Currently Craving| Mama & Boy Neutrals

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Can you tell I like neutrals lately? I'm not sure what it is but everyone always asks me do I wish either of the boys was a girl so I could have a mini me. The answer is always NO?! Not only do I love having boys {I wrote a whole post on it here} but I can always dress them up to match me{or daddy} if I want to! Tracen has been wearing floods lately {kid grows like a weed} and his shorts are either too small or too big that we have to roll them. So alas, I'm online shopping looking for some cute summer stuff  for the boys as well as my self because when in rome...right??

It's Friday and we bought a huge swing set/jungle gym/wear-the-kids-the-eff-out thing last weekend and have yet to put it together, so that is what our weekend looks like! It's Friday and we all know what that means..."PIZZA PARTY FRIDAY PIZZA PARTY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY" {cue Tracen singing & me dancing while Jer rolls his eyes asking 'does that ever get old?'...the asnwer is NEVER Jerek, NEVER!!!

TGIF friends!