DIY|| Nail Polish Rack

I've been told that I have a few too many nail polishes. I've been asked why do I have so many, what's the point. I've been asked how the hell can you do your nails so good. Well I'm here to show and tell you how it's all possible!

{Yes, that's a sketched photo of Mary Kate & Ashley! Shout out to my Anne who drew it for me!!!}

After posting my half bath makeover I realized a ton of people liked that post so I figured I'd show you something that's really important to have in every household; a nail polish rack  DUHHH!

So believe it or not, I've actually gotten rid of a lot before we moved and while unpacking. I have no shame in my game, I love me some nail varnish! Compared to some girls I watch on Youtube or follow on Instagram, this aint shit! {IE: Carly Cristman or MissJenFabulous}

Here's the lowdown:

Where are your shelves from?  These are actually bamboo kitchen utensil holders from Bed Bath & Beyond. (size 6x12)

How many nail polish does it fit? Depending on the size of the bottles it holds about 11 per shelf.

How much did it cost? $8.99-20%=$7.19 x 5=$35.95 + $3.99 (paint)=$39.94.

Why not acrylic holders? I'm anal about order so if i get more {which I will} I will only have to buy another shelf . If I had an acrylic shelf and got a few more bottles, I'd have to buy another acrylic holder and it would only be 2% full. This would then force me to buy 50 more polishes and drive me nuts! Plus I love DIY stuff!

How did you do it? First, go through your polishes and ditch the ones that don't make the cut. Figure out how many shelves you will need, remember about 11 per shelf. Gather up all your 20% off coupons for each item at BBB! Buy as many as you need and bring those suckers home. Spray paint the shelves the color of your choice, I didn't even use a whole can for all 5. Then have your assistant {insert Jerek} drill them to the wall, and use a level! Next color coordinate your little heart out! Step back, smile, and stare in amazement! 

**SIDENOTE: 3mm heavy duty sticky tape will NOT work! You MUST drill/nail to the wall. I may or may not have tried this and had the shelves fall & loose a few soldiers nail polishes in the process! {Yes, I cried, okay!}

So there you have it! I pretty much have a full service nail salon at my house. I've gotten so good at painting my nails over the years that I get a manicure MAYBE 3 times a year {just to freshen up my cuticles.} I will have a whole other post on the best base & top coat, ridge fillers, nail hardeners & dry drops! I do store my other nail items {file, clippers, buffer, remover, etc} in another container out of sight because it's not nearly as pretty!

So who wants to come over for a sleepover & a manicure {oh, and I don't do feet ya sickos!} As for pictures/post of the rest of my dressing room that this rack is located in, that will be up soon!

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