Weekend Getaway| Cropping Daze

As I stated a few days ago, on Friday I left work, ditched the boys and headed north with my mom to a little place called Cropping Daze.My mom had gotten me a weekend getaway for Christmas and this was the weekend!

My mom has been coming to Cropping Daze at least once a year, sometimes more with her girlfriend (who we also went with this past weekend.) The bed and breakfast can sleep 12 people comfortably with two full bathrooms, two living spaces, a large dinning area and a remodeled garage turned scrap book room! The scrap book room is open 24 hours so you can pull some all nighters if your little heart desires! It's also fully stocked with soda, H2O, snacks and lots of other goodies {SCORE!}

Lets get to the food shall we! My pictures do it no justice as I can't even articulate the taste Holly's food left in my mouth! When I say Jerek is a good cook I mean it. When I tell you that my dad is a chef and it's hard to beat his cooking, I mean it. But I can't even begin to explain how every meal got better and better! With the menu changing every 6 months you are bound to try something new and exciting the next time you come back, because there WILL be a next time, promise!!!

The food schedule looks like this:

FRIDAY| 5pm Apps- 7pm Dinner/dessert- 11pm Late night snack

{Parmesan encrusted Chicken, pasta, seasoned asparagus w/homemade crisp & Michigan salad}

SATURDAY| 8am Breakfast-12pm Lunch-5pm Apps-7pm Dinner/dessert-11pm Late night snack

{buttermilk pancakes, sweet sausage, home fries & fresh fruit}

{Maurice salad w/homemade dressing}

{Porkloin w/merlot sauce, sweet potato bake & fresh streamed veggies}

SUNDAY| 8am Breakfast

{Homemade rasberry coffee cake, 1/2 Scottish egg, 1/2 egg bake & greek yogurt w/fruit & nutella}

I can promise you, you will not leave any meal hungry {I didn't even post snack pictures!}, in fact you will feel slightly bad because there is no possible way you can finish any of the meals {Okay, maybe the cream puff!} Don't worry though, Holly's chickens eat very well if you get my drift!

Holly & her staff also put out a cook book every year of the delicious food that they whip up.  Which my mom included in my Christmas gift as well! This year they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary so the menu we had just happen to be the favorites from the last 10 years {lucky us!}

Aside from the food and scrapbooking there is also a wonderful masseuse that comes to the house to offer massages, which I just had to get!  I vlogged a little bit while I was up there which you can watch {here}. I know as a mom I need some time to myself and this place ensured that I had just that! There was no wake up call for meals, they simply waited until you were ready and served it hot for you. There was no bedtime/lights out you could do as you please and there were no bed sharing as everyone had a nice cozy place to sleep! I had an amazing time and got 17 pages done for two different scrap books. If I'm away from the boys over night, I need to make sure it's worth my time and it was totally worth it! Although I missed them I had a great time and was a much needed mind, body and soul reset. I will be going back next yearAlthough the next getaway I take, I want it to be with Mr. Jerek {we are long over due for a date night out!}

For more information on anything I didn't cover, you can check out the website here or if you have any questions, ask away! Thanks to my dear old mamabear for the great Christmas gift, you really are a peach.

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