May Goals

I bet you're wondering where my April goals were, weren't you? They went in the shitter along with January's, February's and March's. I'd love to tell you that I ate healthy, didn't buy coffee at work, worked out, didn't eat sweets, de-cluttered and ran miles upon miles but that would be a blatant lie! Not only did I buy coffee more than I should have, I ate a ton of sweets {Hello, tons of Easter candy in my house!},  still have boxes that are not unpacked and barely ran to my car and back while raining let alone ran around the block. I know, I know, I suck. But want me to tell you what sucks more, moving. With children. Young children. And working, working sucks. And moving while having young children and working 40+ hours a week. Oh and painting, remodeling, unpacking, laundry, lots of laundry, rain, cold weather and pink eye. Pink eye blows major balls. It sucks when your kids get it, it sucks when you get it and it sucks when you have it for WEEKS. Mind you it's been almost 3 weeks and my eyes are still not gleaming white. {awesome.} 

The pictures you are about to see might scare you, they might make you want to stop reading and go wash your hands, they might even slightly make you feel sorry for me. If none of these things happen it's because you have in fact gotten pink eye before. Me on the other hand, I was pretty much a baby because I had never experienced this awful fart in my eyeball pain and annoyance until now. So cue the sad music and start commenting on how you feel so bad for me and hope it gets better. 

Go ahead, scroll down, I'll wait.

Okay, now for your viewing pleasure.

For two solid weeks I managed to keep my hands clean enough and not have it spread till the right eye. Then week three hit and I woke up an eye crusted shut closed mess! But for real #whofartedinmyeye

Back to what you're really hear to read about.

Lets recap March Goals {if we must}:

1.  New Food/Meal Ideas for Tracen-NEGATIVE. I basically just made him try 3 bites (because he's 3) of anything in hopes he would actually like something. FAIL.

2. Run- Like I stated above. I ran to my car to avoid getting rained on. So that's that.

3. Smoothie/Juice-Nope. Nada. None. Unless having a frozen margarita counts. It's blended with fruit right?

4. NO SWEETS!!!- I plead the 5th.

Lets take a look at what I'm going to attempt to accomplish this month shall we!

1. Etsy- I have some really exciting things coming to my store which also I'm rebranding {I think}. I told myself I would re-open May 1st but I'm not sure that's going to happen seeing as thats today. I temporary closed the shop for the past month to month a half while we packed moved and did some renovations. I didn't want to worry about filling orders and trying to find all my things in the chaos. So I'm shooting for May 15th. Fingers crossed

2. Run- I'm attempting this again because I have to. No, I need to! The marathon is in October and I've gotta get my ass in gear! Plus bathing suit season is right around the corner and I don't think I've worn one of those in quite some time.

3. Anxiety- I need to find different ways to deal with everything going on. Working and being a mom is hard. Like breakdown hard. I've been loosing my temper with Tracen a lot lately and it's really bothering me. I know this will basically always be a goal as I'm sure it will never just go away but I'm taking this month to really dive into things and figure what works for me and for us.

So this month is only a 3 goal setting month. Trying to lessen the blow from last month! I'm swamped to my ears forever doing laundry, remodeling, unpacking, and being a mom that I need to take it easy. Plus if I fail I'm only failing 3 goals and not more. Tracen is now going mental and not wanting to go to bed so seeing as it's almost 10pm and he's still wide awake I guess I'll leave you with the pink eye photos to stare at and comment how bad you feel bad for me.

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