Ten Month Update

WEIGHT: 20 lbs

HEIGHT/LENGTH: 29.5 inches

SLEEPING: There have been a few more nights here and there that he's slept through the night but that is really a hit or miss. Usually I still have the big one climbing in bed with us on nights he sleeps through!

EATING: Some things he's eaten or at least tried this past month
{noodles, small pieces of grilled cheese, toast w/jelly, quinoa, rice, plain shredded chicken & green beans.} All of these are pretty new to him as I was sticking to mostly fruit and veggies in the purees. He hasn't been liking the noodles and drops them right after he picks them up. I'm not sure if it's the texture or what?

FAVORITE MOMENTS: I honestly just love when I'm wearing him and he just stares at me or when I walk into a room and he hears my voice and turns towards me. He's playing with Tracen and his toys more & more. Tracen always thinks Sky is trying to hug him, but really he's trying to snatch a toy from his little paws. Tracen is on real good behavior lately and is being THE sweetest with Sky! For the past few weeks he's had me read big brother books at bedtime and always comments how he is the best big brother to Sky! I hope Sky knows how much he truly is loved by Tracen!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: He's been extremely fussy lately and nothing is soothing him but sticking his entire hand in his mouth and chomping on it.We've been giving him teething tablets, Tylonol, teether rings, my hand and nothing seems to work! Poor kid, I honestly can't say I've ever had a tooth ache so I can't even imagine what it must feel like! Look at those thaaangggsss!!!

FIRSTS: Last month he had the bottom two and the middle right and the one next to it {I have no clue what they are really called!} Anyways, he got the middle left and the one next to that. So that means 4 up top and two on the bottom. I think the other two on the bottom are getting ready to break through due to his crabbiness. He is getting really mad that he can't crawl so he rolls..everywhere! Jer went up north for 2 nights a few weekends ago so it was my first time being alone with just the boys and we all missed daddy so much! I'm leaving for two nights today with my mom to a bed and breakfast and I won't lie, I'm scared the boys are going to be a handful for Jer! Thankfully his sister and basically second mom will be here having a slumber party and hopefully keeping Tracens mind off the fact that I'm not around!

I say this every month but it's been crazy and this month has been no exception! We finished the half bath makeover, remodeled the dining room, and started the remodel on the kitchen cabinets. We spent hours on the back patio with pillows, blankets, toys and new lighting. We had a great Mother's Day spent with the boys, my mom and Jerek's mom & sister. We've had loads of ice cream, stayed up late nights and had a really great Memorial Day Weekend. I started a new 12 week workout program which is making me real crabby and pleasant to be around but I can feel the burn so I know it's working {more to come on that at a later time.} It's crazy to think that I need to start thinking about preparing for another first birthday but I probably should soon! I love these boys so hard sometimes I just stare and smile!

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