still get nervous when I walk in that I'm going to check my hip bones on the sink but magically I don't!


Jerek doesn't like the idea or look of seeing the plumping so when we were at Ikea, we bought the following to cover it up:
-Lillangen sink base
-Lillangen Frame
-Lillangen cabinet {black-brown}
-Ensen faucet


When we gut the back family room we will be ripping out the carpet and installing hard wood floors but we aren't set on a color yet. So when we decided to do the bathroom and hallway flooring we went with something that will match a dark or light hard wood in the future. The color isn't showing of that great as there is no natural lighting but it has gray tones in it. It is a laminate floor but looks like hard wood unless you touch and feel it. We got two boxes and it covered the whole bathroom and small hallway outside by the garage!

We both knew that we wanted to keep the mirror and just paint it because it was in good shape. I wanted a pop of color somewhere and I knew this would be great. I've been seeing a lot of reds and yellows as pops of colors so I went with the red route. It turned out great and I'm not sure what I love more, the sink or the mirror! The only thing I have left to do is to find a few pictures and to put a candle on the shelves and were done!


We didn't want to spend a ton of money on this room because after all it's just a half bath. And I wanted it to be neutral as we probably won't redo it for many years to come. We used this gray in two other rooms of the house and had a can left over so it all started there. Jerek had the idea of using the chandelier that I've had since college {I'm wondering he was sick of having it in our bedroom!} We knew we wanted and needed this sink so that was where 90% of the money went. My girlfriend had given us a Target gift card as a house warming gift so I used that for the two shelves. The trash can and tin on the back of the porcelain thrown we already had from the last house. We had the idea that we wanted to do this under $400.



PAINT (walls)-$0

PAINT (mirror)- $4.99

FLOORING- $27.66 (2)=$55.32




TOTAL: $301.31

We did this under our budget and it feels great! The left over paint and gift card for the shelves were big money savers but our decision on not do real hard wood floors was a huge cost savings as well. Something I've learned in the past few months is it reuse and repurpose! I have always been big on reusing but I've never realized how amazing things can be with a little spray paint!

If you have any questions on where we got something or how we did it please feel free to ask. I can't wait to show you the rest of the house as we go. We just finished the dining room in a few days {thanks to Jerek's dad!} and are now working on the kitchen cabinets which is a big sandy hot mess! Is it weird I want to send the old owners in Florida a card at Christmas with pictures of how much better our house looks now? Cause I do...

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