Eleven Month Update

WEIGHT: heavy {scale-less this month}

HEIGHT/LENGTH: tall {didn't measure this month}

SLEEPING: Dare I say it without ruining this glorious thing! Sky is sleeping 12 hours about 90% of the time! I mean seriously where did this come from?! I'm not even mad because it took Tracen until he was 15 months old to sleep through the night! I'm thinking it's because he's eating MASSIVE amounts of food and crawling like he's on a mission. All these activities must be wearing him out!

{Twins? How cute would they be if this was for real!!!}

EATING: E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! And I mean it too! We are doing it totally different with him and just giving him what we are eating {in smaller portions and pieces obvi}. With Tracen we made him a different meal than us. {Do not ask me WHY because to this day I have absolutely NO idea but it's kicked us in the ass now.} He loves meat, ground turkey, pork loin, steak, chicken {again, something Tracen won't touch}.Sky eats any flavor of yogurt, all fruits and veggies, rice, noodles and his favorite, veggie fries. Bottles are getting less and less and making me think I'm forgetting something when really he just don't want them anymore.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: You are so much happier now that you are mobil! Crawling to the toy box, to the kitchen or to the couch and being able to interact with us has brought such job in your smile and laughter it makes me so excited for you. You're playing with Tracen even more because you can get to where ever he is now. This also has me stressing because I need to baby proof the kitchen cabinets {if we ever get them restrained & put back on!}

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: Although I'm happy he's crawling, I'm sad because he wants to be held so much less. Also, his poor little knees are getting so red from the carpet.

FIRSTS: This month SOOOOO much has changed! I think this has been the month that he's changed the most in fact! He's crawling and fast at it! Pulling himself up to the couch and toy box{the crib was just lowered as well}. He's eaten a ton of new food and started drinking a few ounces a day of water, which he loves {Tracen hated}. I already mentioned the sleeping through the night almost all the time now! The sadest thing is that he's loosing his baby chuck, his rolls & the baby smell. {tears}

As I already said it, this month he's grown the most! From crawling, pulling himself up and standing to sheer belly laughter and smiles he's been so happy to be around! The teeth this month hasn't been nearly as bad & I think he's finally feeling full after meals! Tracen has become potty trained over night and Skylor started crazy crawling in the same week! I designed Skylors first birthday invites all on my own this year and will be sending those out this week {GAH! That is so soon!} We've bought and put together a new swing set and a new pool. Our backyard is officially ready for summer! I currently am on a mini-summer vacation from work and am of until July 7th {jealous?} so this next week will be filled with friends, family & hopefully a few BBQ's! Stay tuned for the 12 month update, I'm sure it will be a real tear jerker!

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